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How to Choose Lighting Fixture-Beginners Guide

How to Choose Lighting Fixture Introduction:

how to choose lighting fixture
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Lighting fixtures are meant to embellish your room. If your selection is low, this might disrupt the particular area’s look and cause space issues. Choosing the right luminaire can be a difficult task. 

You do have plenty of options; well, the surfeit of high-quality lighting fixtures makes it troublesome. Keep in mind that an object’s outer shine is just a trick to catch you up with its beauty. The outer shine does matter, but equally important is the quality of the lighting fixtures. Scroll down to get notified with some of the essentials for the purchase of the best lighting fixtures.We will guide you how to choose lighting fixture below.

By Size

The dimensions of the lighting fixture must be absolute. What is the size required, what should be the height, length, and breadth? Note down everything. The parameters of the chandelier or a flush mount or pendants determine how much area it will occupy. 

The smaller the lighting fixture, as per the room’s dimensions, the more glossy it looks. Moreover, the lighting fixture must not be that big enough to gets too low on the ceiling.

A relatively easy way to determine the diameter and height of a chandelier or a luminaire or any other light fittings, do as directed.

For Dinning rooms:

For Diameter and height respectively:

  • Measure the length and the width of the room in feet and add them up. Then replace the unit feet with inches, and the specified dimension should be the measurement of the lighting fixture diameter.
  • Measure the height of the room and thrice it. Then swap the units from feet to inches, and this measurement in inches should be the actual height of a lighting fixture.

This is how to choose lighting fixture with perfect sizings. Now, its time to apply to your room. Get yourself accustomed to the beautiful lighting through these lighting fixtures.

Types of lighting fixtures

Several lighting fixtures are available, but I’ll let you know around the three most crucial lighting fixtures used by the majority.


Chandeliers are beautifully branched fixtures mostly mounted on ceiling and walls. These are one of the most-used lighting fixtures. 

These LED bright bulbs or fluorescent lamps make it glow wherever you place, whether rooms, foyer or dining halls.

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Flush Mount:

Unlike chandeliers and pendants, the Flush mounts are used for small rooms and lower rooftops. These are mostly like dome or sphere-shaped. These are quite decorative and are a substantial source of ambient lighting.

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These are the lighting fixtures that are suspended to the ceiling through the use of cords or chains. They are on a smaller scale and mostly hold a single light bulb. These can be hung anywhere from bathrooms to dining tables to the kitchen tops. 

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Types of lighting effect:

How to choose lighting fixture with the perfect lighting effect?  The primary purpose of buying the lighting fixture is its lighting. How well your chandelier, flush-mount, or pendants can bright the room up? 

All just need to be considered, and one of the essential things is the selection of the lighting type. Different types are available; well, we’ll let you know the three best lighting types that are quite common these days.

Ambient lighting:

Ambient lighting is distributed evenly in all directions. It is the base amount of light in the room and is the primary lighting source in any room. The ambient lighting intensifies the warmth and depth of a space or area.

In a medium-sized room, you should have at least three 60W bulbs. A larger room must have around at least five bulbs of the same wattage. There are multiple sources of ambient lighting. 

From ceiling lighting fixtures to recessed fixtures or wall sconces to floor lamps, all contain the power to produce lighting that bounces evenly off from the ceilings and the walls.

Task lighting:

Task lighting is used for specific tasks or activities. Compared to ambient lighting, the task lighting is much better lighting that produces a blazing light that is more concentrated throughout the area. 

This lighting ensures that the illumination is at its height, providing the user the liability to carry out their tasks with enhanced visibility. Relating it to interior design is used to read books at night or for sewing, writing, or other purposes.

Accent lighting:

This type of lighting is one of the most decorative lightings in all three of them.

This light is design to highlight an area. You can highlight your artwork, wall designs, or fireplaces. This adds to the beauty of the room or of a particular site creating creative visualization.

Where to hang a lighting fixture?

Several places are available in your house where you can hang these lighting fixtures. Before purchasing, you should have in mind how many lighting fixtures you should buy and where to place them.

