type of pendant lights
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Type of Pendant Lights – Your Next Choice That Fits In Perfectly

type of pendant lights
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If you wish to give your home a modern and classy look or want to change the basic theme while not spending a fortune, or even you’re assigning an area to perform a specific task (reading, craft, cooking) then pendant lights is the perfect option for all scenarios.

Giving your house a different look is no more difficult with these perfect hanging fixtures. The good part is that pendant lights are available in many shapes and designs and can be placed anywhere in the house.

The right type of pendant light not only serves the decorative purpose, and brings beauty to your room, but they also function as task lights.

Pendant lights are available in very affordable ranges. Moreover, the versatility that comes in pendant light fixtures is hardly seen in any other kind of lighting equipment.

They can be mounted on walls and hung on ceilings, they may be hung too low and they can be hung too high, there are a lot of choices that come along!

The adjustable quality of pendant lights makes them the easiest option when you are looking for good lighting equipment.

To help you discover and understand the types of pendant lights that might fit perfectly into your home’s interior; we bring to you this guide that’ll help you right away!

So, without any prior notice, let’s get straight into it!


The mini light bulbs are great for space-saving. If you ought to put something in a narrow space, mini pendant lights are available for this purpose.

• Material:

They are available in both, metal and glass material. They are sleek and thin pendant lights and are a go-to-fixture if you need more amount of light in a smaller space.

• Types:

Mini pendant lights are available in both: retro and modern look.

• Area of occurrence:

Mini lights are preferred to be installed in the kitchen (dining area or countertops). But, they can also be the perfect fit for the family rooms.

Mini Pendant Lights for the kitchen are great when you have a smaller kitchen that doesn’t have a lot of natural light sources. You can also place them over the sides of your bed for nighttime reading purposes.

You can read how to choose pendant lights for Kitchen Island in our mini-guide below.

2. Large and Medium Pendant Lights

Large/medium-sized pendant lights are a great option if you are tired of having that same old chandelier in a different design. You don’t have to always end up with a boring chandelier; instead, you may opt for a bold, contemporary, and chic look with a medium or large pendant light.

• Purpose:

Large pendant light serves the purpose of the huge amount of light coming from just a single source.

• Area of occurrence:

You can place large pendant light in any place that is big enough and you don’t want to place many lighting fixtures at that particular site.

The best places for you to fit medium or large lighting equipment are foyers, hallways, living rooms. The living room is usually the largest space in the house which not only needs a beautiful light fixture but also the one that serves the purpose- gives good light.

Modern pendant lights give your living room the perfect look.

3. Drum Shade Pendant Lights

These are very popular pendant lights. The drum-shaped or cylindrical pendant lights are a newer-modern variation of pendant lighting. These may be available in huge variety and types.

• Working:

Choosing a drum shade pendant light for your home is a great way to enhance the interior and beauty. They fit very well in most interiors so they are a good option no matter what kind of theme or interior design you own.

• Types:

The good thing is that drum shade pendant lights are available in many types:

  • plain
  • designed
  • themed
  • textured
  • patterned

You may choose from neutral ones, or from the other side which includes extremely bold and bright colors.

• Area of occurrence:

The drum shade pendant lights are perfect for the kids’ room, living room, or the hallway.

• Lighting control:

With the aid of drum shades pendant lights, you have got the option of dimmable bulbs that makes you control the lighting system, colors, and shades.

You can easily adjust the light by brightening up the room (for example, you’ve invited over guests), and can also lower it when you require the least amount of light (while you watch a movie).

4. Multi Light Pendant Lights:

Multi-Light Pendant designs are great where you want to have some extra lighting along with showing off great designs of fixtures.

• Arrangement:

Multi-light pendants include more than three bulbs in a single fixture. Now, these can be arranged in squares, triangles, or along a line.

• Design and color:

They are available in silver, chrome, gold, or black fixture body with numerous designs over them. They can be in glass, metal, or even acrylic.

• Area of occurrence:

This can be the best pendant lighting for Kitchen Island since it illuminates that island area perfectly. It works well over dining rooms and hallways as well.

5. LED Pendant Light

LED pendant lights are available in a whole wide range. These are extremely practical lighting fixtures. They are efficient, versatile, and modern.

• Sizes:

The LED pendant lights are available in many sizes; large and life-sized for bigger spaces and sleek and slender for narrow spaces where less light is needed.

• Environment friendly:

The biggest plus is that they are energy-efficient and environmentally safe. So when you choose LED pendant lighting you’re free of guilt that you are purchasing something that may harm the environment.

• Area of occurrence:

LED pendant lights are good to use almost everywhere, hanging over, bedside, or over Kitchen Island, in the foyer, or even in the dining room.

The versatile and stylish LED pendant lights have multiple usages, which you can take advantage of!

How to Choose Pendant Lights?

Now with such a huge variety of lights, the question arises how to choose pendant lights? We may narrow it down with a few important pointers to look for when you decide to purchase a pendant light.

Keep in mind a few things like:

• Measure the area:

Measure the area where you want to install a pendant light. For instance, you want to place a pendant light over the dining table- it should be of appropriate size and should be placed in the middle.

So, measuring the space before you make a purchase is an absolute necessity.

• Amount of light needed:

Always know how much light you need in the area where you want to place the pendant light fixture. An adequate amount of light is necessary, but too much or too little is always a big no.

Let’s suppose you need a well-lit staircase but you end up buying the light that doesn’t illuminate the area fully, the looks are useless then.

Hence, choose the lighting fixture according to how much illumination you need.

• Theme:

Remember not all things go together. You cannot place a contemporary looking lighting fixture in a vintage themed space. While choosing the pendant light for your home, remember your basic theme, ambiance, and color scheme to find the perfect lighting equipment.

How to use the pendant lights depends upon what needs you have!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are pendant lights going out of style?

The answer is NO! It’s better to say; instead of a decline, they are becoming much popular in style. The reason can be their style, use, and beauty. So, yeah! Pendant lights are still in fashion and are going in popularity.

Q. What is trending in lighting?

Retro lighting trends and nostalgic designs are trending in lighting. Modern LED lighting is another popular trend.

Q. What is the latest trend in kitchen lighting?

Recessed lights- are the latest trend in kitchen lighting, whereas the past trend was of the surface fluorescents. Reasons behind the recessive lights in trend are low voltage, industrial styles, metal finish, and even illumination.

Q. What is trending in dining room lights?

Trending in dining room lights for 2020 is a perfect combo of contemporary, clean, unique, and geometric lighting fixtures. In one word- the classy look!

Bottom Line

We hope that through this guide you are better able to pick the best pendant lighting fixtures for your house.

Pick out the one that is the right size, has the perfect amount of light, and fits well into your room. The shape and sizes of lighting equipment matter a lot, so choose wisely.

A large pendant light won’t fit well in a very tiny space or a sleek light won’t look nice in a wide area. Keeping these in mind, you can purchase the best lights for your house and make your visitors envy beauty! Good Luck!

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