Top under cabinet lighting ideas for Kitchen
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Top Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas For Kitchen

The Best under Cabinet lightning ideas would not only render the elegance of your kitchen, but all will increase your financial conservancies too.

  • The lighting done utilizing LEDs will save your electricity bill and enlighten your kitchen.

However, several options serve you with an elegant under cabinet lighting experience. These lights include:

  • fluorescent
  • CFL
  • xenon
  • halogen

… And many more!

You’ll see all types of products today in the guide under cabinet lighting ideas for the kitchen.

  • Adequately combined color of light and its type, employed for kitchen will transform it into a place love for cooking.

In this modern age of technology, a sophisticated home requires a beautifully organized kitchen, and a kitchen cannot be beautiful until it has lights under the cabinets.

  • Usually, those lights have an affordable price range yet glorify the impact of your intricate personality on your guests.

Lights can affect the glamour of your kitchen but, if they aren’t soothingly placed under the cabinet, their charm vanishes.

There are various under cabinet lighting ideas for illuminating your kitchen. These lights differ from each other based on their bulb, shape, power source, and mounting principle.

We’ll be looking at the specifications and features of different lights that we think will provide you the best under cabinet lighting experience.

Without further delay, here is the list of the best under cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen.

Go through the features of every item in detail to make sure that you make a perfect decision!

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This brand from the TORCHSTAR brand is the king of our list: “the best under cabinet lighting for the kitchen.” With the bronze finish and three different color temperatures, it is the best item while looking for the best under cabinet lighting ideas for the kitchen.

Despite this, there are numerous features of this item that make it so popular.


  • It uses the 8 watts LED light, which is Energy Star and ETL listed. The company assures that this item is safe to use and is more durable than any other linear under cabinet lighting available in the market.
  • The item comes up with a slide switch that enables you to control the three color temperatures. It allows you to set the color temperature to 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K for warm white, cool white, and daylight.
  • The inline-connectors allow you to connect 25 lights. All the accessories are included in the box, allowing you to make the connections without using extra tools.
  • The lighting comes up with two easy to mount ways. The first way is the plug-in method, and the second one is the most common hardwiring mounting method.
  • The aluminum built technology is the reason for its excellent heat dissipation. It ensures that the under cabinet light works for a long time without any heat damage.
  • Modern design with bronze finish.
  • Three adjustable color temperature technology.
  • Brilliant heat energy dissipation.
  • 2-mounting methods; hardwired and plug-in.
  • One may observe light flickering in some items.

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Like LEDs, fluorescent lights are also demanding while considering the best under cabinet lighting ideas in 2021. The GE Model 16687 is a perfect option for you to choose if you are looking for the best fluorescent under cabinet lighting for kitchen.

Here are the features of this item:


  • With its white color and 3000K color temperature, it can fulfil the under cabinet lighting needs of kitchen, office, basement, workshop, and studio, etc.
  • It is a hardwiring under cabinet lighting with pre-assembled parts. However, an expert electrician can install it!
  • This white fluorescent under cabinet light is 13 watts, which ensures an efficient energy saving.
  • The single wall switch allows you to connect up to 8 lighting fixtures.
  • It serves you with bright illumination and a flicker-free start-up. The steel finish makes it even more reliable.
  • Steel finish, rustic style.
  • 8-lighting fixtures connectivity.
  • A flicker-free start.
  • Pre-assembled item, hardwired installation required.
  • Messy installation process.

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NSL manufacturers have come up with LED under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen. It is a dimmable LED light with a shiny black finish.

It could be a perfect match for your kitchen because of the following features:


  • It has an adjustable color temperature. You can adjust it to three different temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K for warm white, soft white and cool white, respectively.
  • It is dimmable under cabinet light that has two brightness levels.
  • It is a 24 inches liner LED light that has two different installation options; hardwired and plugged-in. It makes it the best in the LED under cabinet lighting.
  • It works on the new edge-lit technology that saves your furniture from hot spots and creates a smooth and fascinating lighting effect.
  • Aluminium built modern design.
  • 3- Color temperatures and no hotspots.
  • Dimmable.
  • Hardwired and plugged-in, two installation options.
  • The thick black cord is not easy to hide.

