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How to make Fake Chandelier for Decoration-Beginner Guide

Introduction – Fake Chandelier For Decoration

fake chandelier for decoration
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A chandelier is surely one of the most attractive and aesthetic lighting sources one can invest in,so does fake chandelier for decoration is. From weddings to birthday parties and even for general decoration, adding a chandelier to a room or a space can easily bring out the best in any area within no time.

One can not argue about the fact that a chandelier looks extremely attractive and aesthetic. But at the same time, we have to acknowledge the fact that chandeliers are expensive and come with a large price tag. Therefore, it is not possible for everyone to invest in a chandelier especially if you are planning to put up a chandelier for the sake of decoration at a party or a gathering.

But does this mean that you will not be able to use a chandelier for the sake of decoration. You can easily make use of a fake chandelier for decoration that will surely increase the aesthetics and bring out the best in your party.

All that is needed to make a fake chandelier for decoration is a little bit of effort and tons of creativity. Here are a couple of ideas that will prove helpful in this regard:

How to Make Fake Hanging Ring Chandelier for Decoration:

Hanging chandeliers are extremely attractive and many people love hanging them around. Although they are extremely expensive, you can easily make your own fabric ring hanging chandelier with ease.

Steps to make fake hanging ring chandelier for decoration:

fake chandelier for decoration
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All you need is a metallic or wooden ring, bulb socket, thread, needle, wire bulb and some fabric. Getting a see through and breezy fabric that can allow light to pass through is highly recommended. Cut the fabric in long strips. You can also keep some strips longer and other shorter so their lengths are different.

After cutting the fabric, take the wire and create a frame around the ring to fix the bulb socket. Once the holder is ready and the bulb socket is in place, you can simply start hanging the fabric around the ring. Use some thread to sew in the seams of the fabric and hang it around the ring. Other than fabric, you can also use beads on strings to cover the ring.

To accentuate the chandelier even more, you can use fabric with different designs and colors. Cutting the fabric in different lengths also helps give a three dimensional look to the chandelier.

How to Make Fake Ping Pong Ball Chandelier for Decoration:

You might have never thought about it but ping pong balls are a great resource for a simple yet attractive fake chandelier for decoration project. Ping pong balls are lightweight so they can easily be hanged from any roof or surface. The ping pong chandeliers can also be handed on tents.

Steps to make fake ping pong chandelier for decoration:

Take a couple of ping pong balls and paint them in the desired color. You may use acrylic paints for this purpose or to make things easier, you can simply spray paint the balls to change their color. Another perk of this project is that the balls can be colored according to your desire or the theme of the party. It is up to you to paint all the balls in the same color or create a contrast by using different colored paints.

Once the balls have been painted and are fully dried, grab a glue gun and start glueing the balls to each other. The balls can be glued in any shape that you may like. After you have glued the balls in an orientation of your liking, attach them to a frame with a light bulb socket. Light up the bulb and your chandelier is ready!

How to Make Fake Glass Bottle Chandelier for Decoration:

We all have empty glass bottles lying around the house. Why not gather them and recycle them into an attractive chandelier. Glass is translucent so it allows light to partially pass through it. Light reflects clearly through plain glass bottles but becomes slightly tinted when it passes through shaded bottles.

Steps to make fake glass bottle chandelier for decoration:

Steps to make fake ping pong chandelier for decoration:
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You can use these glass bottles and turn them into a chandelier by simply inserting a string of LED lights inside the bottles. Then you may twist some wire to create the hanging stand and you have just created your own fake chandelier for decoration. It is upto you to create small chandeliers consisting of only one bottle or group the bottles together to create a large and grand chandelier.

Other than glass bottles you can also make use of mason jars for the same purpose. Since mason jars have a wider opening on top, you can also drill a hole in the lid and use it to insert the bulb’s socket holder. Then you can use the socket to attach the bulbs and use them as a source to light up your DIY fake chandelier.

How to Make Fake Plastic Bottle Chandelier for Decoration:

Steps to make fake plastic bottle chandelier for decoration:

Plastic bottles such as those of cold drinks and sodas etc. are another commonly found item in almost all households. The base of these bottles is a flower shaped bottom that helps the bottles stand up straight. You can easily cut out this bottom by using a sharp knife or a heated blade.

