pendant light for living room
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6 Best Pendant Light for Living Room – Buying Guide

pendant light for living room
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Living room– your outright hub- Right! But, what if it’s gloomy and dull? Of course no fun mantras in your living auras!

So, what now?

Worry not, and consider adding the best pendant light to your living room that’ll add lighting glisters to your second most favorite home-corner- “the living room”.

To help you cover your utmost confusions and the most pooping queries regarding how to go for the best pendant light for a living room, we have set a detailed guide for you.

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Through our guide you’ll be able to learn and explore more about the ideas and best fixtures that’ll not only add a class to your living room’s interior, but will maximize the room’s lighting capacity and overall aesthetics.

Now, without wasting a light second let’s lit the world to its fullest in the world of lighting lights!

An ideal living room is illuminated from all the four corners, have color compatibility, and an added overall aesthetics.

This all, you can achieve by using mix of accent and task lightings, like: 

  • Chandeliers
  • Wall sconces
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Recessed lighting
  • Candlelight

All can be added, as per purpose and right place.

Down below, the catalogue of top six pendant lights for living rooms, are on their way to help you out in making the right choice- Choose wisely!


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Popilion’s up-down mini crystal pendant is a beautiful lampshade fixture of iron and octagon crystals with classy brushed chrome. You’re going to fall for its romantic shadows displayed in dark that carry super powers to mesmerize you out!

Perfect for your living room, this best mini pendant light owes everything that a best pendant should have!


  • Its hanging is a good quality cuprum fused with plastic that ends at a contracted pedestal which allows easy installation.
  • It owes plastic lamp base with no light bulbs. So, you’ve to grab one to enjoy the crystal rays of this mini pendant.
  • It’s perfect for living room, Dining room, bedroom, Loft, Foyer, Balcony, Corridor, and Study Room; hence, wherever you wanna lit it, will work the best.
  • It weighs 0.75 kg, leaving no fear of a free-fall.
  • It’s the best decorative pendant that at the same time lit the living room like no other.


Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.8 x 6.6 inches

Color: Chrome

Style: Modern

Shape: Globe

Material: Crystal

  • Easy to clean and install
  • Super classy and elegant
  • Made of high quality material
  • Light weight
  • • Not recommended for higher ceilings

If you’re a small-lighting fixture geek, then this one is for you. Built with high quality materials this pendant light not only adds romantic-vibes to your colored life, but make your life a way far to super lighting.

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Royal Pearl is a well-known professional in the field of home lighting fixtures manufacturing. Royal Pearl has always shown its consistency in manufacturing new products on monthly basis. Here we have the LED Pendant Light for Living Room, manufactured under the brand name of Royal Pearl.

Let’s have a look at the features of this pendant light to see that what kind of quality the customers can get out of it, as the manufacturers promise to serve their customers with the superior quality material.


  • This hanging pendant light is adjustable which makes it easy for you to adjust its height accordingly.
  • Modern design is another feature that makes it unique. The company is consistent in making new designs every month, that’s why this pendant is unique and the most beautiful in terms of design when we compare it with other pendants available in the market.
  • When it comes to its output performance, it serves you with an ideal bright output up to 1680ml with CCT 6000K. Hence, you can use it to lighten up a large area and is perfect for using in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, etc.
  • With such luminous effect, you might be thinking that its life span will not be more than 20000 working hours. Well, you’ll be impressed to know that despite of such a quality performance, it has the potential to for more than 5000 hours! All thanks to its high quality aluminum with acrylic finish.
  • You are provided with a 1 years warranty along with a 30 days return policy, which makes you attain more satisfaction while purchasing it.


Dimensions: 18.5 x 18.25 x 5 inches

Color: Black

Style: Modern


Material: Aluminum, Acrylic

  • Bright and modern pendant
  • Great value and aesthetics
  • Energy saver
  • Easy to clean and install
  • May not work for an ultra-fancy environment

If you love modern designs and are looking forward to give your living room a modern look, then you can choose the Royal Pearl LED Pendant Light to fulfill your lighting needs.

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If you’re in search for a classic pendant light, then JONATHAN Y Anna LED pendant light will work for you. It offers a classic hanging pendant light with 3 LED Bulbs. This bulb is perfect if you are not fond of changing the pendant lights of your room every year.

Here are some highlighting features of this pendant light:


  • Its metal built classic lantern design makes it eye-catchy and geometric. The dark finishing in the end makes this pendant light perfect for using in a living room, kitchen or foyer.
  • Being versatile, it comes up with a variety of different color to match the needs of every kind of room. Also, it is easy to install and won’t require you to put any extra effort in fixing it with your ceilings.
  • Every fixture comes with LED bulbs, so you don’t need to by them separately. These dimmable LED lights won’t consume much energy and each of the bulbs light meets the 120 volt UL safety standards.
  • Having adjustable design, you can easily mount them over a flat surface or a sloped ceiling.
  • Built with the highest quality material, JONATHAN Y serves its customers with an ultimate satisfaction. However, if you’re still not satisfied with the quality or working of the product, you can return it within a month and get a full refund of your money.