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E-Shine has touch-less under cabinet kitchen lighting ideas for everyone. This cool white LED light allows you to complete control without even touching it.

Here are the exciting features of this item that make it the best touch-less under cabinet lighting for kitchen:


  • There is no need for a switch or a remote. This wonderful LED under cabinet light activates with nothing more than a hand wave. Show your hand to its IR sensors to activate it.
  • It is a dimmable LED light. Put your hand in front of its sensor, and control its brightness from 0 to 100 just by holding your hand. It will save this brightness level unless you change it!
  • It is a sturdy item that generates a captivating cool white (6000k) under cabinet lighting effect in your kitchen.
  • Energy efficiency is what everyone needs. It works on just 12 watts and doesn’t put much load on your electricity consumption.
  • Modern, compact design.
  • Touchless activation and brightness control.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Screwing and Adhesive tape, two installation methods.
  • Only one sensor is responsible for controlling the light.

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Xenon under cabinet lighting ideas can bring a dramatic change to your boring kitchen atmosphere. JUNO manufacturers are well-known for their Xenon under cabinet lighting products for kitchen. The JUNO Lighting model UPX430-WH comes up with a clear glass design.

Let’s have a look at its features:


  • This item comes in a designer-white color, and the clear glass finishing adds more beauty to its look.
  • This under cabinet lighting consumes 20 watts of electricity and generates optimum illuminating effects.
  • It comes up with a modular plug together design that allows you to connect multiple lighting fixtures with a single straight joiner.
  • It is easy to install, but you can’t reuse it once you install it permanently.
  • With aluminum built, it has a tempered glass that enhances the transmission of light and offers you a 10,000 hours working lifespan.
  • Clear-glass, mission style.
  • Multiple fixture connectivity with a single joiner.
  • Dimmable.
  • Two-way switching.
  • The short lifespan of about 10,000 hours.

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When looking for xenon under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, you’ll not find other brands in the market rather than JUNO Lighting. Here is another item from the JUNO Lighting model UPX332-BZ with a bright output.

Following are its top-rated features:


  • The UPX322-BZ is 22 inches long xenon under cabinet lighting item with a bright output because of its 250 wattages.
  • The dimmable feature allows you to control its bright output according to your needs.
  • You can install it either by hardwiring or as a portable under cabinet lighting fixture.
  • The straight joiner connector allows you to electrically join up to 10 different lighting fixtures with a single power source.
  • The bronze finish makes it a perfect match for residential and commercial interiors.
  • Flame-shaped, mission style.
  • 10-fixtures connectivity with a single power source.
  • Bright output.
  • Hardwired or installing as a portable fixture.
  • Immense electricity consumption because of 250 watts.

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Considering the fluorescent under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, the LITHONIA Lighting offers you 2-Light energy efficient under cabinet light.

The LITHONIA Lighting model UC 24E 120 SWR M6 is built with aluminium and provides its customers with these features:


  • The 24 inches under cabinet lighting comes up with a compact design that adds eye-catchy touch to your kitchen interior.
  • It is an energy-efficient fluorescent under cabinet light that works on 8 watts yet provides a decent illumination.
  • It is available in 5 different lengths that make it an ideal choice for a kitchen of a large area or a smaller one!
  • Manufactured with aluminum, this sturdy under cabinet lighting promises durability and a long-lasting lifespan.
  • It has a separate service tray. This fluorescent light is easy to install and doesn’t require tools for installing and maintenance.
  • Sleek, compact design.
  • 5-different lengths.
  • Durable and energy-efficient.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Not an ideal choice for bright output.

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The puck lights are used for adding more details and focus over a certain object. The LVYINYIN under Cabinet Lighting Kit for Kitchen illuminates sufficient lighting for your kitchen.