Once you have plenty of plastic bottle bottoms cut out (the number of bottoms required depends on the size of the chandelier you are aiming for), you can poke holes on the opposite sides of the bottoms. Use these holes to pass a string through the bottle bottom and keep adding the bottoms to the string depending on the shape and the orientation of the chandelier that you like. After beading all the bottoms and obtaining the desired shape, hang the chandelier around bulbs and light up the bulbs. The plastic bottoms of the bottles are transparent and light can easily pass through them thus lighting up the room.

You can use transparent bottle bottoms or opt for the bottles which are slightly tinted. If needed, feel free to even spray paint the bottoms of the bottles to achieve the desired color according to your liking.

How to Make Fake Silverware Chandelier for Decoration:

Steps to make fake silverware chandelier for decoration:

Have you ever considered turning silverware into a fake chandelier for decoration? All you need are a couple of silverware pieces and some superglue. You can use old silverware if you have some otherwise you can opt to buy cheap silverware sets that are easily available in bulk.

Silverware chandelier is a great idea if you are planning to DIY a chandelier for your kitchen or dining area. Once you have gathered the silverware, now it is time for you to let your creativity go loose. Arrange the silverware in any three dimensional shape that you like. In case of spoons, you can easily layer them one on top of another to imitate the arrangement of petals of a blooming flower. The center of the spoons should be left hollow so the light bulb can be installed later on.

Another great silverware chandelier arrangement is arranging different silverware items like spoons, forks and knives in a cube. Lay the cutlery sideways and glue them to form a flat square. When you have four such squares, glue them sideways to form a cube. The light will be installed in the middle of the silverware cube to light up the chandelier. Since light will be passing through the small gaps between the glued silverware, it will cast a shadow shaped like the silverware on the walls around thus creating an amazing ambiance for any kitchen or dining area.

How to Make Fake Hollow Globe/Ball Chandelier for Decoration:

fake chandelier for decoration
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Steps to make fake Globe/Ball chandelier for decoration:

One can easily find hollow globes and balls in the market and these items are pretty inexpensive as well. Most of the balls are made out of rubber so one can easily poke a hole in them without deflating the balls or changing their shapes.

Depending on your preference, you can pick plaine rubber balls or invest in balls that have the global map printed on them. Once you have selected and purchased the balls, carefully poke a hole through the top of the ball. The hole should be large enough to easily accomodate a light bulb socket. Now all you need to do is to glue the light ball sockets to these holes that you have just created.

When you will light up the bulb, the light will pass through the rubber ball and create a shade of the color of the ball. You can hang multiple single ball or globe chandeliers around the place or arrange the balls in a bouquet like formation to create one large fake chandelier for decoration. The globe chandeliers look particularly good when placed at libraries or study areas.

How to Make Fake Revamping An Old Chandelier for Decoration:

Steps to make fake revamping and old chandelier for decoration:

Although brand new chandeliers are expensive, you can easily acquire old and used chandeliers for a fraction of the price. The problem with most of these chandeliers is that they are rusted or their paints have chipped off. Restoring an old chandelier is pretty simple and easy and you will end up with an attractive chandelier within a very cost effective budget.

You can simply buy a used or old chandelier, remove the bulbs and sockets and paint it any color that you like. If you are looking for a funky and fun chandelier decoration, using an antique style chandelier and painting it a vibrant and bright color would be a great idea. If you would prefer something more sober and tone down, you can use bronze, golden or silver paint. Once the chandelier is painted and dried, you can place the bulb holders and bulbs back in place and the chandelier will be as good as new.

How to Make Fake Hat Chandelier for Decoration:

Steps to make hat  chandelier for decoration:

If you have some hats lying around the house, you can easily turn them into a chandelier as well. Go to the market and grab a couple of single bulb holders. Depending on the size of the bulb, make a hole around the top of the hat and fix the bulb holder in through the hole. When the holder is in place, you can go ahead and screw in the bulb inside the bulb holder. The light from the bulb will come out from the bottom of the hat and will create a dimly lit yet creative ambiance.


Decorations and specifically chandeliers for decoration can be expensive. But does that mean you cannot have a chandelier at your events at all? Absolutely not! You can easily create a chandelier for the purpose of decoration within your budget.

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