uplighting and downlighting
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Uplighting VS Downlighting – Comparison Guide

uplighting vs downlighting
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Sun is a natural source of light, but you can only avail its lighting in the day time. When the sun sets down, it starts getting dark, and you need to turn on the light switches for turning your space glow in the dark.

What now?

For making the atmosphere of your living space more attractive, you need to choose the perfect uplighting or downlighting layout according to the feel and look of your luxury house.

Now, what exactly an uplighting and downlighting is, how they work, what they do and your all other popping questions are down there in our detailed guide for you. Have a look!

Everyone knows that lighting is the only reason behind the glowing of a house in the night full of darkness.

However, one should have a perfect taste in choosing the best lights that match their living space and give it a stunning atmosphere.

The lighting experts mostly refer to two types of lighting, the uplighting, and the downlighting.

You might have thought that how can you understand these two terms as you are not a lighting expert.

Understanding the difference between these two terms is generally crucial when you start thinking of choosing the best lighting principle for your house.

 Let’s dive in to see what differences these two lighting terms have!


  • In the uplighting principle, the lighting fixtures are generally placed on the ground while the bulb is pointing in an upward direction.
  • It is the most popular lighting principle, and the strategic positioning of the light fixtures on the floor creates a tremendous lighting effect in an upward position that gives it the name of “Up-Lighting.”


  • This lighting method is also very famous for outdoor lighting like gardens, etc. It is the exact opposite process of uplighting.
  • In downlighting, you place the lights of lamps above the object or area that you want to light up.
  • You require the light fixtures to hang at a certain height above the target while angling the direction of the bulb downwards instead of upwards.
  • The hanging lights that we often see in gardens are a fine example of “Down-Lighting.”

When to use Uplighting?

Now you understand the difference between the Uplighting and the Downlighting. Let’s scroll down and discuss that when you are going to need uplighting and when the downlighting will be a perfect choice for adding details to your landscape.

Uplighting- Perfect for crowded occasions:

Uplighting can turn out to be the perfect choice for lighting up a big crowded hall or even a small room. The proper use of uplighting will help you expose the details and texture of tall objects like the leaves of tall trees in your garden. The uplighting effect draws everyone’s attention upwards, creating a deep sense of depth in a dark living space.

Suppose you want to host a party either at school or at a big hall, then going with the uplighting principle will create a fascinating atmosphere for those who came to attend the party. The uplighting effect will draw everyone’s eyes towards the top of the hall and the walls and will create the best lighting environment in a fully crowded space.

 The light creating effect depends on the positioning of the lights. In short, we can say that uplighting is perfect for adding depth to walls, fences, and roofs. Uplighting is also the best choice for:

  • Wedding programs
  • Singing concerts and dancing concerts
  • School and anniversary parties
  • Crowded places where Downlighting doesn’t fulfil the lighting requirements

How to use Uplighting?

Once you understand the working of uplighting, the next step you need to take is to set up the lighting in your living space.

Having a little bit of landscape lighting sense will be enough for you to light up your area using uplighting.

 However, if you find that you won’t be able to get the best out of the lights you are using, then pick up your phone, make a call to the experts who offer light services, and hire them. Then wait for a few minutes, letting the professionals do their job. After it’s all done, pay them some dollars and enjoy the perfect lighting environment out of the uplighting they have set up in your landscape.

When to use Downlighting?

Some in-depth details remain hidden while using the Uplighting principle. Hence, for adding more depth to the luxurious exterior of your household, the Downlighting technique is the perfect choice you should be going.

Downloading creates a warm feel for those who enter your house, of course for yourself too!

If you are the owner of an expensive household that covers a large portion of the ground, then the best idea to lighten up its exterior is illuminating it from above.

Downlighting is the safest way of lighting as the lights are separated apart at a decent height above the ground level, so they remain free from damage. Downlighting can make your evening time romantic when you sit along with your family under a beautiful light hanging over your seats.

Safe to be used, downlighting also acts as a safer source of lighting at night as it lights up your outdoor areas. It includes:

  • Outdoor seats and benches
  • Stairs
  • Pathways around your home, etc.

Downlighting is the perfect alternative to the sunlight.

For those who are afraid of the fact that people would walk through their lights, breaking them into pieces, the downlighting is a perfect solution to their fear.

You need to find the best place above the ground where you can hang the lights for illuminating the whole area under it, for example, the seating areas or pathways, etc.

How to use Downlighting?

Downlighting is a more practical choice when it comes to lighting the exterior of your house.

When it comes to How to use or install downlights? The experts can only give you the correct answer.

 Unlike Uplighting, the Downlighting principle is never easy to install and to angle down correctly. Therefore, don’t be an expert yourself and hire a professional who offers lighting services.

Don’t be greedy and hire an experienced person who wants a handsome amount. At least, you’ll get a surety that your hanging light will not drop down from the top and hit someone’s head!

Using Uplights and Downlighting Together

Are you surprised about the lighting effects that both of these lightings create? You can have both of the lighting effects to illuminate your landscape to give it an attractive lighting environment.

When you combine both the techniques together, you’ll get a variety of different angles of light. It would help you to create a more natural lighting atmosphere in your living space. Hence, if you have the budget to afford both of the lights, go for it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are Uplighting and Downlighting?

Ans: The lights installed or fixed on the ground to mount their light upwards refer to as Uplighting. In the Downlighting technique, the lights at a higher point so that they shine their light downwards, creating a beautiful and in-depth downlight effect.

Q2. How much does uplighting cost?

Ans: Every expert has its own budget, depending upon the area of the living space. However, according to industry experts, the approximate cost for lighting a hall is $700 to $2500. Also, keep in mind that there are extra charges for delivery and labor as well.

Q3: What wattage is best for LED downlights?

Ans: LED downlighting is an energy-efficient lighting method. LED downlights generally have a wattage of around 5 watts to 14 watts. It is comparatively low when we compare it with a standard halogen downlight that has a wattage of 55 watts.

Q4. How far apart should downlights be hung?

Ans: For an impressive downlighting effect, follow the general principle of finding the height of the roof first, and after that, setting the downlights to half of the measurement obtained. For Example: Let’s say your rooftop is 10 feet high from the ground, then the distance between each downlight should be 4 feet.


For making your family or friends gathering more captivating, the uplighting/downlighting techniques will play an important role. If you are thinking of attaining complete peace of mind with your loved ones, then your choice of using the uplighting vs downlighting principle will transform your gathering place into a paradise.

 Although both the lightings are unique in terms of their purposes, yet they work superbly out-class when you use them according.

Choosing the best lighting principle along with the best lights are the two main things that you need to focus on as these will lead you to convert your living space into a place of pure enjoyment and relaxation.

Thanks for making this far off the post. We hope that you must have selected the lighting technique whether you like uplighting/downlighting or if you want to go with both of the options.

Do let us know your opinions in the comments section below. That’s all we got for you. We wish you all the best in lighting up your dark life with these lighting techniques!

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