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How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires- The Right Guide!

As under cabinet areas tend to be dim and dull, you may want to light it up to cast light on the countertops and make the general aesthetic of room turn perfect.

As under cabinet wiring is extensive and usually hangs down the cabinets. Wires hanging down the cabinet aren’t just unsafe they also look terrible.

  • Now, to hide under cabinet wires you need to plan it out before actually beginning the kitchen work.

Learn how to pre-wire for under cabinet lighting and all the wires will then be well-hidden post the construction work.

  • If you have already done all the building/construction work and are now facing the problem of hanging wires, there still might be a few solutions to it.

We have a few under cabinet lighting recommendations for you that are safe, easy to perform and look amazing.


We pay close attention to lighting fixtures but in the process we usually fail to take notice of the quality of wire that we’d be using.

  • Choosing the wire is first and foremost if you want to make your area look neat.

Choose the wires that are thin having thin gauge. These are not only easy to bend and turn easily but they can also be hidden more easily then the thicker gauge wires.

Thin gauge wires are easily available everywhere, look for a good hardware store for it.

Placing the Wires

Like it or not the wires are there and they’re going to stay. What to do now once you’ve chosen the lighting and the wires? How to wire under cabinet lighting?

Well, we have solution for you.

  • Place them cleverly at spaces where it cannot be seen by anyone else.
  • Place them at same angle with the cabinets.
  • They should be neatly aligned and not be placed diagonally or vertically.
  • Place them at the bottom edge of the cabinet on the front, just behind the wood of cabinet door to be perfectly hidden.

Inside the Cabinets

If you have the opportunity to start from the beginning and plan ahead, you may explore the idea of hiding the wiring into the cabinets.

  1. You can drill through the cabinet to create a hole for wiring and use a channel for it.
  2. Cover it up with a wooden plank.
  3. The wires can be guided through the channel safely and are well-hidden this way.

Hiding LED strip wires is easier this way into the cabinetry!

Cable Protectors

Wooden cable protectors are a great way to conceal wiring.

  1. Fasten all wires into single bundle and attach to cabinet’s sides.
  2. Groove a hole for the wires in the cable protector.
  3. Stick cable protector to the sides of the cabinets.
  4. Cable protectors are generally wood material so you may paint them according to the color of your cabinets or walls.

Using Wire Clips

You purchased beautiful lighting fixtures for your kitchen, under cabinets etc. You’ve probably done the hard work and you know how to hardwire under cabinet lighting. Then you see a few wires suspended.

The dangling wires are a terrible sight. If you have already secured the rest of the area and there are just one or two exposed wires and you don’t want to do any extensive drilling or use woods, wire clips might be the best things for you.

To hide wires under cabinet wire clips are the safest and cheapest option. There are two types that you can go with.

  • One comes with nail attached and you can hammer it into sides/bottom of your cabinet (depending upon where the wires are.)
  • The other type is the one that has an adhesive surface on one side and you may stick it onto your wall or cabinets and place wires along.

Wood Valances

Install a wood valance on the underside of the cabinet.

  1. You may drill the wood valance but the better option is to use wood glue.
  2. Stain or paint the valance the same color as your cabinets to make it look like the cabinets’ front has lower extension.
  3. Attach the wiring through clips or other material on the underside.

 This way the wiring will be completely hidden behind valance and it will also give your space a neat look.

Wireless under cabinet lighting

To avoid all that mess, you also have an option of going completely wire-less.

Yes, wireless lighting for under cabinets are available and you may use this option to have a mess free, neat looking under cabinet area.

The wireless under cabinet lighting is available in even remote control setting with dimmer bulbs and what not.

 But do check if it is easily available before you exclude all other options!

Wire channels

Use wire channels and place them beneath the cabinets or on sides of walls. You can glue it to other surfaces easily. 

  • Decorate it or cover it with a decorative piece to conceal the channel itself.

It can also be painted whatever color your cabinet/walls are for perfect concealing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you put LED under cabinet lighting?

While doing LED under cabinet lighting, you have to mount it towards the front side for enjoying a beautiful lighting effect in the area. You can try to mount the lights so the fixture is not visible. It will attract your attention towards the lighting effects, rather than the light fixture.

Q. How do you hide plug sockets and wires?

The visible plug sockets and wires may cause a hurdle in your luxurious household interior. To overcome this situation, the furniture manufacturers are designing cabinets with their back open. Buy these cabinets to hide the plug sockets and wires, and make your interior look more captivating.

Q. Can you rewire a house without removing drywall?

Yes, it is possible to rewire a house without removing drywall. However, you can’t do it yourself. That’s why we recommend hiring an expert electrician for doing this job. If you want to save your money, you can ask him to guide you how you can rewire your house without removing drywall.

Q. How do I hide wires from my TV console?

Hiding wires not only makes them hidden from your line of sight, but it also saves them from damage. For hiding wires from your TV console, tie the wires together and put them behind your TV or under the TV stand.


The Bottom Line

Wires dangling down the cabinets look like an unfinished business but you have a variety of options to overcome the issue.

  • Try to pre-wire to avoid it in the first place but if you weren’t involved while the place was being made, there are other pretty good areas to explore.
  • Valances are a great idea to add to the aesthetic and cater to a problem at the same time.
  • Wire clips are sure fire way of hiding the wiring but they’d work best with fewer wires hanging, not for bulk ones like 3-4 wires at a time.
  • If there are more than two wires you may go for cable protectors.
  • Concealing wires into the cabinetry is also one good way.
  • Wireless under cabinet lighting is a great option if you further want to avoid the usage of wires altogether. They may come in handy if you are out of all other options.

We hope our small guide may have helped you pick your best decision and land on how you will conceal the wires and make your kitchen look extra ordinary!

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