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How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier – A Complete 101 Go Through!

To make sure its brightness never fades away, you’ll need to know how to clean a crystal chandelier. It may perceive to be a challenging process, but it isn’t.

Who wouldn’t want a brightening light to make their interiors look elegant? And what else can be the best option other than hanging crystal chandeliers?

Chandelier lights have long been associated with elegance, grandeur, and sophistication since medieval times. Traditional chandeliers were candle-lit wooden crosses, while modern ones are composed of bulbs and glass crystals.

 Nowadays, crystal chandlers are widely popular as they beautify the entrances to hotels, buildings, ballrooms, event halls, and shopping malls. Many people also hang them into their houses to add a luxurious touch to their houses.

You would be in love with your spectacular chandelier, and it certainly occupies a prominent spot in your residence. Its delicate shape is, however, appealing, but its dazzling beauty lies in its many-faceted crystals.

Want to know about the crystal chandelier cleaner recipe and the ways of cleaning?

Then go on reading…!

This article is intended to provide you with in-depth guidance.

Table of Contents

  • Crystal Chandelier – All You Need To Know!
    • The Make-up:
    • Integration:
  • Easiest Methods to Clean A Crystal Chandelier
    • Cleaning with a Liquid Spray:
      • Are you wondering how to make a cleaning spray?
      • How to Use it?
    • How to Clean Chandeliers on the High Ceiling?
    • How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier Without Taking it Down?
    • How to Clean a Chandelier by Removing all Crystals?
  • Useful Tips for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier
  • FAQs – Your First Help!
    • Q. What is the best cleaner to clean crystal chandeliers with?
    • Q. How often do you need to clean a crystal chandelier?
    • Q. How do you clean a chandelier without wiping it?
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Crystal Chandelier – All You Need To Know!

Firstly, it is important to comprehend a crystal chandelier, especially if you are new or have little knowledge. Simply, it is a decorative lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling that holds several bulbs or candles.

The Make-up:

Crystal chandelier is made by melting silica sand with lead, heated ash, and other materials in a furnace, then fusing tiny glass pieces at high temperatures.

All of these components, particularly lead oxide, are combined to make crystals heavier and more lustrous. The addition of more lead oxide makes it better at reflecting light.


The interesting part is that craftsmen join together the crystal chandelier by hand. This whole process is both perilous and beautiful. Next up, let’s discuss how to clean a crystal chandelier.

Easiest Methods to Clean A Crystal Chandelier

Undoubtedly, the reflection of lightning bulbs on shiny crystals, producing diamond-like sparkle, is mesmerizing. Its radiance enhances the entire environment.

However, the main concern is how to clean a crystal chandelier so that its magnificent brightness remains alive. Let’s walk through the methods of cleaning in detail.

Cleaning with a Liquid Spray:

In this method, you can either use a store-bought crystal chandelier cleaning spray or make your cleaning solution at home.

Are you wondering how to make a cleaning spray?

  • Mix one part ammonia with three parts distilled water to create a solution that won’t leave watermarks on the crystal-like tap water does.
  • Add a soapy fluid into hot water.
  • Add one part of isopropyl alcohol to three parts of distilled water.

How to Use it?

  1. Make sure the ceiling lights are turned off. Make sure you switch them off at the consumer unit for added safety.
  2. Remove the lamps (bulbs) from the fixture and use tissue paper to plug the sockets. This ensures that liquid does not leak into any undesirable areas of the fitting.
  3. As we’re adopting the spray method, there will be drips on the floor, so use a dust sheet or old newspaper to cover the floor.
  4. Spray the fitting well with a glass cleaner.   Be cautious; you don’t go overboard!
  5. Spray the fitting and wait for the liquid to drip, as the liquid should grab most of the dust.
  6. Give time for the fitting to dry completely. This is crucial because liquid near electricity is dangerous! It’s also a good idea to clean the light bulbs while you’re waiting for the fitting to dry! These, too, gather dust.

How to Clean Chandeliers on the High Ceiling?

Crystal chandeliers are mostly installed on heightened roofs, especially at the centre of the room. It seems quite daunting to keep them maintained.

Let us guide you step by step on how to clean a crystal chandelier on the high ceiling.