Dimensions:12 x 12 x 107 inches

Color: Oil Rubbed Bronze



Material: Metal

  • Classic metal lantern design
  • Good lighting system
  • Magnificent look
  • No easy installation, sometimes

Don’t you like to change your living room lighting often? The JONATHAN Y – 3 Bulb Glass LED Pendant light could be your lighting partner for your entire life. Check out its specifications and buy a couple of these to add a classic taste to your living room.

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The JOHNATHAN Y – Dome LED Pendant Light is designed to meet the traditional designs and texture of your home. It is made from paper wicker woven on a metal frame. This modern pendant serves their customers with it best, providing them with adjustable traditionally designed pendant.


  • It has an adjustable height ranging from 16 inches to 88 inches. This makes you free from being conscious of measuring the height of your ceiling before buying a suitable pendant light.
  • Quality is what JOHNATHAN manufacturer never compromise upon. You can use these ceiling light fixtures in the center of your living room, bedroom or hallway, etc.
  • Every fixture comes with LED bulbs, so you don’t need to by them separately. These dimmable LED lights won’t consume much energy and each of the bulb light meets the 120 volt UL safety standards.
  • Built with the highest quality material, JONATHAN Y serves its customers with an ultimate satisfaction. However, if you’re still not satisfied with the quality or working of the product, you can return it within a month and get a full refund of your money.
  • As it can be hardwired, let the professionals fix these in your living room.


Dimension: 20 x 20 x 16 inches

Color: Cream

Style: Contemporary

Shape: Dome

Material: Wood, Metal

  • Minimalist Design
  • Adjustable and dimmable
  • LED bulb included
  • Metal body
  • Color doesn’t match to that of picture

If you’re in search of a dimmable energy efficient lights that’ll meet the traditional standards of your house, go for the JONATHAN Y – Dome LED Pendant for Living Room to add a beautiful lighting taste to your surroundings.

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Kenroy offers a causal-coastal touch in its living room pendant of 3 lights. With its versatile compatibility with various modern looks it’s just perfect to add cozy vibes to your atmosphere.

Now, let’s see what more it offers to boost your living aesthetics up!


  • This casual pendant light features a natural tied rope that looks highly versatile. This all makes it perfect for transitional and natural décor styles.
  • It comes with a 6 feet chain, and requires 3-60-Watt Max Candelabra Bulbs for its operation.
  • It owes a high romantic profile, proving it as a great fit for a living room. Furthermore, it’ll add colors and romantic vibes to your home-dates and candlelight dinners.
  • Its customizable chain will let you hang it at any desired height, in any space.


Dimension: 20 x 20 x 14.5 inches

Color: Tan

Style: Coastal

Shape: Globe

Material: Steel

  • Casual look perfect suits modern looks
  • Easy installation
  • Offers Candelabra Bulbs
  • High profile lighting
  • Isn’t a classic fit

If you’re a modern light geek, then Kenroy’s casual 3-light pendant for living room, suits your taste. You can not only enjoy its cool tropical vibes in your living room, but can also mount it over your dining tables for a perfect dine-in experience.

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ROYAL PEARL’s modern LED living room pendant light is a creative lighting that lits up your life by creating a cozy and romantic hoe atmosphere.

This individual and unique Luminaire feels close your heart because it covers all the lighting needs and overall aesthetics, all at once.

Not, let’s have a glance to its detailed close-up look!


  • It owes an interlaced, and an irregular ring that features as if two. Colored in silver, this modern circular-ring pendant makes the light more stylish and elegant; featuring an ideal look for your living room.
  • With its adjustable strings, you can easily adjust the ring’s height from 1-47 inches. With its cable locking pins, you can hang it at whichever space in your living room, you want – but, the one that suits the best.
  • It’s a high quality pendant made of silicon and aluminum. It’s environment friendly, and owes a smooth surface that’s achieved by powder coating and polishing; thereby, offers increased durability, with not easy to fade colors and better heat dissipation mechanism.
  • It’s up with a high lumen output of 2300Im that won’t hurt your eyes, instead is soothing to look at. Along with a high-quality LED chip with applied color rending, it offers a high-quality silicone to avoid facula. All in all, it seems beautiful luxurious pendant, when turned on.


Dimension: 23.6 x 23.6 x 4 inches

Color: Silver

Style: Modern

Shape: Circular rings

Material: Aluminum, and metal

  • High quality material
  • Cable locking pins
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy installation
  • Low durability

Add, Royal Pearl’s modern LED pendant light to your living room to achieve all lighting demands you want!

Best Pendant Light for Living Room- Buying Guide

Having the best lighting for the living room is useless if you don’t have any idea of how to layer those to make your living room look more beautiful. Buying some pendant lights is perhaps the best lighting idea for a living room, but this can make your room worse if you don’t follow a balanced way while decorating your room.

