How To Paint Light Bulbs? Your 101 Guide

In this century, people are more into enjoying their life with happiness through parties. To make your party successful, you might be in search of fascinating décor ideas. You might have thought to paint your bulbs with popping colors. But, do you know how to paint light bulbs? Don’t be sad! We are always there on your side. 

In this article, we will guide you thoroughly on painting light bulbs accurately to experience their durability. If you are confused with something, check the most relevant answers in the FAQs section. 

You would not believe it! 

This guide will provide you everything that you were searching for a long time. Moreover, there is a surprise for you in the middle of the article. For receiving it, you must keep reading carefully. We hope you don’t miss it out.

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Can I Paint Lights Bulbs?

When you read this guide, you will surely be up with the question: Can I paint bulbs? Of course, you can paint it on your own without hiring any professional. Painting is an activity that is displayed to bring colors to your life. Want to know a surprising part? It gives a soothing effect to your brain.

Painted light bulbs transmit light in different colors as per your choice. You can effortlessly set the painted bulbs in your room for casual events. If you are planning for a high school party, painted bulbs are the best choice for decoration. You will be happy to know that painted bulbs require a little decoration for the entire place. If your home is furnished enough, then painted bulbs will cover everything. 

Here is good news for you! Painting bulbs is highly safe to perform as long as you do it right. Yet, do you know the techniques to do it in the right way? No need to lose courage! We will guide you step by step to paint bulbs by yourself. So, keep reading!

How To Paint Light Bulbs?

1. Get The Right Type of Bulb

Yes, you heard it right. There is some danger in painting your desired bulbs. If you already have old bulbs, there is no need to purchase a new one. But, make sure to choose that bulb having low wattage. Low wattage will not only consume less power but also provide colored light with super brightness. The ideal wattage to purchase from a store is a 40-watt bulb. If such bulbs are not available in the market, check the best sellers on amazon. You will surely not regret buying it. Before you purchase, select that bulb offering premium quality with durability.

2. Use The Right Type Of Paint

Likewise to the appropriate type of bulbs, you must also select the correct type of paint. Here is a tip! Do not use oil and acrylic paints because they will heat the bulb. If you perform it with such dyes, there is a risk of electric shock in the circuit. Therefore, you must consider using ceramic paints specifically made for glass. Try to avoid using water paints because they will give the desired color in the result. You will observe no change in the light glow. You still confused with the right choice? You can effortlessly purchase ceramic paints from online stores. Yet, check the reviews before placing an order. 

3. Clean The Bulb

The first and the last point to keep in your mind is that clean your bulb. Before starting with painting, clean the desired bulb with detergent sprat or sandpaper. You will get results in the meantime. Another option to go for is alcohol. Dip a cotton swab in the alcohol and wipe the dust from the bulb. You will indeed observe the glow of the bulb. If you don’t have alcohol, then you can use soapy water. After the cleaning process, dry it with a towel or air dry for 2 minutes.

4. Prop your light bulb up with tack

To complete your painting process with no disturbance, use a small amount of tack to place at the end of the bulb. Tack will help to keep the bulb to stay in one position. If it is not possible to purchase a tack, you can use air-dry clay in replacement. When a newbie begins with the same procedure, he will become a pro in painting.

5. Use small brushes to apply your paint

Small brushes will effectively fill all the spaces with your desired color. If you use a large paintbrush, it will not give a neat finishing. Apply a thin coat of paint to see how it looks. If the bulb is glowing still in light color, paint the other coat until giving a dark shade. Do you want to make your bulb look funkier? Add casual peel-off stickers on your bulb to make it look unique. Moreover, you can paint a picture on the bulb as well.

6. Allow air-dry paint to dry for 1 hour

Using air-dryer paints will only stay perfect for a long time, but also gives a beautiful glow to the bulb. Yet, to make that happen in real, let the bulb dry for an hour thoroughly. If you try to touch it or add another coat during a dry period, it will ruin the quality of the painted bulb. Therefore, refrain from touching it until it is perfectly drained.

7. Add more layers if you would like brighter colors

A lot of you may find this problem that some glass needs numerous coating to give super brightness. If you want to complete it in a short period, then allow it to dry after every coat. That practical step will save you time. 

8. Heat cure your light bulb in the oven if your paint requires it

Do you want to make the bulb look fresh? Of course, you will be curious to have them. To make it happen, you should heat cure your bulbs before installation. Always remove unnecessary food items from the oven. After that, place your light bulbs inside the microwave oven for the heat-curing process. Paints from different companies offer multiples of requirements before providing benefits. Just like that, heat-curing your light bulbs will benefit you with fabulous dark shade in just one coat of paint. That process will consume less time for installation. 

Enhance the home decoration

Now, it is the right time to place your bulb in its required position. It will not only give brightness but also enhance the home decoration effectively. Want to know how? Well, it is all the game of your painting skills. If you are good at painting, then you can easily decorate your home. Sometimes, you make sudden plans with your friends or family for a get-together. Yet, your house seems good but needs more exciting stuff to grab the attention of your guests.

When the decoration is not on the point, your guests will undoubtedly enjoy in a perfect mood. Therefore, you must paint your bulbs in classical ways to minimize the requirement of other décor stuff. If you don’t know the painting tricks, you can watch demo videos on YouTube to learn more about it. You can follow the same pattern while painting. In the end, install your bulbs in the best position where lights can enhance the beauty of a house. Here is a trick! Try to place bulbs in the middle of the roof. You will definitely see the desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of paint can you use on light bulbs?

You can use heat-resistant paints on the light bulb. Do not use oil paints because they will heat the bulb fast. Due to this, the bulb will take more power, and it can cause electric shock in the socket. Heat-resistant paint is the best choice because the paint will not crack out from its position. Moreover, it will not change its lovely color.

Q: Can you paint your light bulbs and use them?

Doing painting on a bulb is easy and inexpensive. It will emit different shades of color that will do wonders to your room. Its pooping bright colors enhance the beauty of your room in no time. 

Q: Can you paint the light bulb with nail polish?

Yes, you can smoothly paint your bulb with bright nail polish. Before you start, wipe any dirt from the bulb with the help of washing detergent. After cleaning, dry it with the help of an air-dryer for 1-2 minutes.

Q: How do you make a light bulb less bright?

It is a simple technique to make it less bright. You will easily coat one layer of paint on a light bulb. Therefore, its installation will provide less brightness.


We appreciate it! You have made it till the end. We have guided you on how to paint light bulbs. Moreover, you can ask questions in the comment section. We would love to hear from you guys. We are done with today’s article. 

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