  1. Make sure to turn off electricity at the consumer unit.
  2. Create a safe platform for working at height, use a step ladder, or something similar
  3. To avoid the transfer of fingerprints on the crystal prisms, wear white cotton gloves 
  4. Put on the gloves and dip your finger into the solution, making sure to clean both the strands and the crystals. To achieve optimum cleaning, make sure to handle the crystal properly with the glove
  5. Replace the cleaning solution as needed — cleaning with a dirty solution is pointless!
  6. Make sure you wear gloves when handling the gems because even the cleanest of fingertips can leave marks on a crystal. Even the tiniest scratch will obstruct how light reflects through the crystal!

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier Without Taking it Down?

It is challenging to take off your chandelier from the ceiling for cleaning, especially when it is big.

 Let’s dive into how to clean a crystal chandelier without taking it down.

  1. Place a blanket on the floor beneath the chandelier to catch any falling pieces and prevent them from shattering.
  2. As a safety precaution, turn off the chandelier bulbs. Attach a  piece of tape over the light switch to prevent someone from turning it on mistakenly while you’re working.
  3. Set up an alternate light source if necessary to view what you’re doing.
  4. Spray your homemade cleaner onto a clean, lint-free cloth like a microfiber cloth.
  5. Gently wipe each crystal piece with a moist cloth. Then wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth right away to avoid damp marks.

How to Clean a Chandelier by Removing all Crystals?

Has it been a long time since you cleaned your chandelier, and it has become filthier with dirt and grime?

Then, you may need to take individual crystals and wash them with your hands. 

  1. Line your sink or basin with a soft towel to protect the crystals during washing.
  2. Line your sink or basin with a soft towel to protect the crystals during washing. Fill the basin with warm water and dishwashing liquid solution.
  3. Fill a second basin with hot water mixed with ammonia in the same way. This container will be used to rinse the crystals.
  4. Remove a few crystals at a time; pay attention to their placement on the chandelier.
  5. Take a picture of the chandelier as a precaution and make sure it’s organized in the same manner when you’re done.
  6. It’s now time to clean each crystal completely. Place each one in a solution-filled basin. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe away all filth. Then move in a second basin.
  7. Use a clean cloth or your gloves to dry them off
  8. When putting the crystals back in place, make sure you use your gloves. This will save your hard work from being ruined by fingerprints or smudges.

Useful Tips for Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

  • Clean your chandelier by using a feather or lamb’s wool duster every one to two months.
  • Do not spin the chandelier to reach each corner. This could cause the fixture’s supports to loosen, causing it to topple. Instead, as you clean, move your ladder around.
  • If you’re having trouble keeping your chandelier steady while cleaning with the crystals on, remove them. You don’t want to risk breaking anything by shaking it too hard.

Regardless of the method you use, never forget to switch off the electricity before you begin cleaning. It’s a good idea to turn off the switch on the wall, but it’s even better to turn off the electricity at the breaker box.

FAQs – Your First Help!

Q. What is the best cleaner to clean crystal chandeliers with?

The manufacturer of crystal chandeliers, Schonbek, suggests a mix of one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts distilled water.

On the other hand, Waterford’s principal lighting designer, Billy Canning, suggests hot soapy water. Special cleaning formulations aren’t required, according to both parties.

Q. How often do you need to clean a crystal chandelier?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how often you should clean your chandelier. That is entirely dependent on your geographic region and the location of the chandelier in your home.

But the best time is when the crystals begin to lose their lustre and the bulbs and frames begin to appear drab or dusty

Q. How do you clean a chandelier without wiping it?

You do not have to wipe if you use a chandelier cleaning spray. In a spray bottle, combine 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts distilled water.

Use towels to cover the floor or table beneath the chandelier. Turn the light off. To prevent the spray from getting into the light bulbs and sockets, cover them with plastic.


Now you would be fully aware of how to clean a crystal chandelier to maintain its unique look. You must take proper care of crystal lamps to fully benefit from their glittery and shiny effect in the long run.

 It is indeed essential to clean all parts of the crystal chandelier regularly to maintain its elegance.

 No matter which method you choose, you always have to take fundamental precautions, as discussed above.

You may also need to hire an expert if your chandelier hangs too high or the design is so intricate that you don’t feel comfortable taking it down.

Enjoy colors and Cozy Vibes by having Crystal Chandeliers!

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