How To Put Led Lights In Your Car
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How To Put Led Lights In Your Car?


Headlines come to your mind when thinking of installing LED lights in the car. Nevertheless, other parts of your automobile also need upgrade attention. That will not only make your car trip fantastic but also makes the place soothing. You might be wondering: How To Put Led Lights In Your Car? Well, you will get this know by scrolling down the screen.

Want to know the exciting part? You can effortlessly improve your Brake, parking, reverse, turn signal, and interior lights with LEDs. 

LEDs having a long span will provide illumination while driving at night. Sounds convenient! Right? This guide will serve you everything you want.


You might still have confusing vibes. Don’t get panic! We have got your back.

Furthermore, it will be surprising for you. Do you know why? Because this guide will cover every spec for what you were looking for.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

How To Put Led Lights In Your Car - Step By Step Installation

Most of you will be thinking that LED light installation is a difficult task. Therefore, you guys prevent from purchasing it. Indeed, the installation is a time-consuming process. But it is not impossible to put it on your lovely cars. Some of the historic cars might put you in trouble. But the good news is that in most positions, the installation is not that hard. 

Are you guys excited to proceed? Of course, you all are anxiously scrolling down for the surprise. In addition to it, the installation will give a well worth by following the instructions.

For the fixation, you will need:

  1. You need to wire the controller or the lights to a power source of +12 V 
  2. Mount the LED strips cautiously
  3. Give it a test and verify the operation

Want to know the best part? LED lights do not utilize a lot of power. Furthermore, there are minimum chances to connect LED light wires to the battery. For better understanding, do watch this video to eradicate any confusion made by LEDGlow: 

Now, you will be worried about the assumption of wiring. Do not be sad. We are on your side to bring the best solutions to your problems.


  • Before purchasing any LED light, make sure to pick up the one with one year of warranty. This significant step will save you money.
  • If you are confused with the extraordinary availability of LEDs, purchase amazon’s first choice or the best seller. 

Now, let’s have a look at finding a suitable wire. Just keep reading!

How Can I Find a +12 V ACC Wire?


Are you in trouble finding a suitable wire? Looking up the wire color codes on amazon is the best option. Therefore, you can easily compare the color code to select the best one. 


Some of the cars do not have the option of +12V wiring. Do not you sweat it! We will make sure to be there for you as much as you want. To figure out the +12V wiring, use a digital meter. You can use it till you find the wiring. Moreover, try to remove radio or other applications from ACC. That will let you have +12V wiring.


Once you find out the best source of power, you are good to go. Are you willing to know how it turns out? Connect the LED power light and ground the negative power light. Hence, you will have your amazingly arranged wiring system. 



The LED light installation has been sensational over the decades. It contains all the pros that your lighting system deserves to have. 

Here is the kicker:

We will provide you some impressive advantages of LED installation in your car.

Here you go!


You will be craving to have power-saving and money-saving lights. You are on the right way to make this real. Do you want to know the amazing facts? The equal proportion of helium and xenon will save your power level.


Have you ever have a processor that gives you everything with minimum energy? These LED lights are for your convenience. It conserves a limited amount of energy to offer long-term illumination.


Car engines usually heat up with high usage. Are you willing to have a hack? LED lights consist of a cooling system that will keep your engine cool. It will never bring the healing process to overcome your dream.


The installation might afraid of the purchase. But, you would not believe it! Its installment is so easy without any tool.


Now, you can comfortably go for a long drive in harsh weather. You can view it within the car. The reason behind it is that the LED light has the potential to resist water splash. Do not overthink this part! This product will not disappoint your need.


We are on our halfway to completion. It can never be possible to provide you everything without suggestions. Here, we will guide you with authentic products that are worth buying.

Let’s begin!

Interior Car Lights Keepsmile Car Accessories

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Amazon’s bestseller is Keepsmile car accessories. This product is highly reliable. Want to know how? Well, its premium quality gives the glowy illumination for a better view. The most interesting point to realize is it will offer you a music option. 

Therefore, you can enjoy your driving with your favorite music. Its structure might confuse you, but its easy installation will make you happy. There is no need to read a manual for a setup.

2. SIRIUSLED 194 LED Bulbs Extremely Super Bright

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We recommend it as Amazon’s first choice to purchase. You can efficiently remove the plug. It will still work either way too. If you love to have the illumination of white light, they make this product for you. You can drive your car with better light output. Did you know it’s best to part? It gives you a one-year warranty. It also provided you with the exchange option with no hurdles.

3. LEDCARE Car Headlight Surface Strip Tube Light

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Amazon’s best seller product is LEDCARE with the highest premium quality. If you are looking for a durable lighting product, you are welcome to overview it. Moreover, it protects your car from heating up. One of its advantages will surprise you. It enhances the brightness automatically during the night. So, you don’t need to worry about switching the settings at night. You are allowed to choose multi-colors at one time. You can have it according to your mood. Additionally, you can change the lighting speed too. If you are in a disco mood, enhance the acceleration a little bit. Driving a car in harsh weather might not an easy task. Yet, the installation will protect your car from the water. Besides, you can conveniently install it without opening the car headlights.

Nilight - 60001F-B Led Pods 2PCS 18W 1260LM Flood Led Off Road Lights

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Amazon’s best seller product with a wide range of illumination. Have you ever get the opportunity to get a dustproof product? You are definitely on the bright side. It provides you with the best performance while driving. You don’t have to be doubtful in its duration. This package includes 2PC that will give super brightness for clear visibility.


Q: Could I wire it to a cigarette plug?

You should be able to wire it. However, it does not consume a lot of power.

Q: Do it arrive with all the necessary wiring?

Yes, the LED lights come with all authentic wiring. If some specific wiring isn’t included, you have to purchase it separately. This situation arrives very rarely.

Q: Are these legal for road purposes?

It all depends on the countries rules and regulations. But, most of the countries allow you for the installation. Hence, it is a yes to install on your cars.

Q: Is it fit for HONDA Pilot 2019?

It’s a yes. You can utilize it with no issues.

Q: Is it possible to use an LED conversion bulb?

As per legal policy, you cannot install it outward. You are only allowed to fit it in the interior parts of a car. 

Q: How long does LED light take to ship?

Well, there is no specific day for shipment. However, your order will be dispatched within 3 to 5 working days.


Thank you for making it to this end. We have provided you all the relevant information at your convenience. 

Also, a fun part is waiting for you! Check it out in the advantages section.

Moreover, you can solve your queries while going to the FAQs section. If you are still not clear, drop your issues in the comment section. We would gladly wait to hear from you guys.

Wishing you a blessed day!

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