It works on 12 lights and offers you the following exciting features:


  • The combination of 12 lights, this puck light generates a luminous lighting effect that makes it the best under cabinet puck lighting for kitchen.
  • Using a DC connector, you can link each puck light together. Moreover, you can replace the lights whenever the need arises.
  • This warm white puck under cabinet lighting for kitchen is compatible with an inline touchable dimmer switch rather than the ordinary dimmer switch.
  • It is a warm white puck light that creates an illumination with a color temperature of about 3000K. You’ll experience a beautiful yellowish lighting effect with this item.
  • It comes up with an easy to install feature. You can install this under cabinet puck lighting either by using screws or by using sticky tape.
  • Plastic shades, circular shape.
  • It suits both: the uplighting and the downlighting.
  • 12 lights work with a touchable dimmer switch.
  • Screws and adhesive tape, two easy to install methods.
  • No touchable dimmer included

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When you are looking for puck under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, the FAVORITE MONKEY is the brand that you can select. This brand manufactures durable lights with a sleek and modern design that matches the interior of your luxurious household interior.

Here are the features of this under cabinet puck lighting that it provides to its customers:


  • This thinnest circular light is just 0.33 inches that looks beautiful. It doesn’t matter where you install it. It adds a drastic change to its surroundings.
  • The package comes up with 6-puck lights. These lights work on 25 watts and generate a bright output.
  • A standard wall switch works best with this under cabinet light. You can control the brightness according to your taste.
  • The stainless steel built makes it a durable puck light for the kitchen.
  • It requires hardwiring that is easy to install. And doesn’t require much effort.
  • Sleek, modern design.
  • Thin puck lights.
  • Dimmable.
  • Easy hardwired installation.
  • No dimmer switch included.

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In this modern age, things have gone far beyond the limits. Now, you can control everything without physically touching them. And when it comes to the best wireless under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, the LAIFUNI brand is a well-known player in this market.

Here is a multi-color lamp that serves its customers with the following unbelievable features:


  • Compatible with the Google Assistant, you can change its colors using your smartphone.
  • With the wireless control, you can control and switch between its multiple colors to create a romantic atmosphere in the area. It makes it the best wireless under cabinet lighting product.
  • With the dimmable feature, you can control the brightness of every color from 0 to 100 percent. You can control it through the IR controller that is in the box.
  • It works on a 12 volts DC voltage. And the PC cover over the aluminum built makes it safer and generates a softer looking light.
  • It comes up with two easy-to-install methods; the simple screw method and the double-sided sticky tape.
  • RGD multi-color style.
  • Wireless control.
  • DC voltage to ensure safety.
  • Two easy to install methods; Screwing and double-sided tape.
  • Connectors are in serial connection. A single fault will stop the whole light from working.

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Whether you don’t have a nearby electric power source or it is your electricity expenses. This battery-operated under cabinet lighting is the right choice for you because it works on a battery rather than an electric-source.

Here are the unique features of this under cabinet lighting:


  • Considering the under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, the T01 L light is a unique item that comes up with an auto ON/OFF feature thanks to its built-in sensors. Get within 10 feet near this, and it will turn on without letting you know.
  • This light has a 14 inches panel, and the 20 LEDs make it a super bright under cabinet light for your kitchen.
  • It is powered by 3-AA batteries that you can connect without wiring. The batteries last for about 6-months and allow you to light it up about ten times a day.
  • With the unique design and motion sensors, you can adjust and control the direction of light beams.
  • Linear, modern design.
  • Battery operated.
  • Auto ON/OFF functionality.
  • Two easy to install methods: screwing and the 3M sticker.
  • Batteries not included.

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One remote is all you need to illuminate your kitchen on even the darkest nights. The AIBOO under cabinet lighting is a remote control light that works on 12 voltages and performs its best when used in a kitchen.

