Neodymium Light Bulb – Your 101 Love Guide 2021

The days are gone when people used to purchase traditional bulbs to glow up their places. Neodymium light bulb will not be an affordable purchase, but it also gives the facility of durability and long term usage. Is not it exciting to know more about it? Do not worry! We have got your back. 


How will you find the best with lots of varieties available in the market? Stop being upset!

Our guidelines will surely be enough to give you everything you want for so long. You would not believe it!

That neodymium light bulb is a perfect purchase that you will not regret. In the middle of the blog, there is a huge surprise waiting for you. Want to know about it? Well, you will find it. So, keep reading.

Furthermore, we will recommend some products too for your convenience. If you face any problems in purchasing, you can check the FAQs section below. 

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What is a Neodymium Light Bulb?

A lot of you have heard about the neodymium light bulb. Yet, you might be lack information. Right? We are always here to provide you everything you deserve. Neodymium light bulb is a familiar incandescent light bulb that you can easily afford it. Now, you are up with this frequent question: why people had not used it in past years? Because we did not find the most significant role of the neodymium light bulb. If you want a flashback from the past, neodymium was known for causing harmful effects to living things. No one has ever thought that it will be used as a lighting bulb soon.

Is not it shocking news?

After many years of experiments, they used neodymium in the form of lighting up rooms of individuals. Unlike other ordinary bulbs, it absorbs a limited amount of green and red light to go through yellow absorption. Lastly, it reflects yellow light in the form of white light. Fortunately, neodymium gives you the purest white light rather than using halogen to glow up to the provided area. You will be happy by knowing the news regarding it! It carries less power supply to generate the light to the fullest. It illuminates every darkest space with effectiveness. You will not require to switch on any other lights after neodymium. 

Nowadays, neodymium is commonly present in every market under famous brand names. Local brands have placed these bulbs in the local shops at affordable prices. Whereas, leading brands have placed these bulbs in the uncommon stores with the highest price. Moreover, the price may vary with the quality of neodymium light bulbs. It gives the life span by manufacturers from 750 to 5,000 hours. Interestingly, you will not have to charge its battery. Because it arrives without batteries. You just have to connect with a plug-in. As for proceeding, it will glow up the entire home through illuminating super bright light.

What is Neodymium?

Neodymium is a rare earth metal that takes part in lanthanide series. Being risking to use without filtration, it is a complicated and slightly malleable silver metal that effectively tarnish in air and moisture. In the past years, individuals have faced many health issues because of inhaling neodymium. Even though you are not preferred to touch them directly as they can burn your fingers with the permanent burnt stain. Likewise, everyone wants to stay healthy and safe. Right? Then, you all must avoid touching it directly. We know that its bright color is alluring to approach, but it will undoubtedly cause the worst impact on your health. 

Does that scare you? We can honestly feel you! Yet, if you want to utilize it to stand in better shape, we will provide you the most effective usage. Are you excited to learn new things? Definitely, you will be in no doubt.


  1. It comes out to be the strongest magnet while being an alloy with iron and boron. This effective tip helped in minimizing many electronic devices. 
  2. These magnets are also used to place in car windscreens and wind turbines. It holds stability to enhance the process of washing the dirt from the car.
  3. Being a component with praseodymium and didymium glass. That component is used in glass blowing and welding.
  4. They also used it in the glass for tanning booths. 
  5. It can transmit the tanning UV rays. 
  6. Neodymium is effectively utilized in manufacturing lasers. It helps to deliver the beam of light without causing any damage. It breaks the penetration of harmful rays of UV, which results in successful eye and brain operations.
  7. They are available in many shapes and sizes
  8. It offers higher resistance to de-magnetize the entire processing.
  9. They are light in weight. So, you can easily place them with the help of the spatula.
  10. It executes the highest power than compared to other magnets


  1. It occupies the lowest corrosion resistance
  2. Being brittle, it can break due to collision. You have to be super careful while you were placing it.
  3. It consists of the lowest operating temperature. That is why it takes time to initialize the processing.


1. GE Lighting Reveal 40-Watt, A19 Color Enhanced Light Bulb with E26 Medium Base

It is amazon’s first choice to purchase on the first hand. It has sensational properties to grab your attention. Want to know the best part? It provides an elegant and beautiful light for perfect visibility. If you are looking for a product to last for more than a day, that product is highly recommended to you. It provides a 120V power supply which is undoubtedly enough to brighten up your entire home. That is crazy! That purchase will be worth every penny. Moreover, the color-increasing spectrum will appear the white the whiter, red the redder, and allows the same pattern to other colors throughout it last.

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2. Fluker’s Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles

Amazon’s first choice is Fluker’s basking spotlight bulbs for reptiles. It is definitely a perfect choice to experience the brightest vision. Here is the surprising point: it will give heat and light at the same time to enhance the growth process. Reptiles need a suitable temperature to grow with no hesitation. Therefore, that product adjusts itself to give the heat according to the warmth required for the reptile’s appropriate growth. The entire packaging is light in weight, and you can carry it in your pocket as well. It comes with the standard size, which might cause problems for you. To overcome it, you must contact the company to give you a facility of customization. 

 View price on Amazon

3. GE Reveal HD Blunt Tip Decorative Light Bulb, B13 Light Bulb

It is an amazon product with a streamlined history of purchasing. If you desire to have exceptional contrast and clarity, that reveal light bulb is the suitable option for you. You can rely on that product because it offers incredible features regarding detailed tasks and spectacular spaces. Are you willing to know something of your type? It only uses 40 watts to emit 285 lumens of brightness. In addition to it, it will not consume more electric power, which results in the slightest electric bills. It is highly affordable for everyone. You can purchase it without balancing your savings chart. It requires no battery to initiate the brightening process. You just have to plug in the socket to experience a perfect lightning day. 

 View price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the length of the bulb from tip to base in inches?

If we measure from top to bottom line, it is 3 ¼’’ from the base and 4 1/8’’ to the tip of the bulb. That size can commonly adjust the bulb even in the smallest space. Due to its flexibility, you will not face any inconvenience while installing the bulb.

Q: Does these bulbs output UVA as well as heat?

Yes, the one bulb: Fluker’s Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles out of suggested bulbs can certainly produce heat to increase the growth process of reptiles. Moreover, it will also adjust the temperature according to the need of the reptile. If you ever thought that it needs more temperature, the bulb increases or decreases the heat production. 

Q: How long is the life on this bulb?

Well, it depends on the warranty of the bulb. Most of the bulbs, just like our plans, can give more than three months warranty.


Thank you so much for making it to the end. We have provided every significant detail of the Neodymium light bulb for your convenience. Likewise, we have suggested to you some products containing the exact valuable features that will bring ease to your life. Furthermore, we have answered all the top-rated questions. Yet, you still want to ask something, drop it in the comment section. We will gladly reply to you as soon as possible.

Taking off by wishing you a blessed day! 

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