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How Does Track Lighting Work? Ways You Should Know!

Track Lighting is a special kind of fixture. It can be mounted in both a ceiling or a wall and it lights up single fixtures.

ü  The track lighting system can be mounted lengthwise across the beams or crossway over joists.

ü  If the ceilings are too high they may also be hung with the help of rods.

Track lightings are simple and versatile; a flexible option for any place. They were used more back in the older days but they’re again coming back to fashion.

We will let you know all about track lighting basics and give you amazing track lighting ideas along side.

Let’s get started!


Parts of Track Lighting Fixture

There are three main parts of track lighting fixtures.

1. Head:

This is the part which is mobile and flexible. The head holds the light bulb in place and can be moved. Track lighting heads can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • A single track fixture can hold many heads.
  • It is especially easy if you choose LEDs for the purpose as they are energy efficient bulbs.

LED track lighting is also easily available and has brighter luminance.

2. Track:

This is the part which you attach to the ceiling/wall. They are available in a vast variety in terms of finishing and colors.

  • It makes it easier for you to pick the best one for your home or office.
  • The track is provided wires to illuminate the track lighting systems.

 The track is the one that supports the head part of this lighting system.

3. Bulb:

The bulb is of course what lights up the system. The bulb is attached to the head.

  • It can be any type of bulb but mostly it is dependent upon the type of head you have.
  • Some heads support a few bulbs and other kinds of heads support other kinds.

 So plan ahead with what bulb and what shape of head you want for your place.

How Does Track Lighting Work?

So now the question arises as to how does the track lighting work? We are here to answer your query and relieve you of your confusion.

The fixture itself is connected to the track to extract energy instead of only the bulb connecting for energy. 

This is actually what makes it adjustable and versatile, because you are able to place lights anywhere on the whole track and you do not have specified spots or places for bulbs or lights to be attached as opposed to socket lights.

Even the lights that are already on the bulb can be moved and their spots can be changed. In addition to that the heads are moveable so if you need to cast the light in a different angle or on a different side, you can just rotate it the other way.

The track is provided electricity at one end for all the heads to be illuminated that are attached on that single track.  The track is available in L shape or u shape or many other shapes so you can have style and good lighting equipment all at once.

There are two conductors for the electrical power. These are copper strips. They are insulated and placed inside the track, one copper strip on each side. 

The tracks are usually supplied with a piece of wiring that connects to an outlet. They also have a dead end to safely put together the track at the end.

Advantages of Track Lighting

There are so many plus points of having track lighting. Let’s see what they are!

  • You are able to have independent control of the lighting on single track through two circuit system.
  • You can perform tasks under it as it can very well prove to be task lighting if mounted above desk or dinner table.
  • If you reset the setting of your living room or bedroom, you can just rotate the light head to cast light on a different place instead of moving the whole fixture.
  • Tracks can be set inside the ceiling for concealing the track.
  • You can link the tracks together for creating longer lighting fixtures.
  • You can provide different kind of lighting from a single track.

Disadvantages of Track Lighting

There are disadvantages to it too, but then again, everything has disadvantages.

  • If you place them near the door in low ceiling places, they can touch and can be damaged because of moving of the door.
  • You cannot mix and match different kinds of fixtures as many don’t work well with each other.
  • It is highly not recommended choice for low ceilinged places.
  • A few only support the pendants or mini chandeliers. Not many track lighting fixtures

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you use track lighting?

When you indirectly focus the light on an object, it is called track lighting. You can use track lighting under a cabinet or mount it on your wall. Track lighting comes in unique features like a remote control option and dimmable. Buy some of these to have more out of such track lights.

Q2. How many lights can you put on a track?

You can place the lighting 12 inches apart. When it comes to power usage, take an example of a 12V and 15Amp circuit. It can control the wattage of 1800W. But to be on the safe side, you should maintain a margin of at least 20% of the total wattage the circuit can handle. In this case, it is 1440W. It keeps you safe from overloading threat.

Q3. Can you hang pendant lights from a track?

Using pendant lights in the track gives an elegant look. Hanging pendant lights generate an eye-catchy down-lighting illumination. You can use it when you want to focus on a certain object. If you have old track lighting in your household, you can easily hand pendants in it.

Q4. How can I make my track lighting look good?

Here are a few ideas to improve your track lighting:

  • Choose the perfect light.
  • Decorate your room with photo frames, etc.
  • Direct light on the artwork.
  • Focus the lighting towards the ceiling.
  • Go for the track lights with a minimalist design.

Q5. Is track lighting still popular?

Track lighting allows you to change the lighting fixtures without changing the mounting hardware on the ceilings. It allows you to change the lighting designs according to the market trends. This reason makes track lighting a popular option.

Q6. What is the difference between track lighting and monorail lighting?

You can connect track lighting to the electric circuit of your living space. In the case of Monorail Lighting, you have to use a special transformer that generates low power. In comparison to track lighting, monorail lighting has unique designs and adds more details and beauty to its surroundings.

Q7. Will track lighting be bright enough?

Track lights are bright lights that can illuminate a large room. That’s why people use it for decorating hallways. When using track lighting in a large room, you won’t feel the need for ordinary lighting lamps. It will save you some money in terms of power expenses. Track lighting alone is enough to create a decent brightness.

Q8. How do you move lights on track lighting?

Track lighting allows you to easily replace the lights when needed. You hold the bulb and pull it. It will separate from the fixture, and the fixture will remain on track. You can now move the fixture in a single direction and remove it from the track.


Track lighting systems are a great way to light up your room especially if you want to light up the room in different specific angles. They are flexible, versatile and are easy to mount.

  • You can even have different controls for lights on one track which is one of the most resourceful features of all the fancy lights there are.

If you do not like the track showing, you may conceal them inside the ceiling and hide them away for the perfect look. They look amazing in high ceilinged spaces. They can be used as task lighting as well.

  • The tracks can be connected together, bent, used in different shapes to create that one amazing look for your home.

We hope that our guide has helped you making the right choice for your home or office. Let us know which part amaze you most, we would love to hear back from you.

Thanks for making your till here. See you next. BYE!!

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