Placing it in the bedrooms:

Relaxing small crystal chandeliers will be an absolute pick for a bedroom. Different wall sconces, pendants, and table lamps are fitting to be placed in the bedrooms. The lighting fixtures with any above lighting types creates a warm and dazzling atmosphere.

To design a bedroom for newlywed couples, these lighting fixtures play a significant role. Some colors like soft green, pale blue, and soft grey befits the bedrooms the most. It is better to have a single chandelier over a bed or a couple of them side by side, so the light spreads evenly, and the look of the bedroom is not disrupted.

Placing it in kitchens:

Mostly pendants are used to light up the kitchenLighting in a kitchen is a must go for perfect visibility while cooking. Besides lighting, the look should be kept in mind as well before placements. 

To select the lightning fixture which is best for your place:

  1. Measure the length of the work surface.
  2. Then note down the number of lighting fixtures more likely pendants you require.
  3. Add their diameters together.
  4. Subtract the total of diameters from the measurement of the work surface.
  5. Now add one more to the number of pendants.
  6. Divide the value found in part 4 with the number of pendants after being an addition in part 5.

This value calculated will be the space required between each pendant.

Placing it over the dining table:

Before buying a lighting fixture for a dining room, consider the shape and the size of the dining table.

  1. If the dining table is rectangular, then a long stylish lighting fixture will be valuable.
  2. For square or rounded tables, choose a chandelier or a pendant that seems to adjust with a dining room’s look correctly.
  3. The multi-lights are super-classical in letting the dining tables glow.
  4. Moreover, multiple pendants and chandeliers can be more enthralling.

Ensure that while placing a lighting fixture over a table, the width or length is one foot shorter than the table’s total length. Furthermore, on placing multiple lighting fixtures, they should be evenly spaced. Doing as per instructed will help in organizing the dining table. This will evenly glister your dining room and provide a perfect atmosphere, especially during guests’ arrival and different occasions.

How to choose lighting fixture style?

Choosing a style is one of the most confusing and challenging parts of all. Obviously, you can’t buy all that seems to fix your eyes. Selecting a metal fixture with a sturdy base and contrasting colors can cast different shades on the ceilings and garnish through the various effects it inculcates.

As types of lightings, the lighting fixtures’ styles, and the attachments related to different house areas have been discussed, it depends upon your choice for what to pick. It will be a confusing decision; however, the lighting fixtures you are curious to have will have some contrasting features that’ll be the central source of difference between them. Try to detect for a flaw, and only go with a one capable of serving you for a long time.


Do light fixtures need to match?

No, Your light fixtures do not need to match.

What is trending in dining room lights?

Accent lighting, along with ambient lighting, is trending for the dining rooms. Make use of either pendants or chandeliers. Track and recessed lighting can even be used to create a focus on some artwork or unique elements.

For the dining room, look for a lighting fixture combined with rustic and natural elements and metals or glass to shape the dining room. Yet, keep in mind the shape and the size of the dining table. 

What is the latest trend in kitchen lighting?

The pendants are in high demand over the kitchen islands. Industrial pendants suit the environment of the kitchen and are highly preferred.

Are pendant lights going out of style?

As far as the pendant lights’ relation with the kitchen is considered, it is undoubtedly a big no. Pendants over the islands help produce task light, making it easier for you to view everything out in the darkness of nights.  

Different lighting fixtures are available, but the use of pendant light is growing day by day, so it will be quite harsh to say that pendant lights are going out of style.

What happens if you wire a light fixture backward?

The fixture will work but connecting the wires to the wrong terminals will reverse the polarity. This socket sleeve will get red-hot, and touching will make the electric shock inevitable. Correct wiring won’t be heating the socket.

Do you need an electrician to install a light fixture?

Until you excel in electrical work, it is recommended to stay away from the electrical appliance. Don’t let yourself open to the danger of electrical shock. If you have installed a lighting fixture before and think you can do it, there’s no issue trying it out. However, an experienced electrician won’t waste your time and minimize the chance of further inconvenience.

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