Here are the features behind its popularity:


  • It comes up with 6 LED lights, but you can add six more to this puck light for creating unmatchable brightness in the surroundings.
  • It has ten different brightness levels. Use the dimmer switch to set it to a specific brightness level, and it will memorize that level unless you change it yourself.
  • With a thin size, it is one of the best under cabinet lighting ideas for kitchen, where space is an issue.
  • It is a bright yet energy efficient bulb. Comparing with a 25 watts halogen bulb, the 180lm of this let puck light generates equal brightness.
  • You can install it using any of the two mounting principles: using screws or double-sided sticky tape.
  • Thin, modern design
  • Bright, yet energy efficient
  • Dimmable with 10-brightness levels.
  • Two easy to install methods: screwing and double adhesive tape.
  • The linkable set is not easy to install.

Top under Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen- Buying Guide

Following are the things that you need to consider before buying the best under cabinet lighting for your kitchen:

Bulb type:

There are different types of bulbs: halogen, filament, and LEDs, etc. You can select the one that is your favorite.


Consider the shape of under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. You can select whether to choose the puck lights, the bar lights, or the tape lights.

Power source:

The power source is a key factor that you need to consider before buying the under cabinet lighting for the kitchen. The power sources are hardwired, battery sources, and plugged-in light fixtures.

Controlling principle:

Think whether to buy a remote control under cabinet light, or you are looking for a touch less light. You can choose the one that appeals to you.

Installation method:

A few of the under cabinet lightings allow more than one mounting ways. However, in a single mounting method, you need to select the one you feel is easy to install.

Best under cabinet lighting ideas will help you make the best decision when you select an item by following this buying guide. So, don’t skip it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best under cabinet lighting for kitchens?

If your kitchen is well illuminated or is having 2-3 layers of lighting, and you’re in a want of light that should be evenly spread across the counter; in such case LED strip, or tape lighting will work best for you. 

For under cabinet lighting of your Kitchen fluorescent tube fixture, and LED stripes will be the best choice to achieve the level of lighting you want to achieve.

Q. Is under cabinet lighting worth it?

Under cabinet lighting are cheap to buy, and they also don’t because you bear extra electricity expenses. That’s why, the under cabinet lighting is a best value for money choice for everyone.

Q. How do I choose under cabinet lighting?

You should be looking for the lighting fixture that gives you a soft light as an output. Soft light doesn’t reflect much, and lets you experience an eye-catchy illumination in the room.  

Moreover, this choice is different in case of light- coloured counters and dark-coloured counters. Light-coloured counters will reflect more light, but for dark ones, you have to buy a light that offers you a bright output.

Q. What is the best color for under cabinet lighting?

Cabinet lighting comes with different color temperatures, ranging from 2500k to 6000k. Different temperatures create a unique color. It’s up to your preference to select the color for under cabinet lighting.

Q. How can I hide the lights under my kitchen cabinets?

Following are the three methods that you can use to hide the lights under your kitchen cabinet: Straight Valance Option: It is the easiest way of hiding the lights. It comes up with different styles and heights. In this method, you cut the matching material, and join it at the end of the cabinet. 

Light Box Modification: You can modify your upper cabinet by modifying it into a light box. It will allow you some space where you can hide the mounted lights. (Search how it works!). Recessed Floor Wall Cabinets: Raise the cabinet upwards, while the cabinet door is facing downwards. When the door is closed, the space under the extra cabinet can be utilized for concealing the cabinet lightings.

Q. Where do LED strips go under cabinets?

The best place to install LED strips is behind cabinet’s lip. By doing so, you’ll get striking light effects, and a powerful task lighting effect that’ll help you a lot during cooking.



Today, we have shown you a list of the top 12 products that we think are the best under cabinet lighting for kitchen. Install any of these lights in your kitchen to give in an elegant feel and look. You can buy any of the lights that you think will match your household interior. Here are some recommendations:

  • With the best performance and demand, the TORCHSTAR bronze under cabinet lighting is unbeatable.
  • Do you want a touch less under cabinet lighting solution for your kitchen? Go for the ESHINE Cool White under cabinet lighting for kitchen.
  • Are you looking for a battery-operated item? The BLS battery-operated under cabinet lighting is the one you need.

Thanks for making it this far to the end of the article. Let us know which product you’ll buy for your kitchen.

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