To make sure that you get the best value from your favorite pendant lights, we have a short but complete guideline for you which you should follow to get your dreams of a romantic room come true!

1. Choosing the right bulb:

Choosing the right bulb according to your needs is an important step. There are mainly two characteristics to be considered while choosing the right bulb:

  • Color
  • Brightness

We’ll leave it to you as everyone has his/her own color choice.

For the brightness point of view, again you need to think of the purpose of using pendant light that do you want to cover all space of your living room? Are you looking for the light pendant to illuminate whole of the room or are you a lover of vintage lighting?

 You can get the answers to these questions from your mind and once you have found the answers, go to the market to bring innovation to your living room atmosphere.

2. Cost of Pendants:

While, considering the best lighting options for living room, cost of pendant lights is another important factor.

  • You need to figure out your budget and then you should go for the pendant that is affordable.

But suppose you are tight on budget, and you found a perfect pendant light according to the texture of your living room. There are two options for you to choose from:

  • One is that you can select another pendant light that is affordable,
  • The other choice is that you can borrow some loan from your friends or neighbors.

After you have some dollars in your wallet, then don’t waste your time and buy that lovely pendant light for your living room. And don’t forget that you have to give back the money to your friends or neighbors!

3. Height of Pendants:

 Height is another factor that can’t be compromised when it comes to buying the best pendant light for living room.

Measure the height of the ceiling before buying a fixture pendant light. Every room has a different height.

You can measure the height from the roof to the floor and then you need to decide at what space the pendant will give its 100% light performance.

  • However, we recommend mounting a pendant light at 72 inches height from the floor.

Try following this recommendation while installing your favorite pendant light in your living room. 

4. Energy Efficiency:

When you go for buying a pendant light for your living room, go for the options that offer you with energy saving feature.

You might have seen bright lights glowing and looking gorgeous, that is because they consume a lot of energy and hence as a result will increase your overall monthly cost.

  • We recommend choosing an accredited pendant light fixtures as they will serve you best in terms of the energy saving process.

Check out the user review on each product to find that whether that product actually is energy efficient or not.

5. The number of Pendant Lights:

 Finally, the last step that you must follow to get your expected results out of the pendant lights- the number of pendant lights.

 The number of pendants needed, directly depends on the area of your living room.

Try our recommendations and follow this buying guide for enjoying a beautiful lighting atmosphere in your living room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. What is the best lighting for a living room?

Lumens-the intensity of light– is a factor that helps you in purchasing the best lighting for a living room. For which area and purpose you require living room lighting also helps you in buying the best lighting.

Q. Where should pendant lights be placed in the living room?

Pendant lights should be placed, as per the general rule, at minima of 7 feet from the floor. It could be 8 feet for people with more heights. Also, it depends on the place where you’re installing the pendant light.

For example, if it’s the dinning, coffee or study table, on which you’re placing the pendant light, then you can lower the height below 7 feet also.

Q. Do I need lamps in living room?

Although, modern living rooms doesn’t require much lighting, as for them natural light serves the most purpose. But, essentially, 3 layers of lightings are considered important. Among them are:

  1. Lighting for ceilings
  2. Lightning for walls– among them, lamps are the utmost factor
  3. Lighting for floor and tables– Also, in this lighting layer, lamps are needed. Hence, you need lamps in living room, on average basis.

Q. How big should my pendant lights be in the living room?

As per general rule, 30- 36 inches is the safe space, one should want that must be there in-between the pendant/lighting fixture and the living room’s floor surface. We recommend, if you got a living room with low ceiling then a small pendant light will work the best; you can have them in pairs or in odd numbers also.

But if, you owe a living room with higher ceiling, then pendant light with long chain will serve the purpose. Also, they can be broader in width too.

The Final Verdict

Using the modern pendant light fixtures is the best choice to make your living room engaging. If you have sound knowledge of how to layer the pendant lights, then it will be quite easier for you to customize the pendant lights and get your desired look.

In this guide of the best pendant light for living room, we have shared, reviewed, and enlisted the top 7 best pendant lights for the living room that are available in the market. You can go with any of the option from the list above.

However, we recommend you to go for the Popilion Mini Crystal Pendant. In our opinion, it is the best mini pendant light among all, but this will not be much effective for the rooms with high ceilings.

Furthermore, if you love to change the pendant lights of your living room as per your mood, then you can go with no other option than the Royal Pearl LED Pendant Light. This is the only pendant light that keeps on improving its designs after every month.

That’s all we got for you today. Upon reading the article, you’ll be able to get a clear concept about the trending pendant lights available in the market.

Evaluate the features, specifications, and pros and cons of every pendant, one by one, and then go for the one that you think is the best according to your lighting sense.

Also, don’t forget to follow the buying guide as this would help you make your decision more precise! – HAPPY SHOPPING!

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