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Recent Trends In Kitchen Lighting

kitchen lighting
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 KITCHEN- Your home’s heart- The place where most conversations happen, get-togethers occur, and a lot of time is spent either cooking in the meal together or cleansing the grime and left-out after a party. This definitely makes it a place that needs to be appropriately lit with something unique, sleek, and beautiful kitchen lighting styles.

What? Are you getting worried by now if your kitchen has perfect lighting? That’s why looking for your first pop-up query:

Don’t you worry! Because we’ve got you covered with the trendiest and gorgeous lights for your kitchen right in this guide- Let’s dive into the classy trends of kitchen lighting!

The kitchen lighting trends- 2020 vary and have a huge category to choose from.

You can save the maximum amount of money by owning LED with all sorts of fixtures and designs. Most of the lighting fixtures that are in trend these days support LED bulbs underneath.

These days, the trends are unique, and anything will go with anything, which means you have a freeway of whatever and however you want to do things.

Now let’s get over the voguish-modish kitchen lighting ideas you can adopt to add light to the heart of your home- Style the way you want!

1. Creative Designs

Add a little creativity in your lighting by adding shades having volume and different texture. Such lights add uniqueness to the design and give a modern look even to a simple kitchen.

2. Fixture Varieties

You can create your own unique trend by adding different brands and different kinds of light fixtures in your kitchen’s various spots. This will create a contrasting and exclusive look.

3. Classic Fixtures

Any kitchen having creative and fancy design becomes its own focusing point. An innovative yet classic design for light is both not only useful but decorative. A classic piece lets you stumble upon different creativity levels and create a graceful look for your kitchen.

4. Minimalistic Designs

The classic and elegant designs focusing on just a single piece of light fixtures are ideal if you own a small kitchen. The one-piece fixture would look best if it is either white or of the same colour as your kitchen walls.

5. Low Hanging Lights

Hang your lights lower than what you would generally like to. Pendant light shades for the kitchen can be used to hang lower than usual. It will give an even mod look if you hang low lights on your kitchen table. That way, the main focal point of light would be the food you place on the table, adding beauty to the delicacy.

6. Architectural Design

This sort of lighting is perfect for your kitchen if you own one with high cabinets and lower countertops. Add lights beneath your cabinets and create a structural look with shadows. Create uniqueness in the kitchen by placing of lights and lamps that suit!

7. Contrasting Fixtures

Add more drama to your kitchen by getting a contrasting colour shade to it. It may work best if you have a typical white kitchen. Add black lighting fixtures, and it’s a perfect way to go! The kitchen lighting designs that are in contrast, give a mod vibe to your space.

8. Lit Backsplash

The most in trend these days is the lighted walls of counters. The lit background is all you need to add more light to the dull look of any kitchen. Add blocks and surfaces that are lit, and you’ll have a bright, happy place to cook in!

9. Vintage Style

The retro and rustic look is back in trend. These days, Vintage is back in style, and it is the new mod look. Use handcrafted and rustic fixtures in your contemporary kitchen to add an eccentric look.

10. Big Fixtures

The vast, chunky designs add to the modern look of the kitchen. Instead of many small lighting pieces, use one big design and add a creative and impressive style to your place.


Is your kitchen lighting enough?

Do you often wonder if your kitchen is too lit or too dull? Or how much light do you need in your kitchen?

Then think no more!

Because we bring the best option,  you can opt to increase and adjust the right brightness level for your kitchen to you. Stay tuned, read next, and rock with the light talk!

1. The Distance

One thing always to be kept in mind while doing the lighting of any space is the distance between the ceiling and floor. High ceilings slightly require more lights than lower ones. You might also want to add fixtures and shades in a different way that is right and adjustable and in accordance with your ceiling height.

2. The Right-Light Placing

The lighting should be in a proper spot to enable a good cooking experience. The countertops, stove, and kitchen table should have an adequate amount of light to make sure everything isn’t just beautiful but also convenient.

3. The Dimmer-Control

Using dimmers instead of switches helps you control when and how much light you need. You might need less light on countertops and more on the stove if the requirements of working on a counter have finished, but you’re still stirring the spoon in the pan. Being able to control the amount of light helps you in cooking and cleaning up.

4. The Shades

If you have a spacious kitchen, you are more at ease playing around with lights and decorations. You can either go for a huge, single lighting fixture, or you can choose multiple and smaller shades that are evenly placed throughout your kitchen.

5. The Right Decor

You can create an eccentric look with the decors you use. If you place them correctly for enough light, you have enough room to play a little design-wise. Use colour contrasts and pop out the look of your kitchen with creative ideas.

How to light a dark kitchen?

Are you facing dark all around? Does that dark reaction come in your way to your kitchen-creativity? If yes! You might be thinking of a solution to overcome the dark-hurdle!

That’s what we’re here for!

The answer to your query: what is the best lighting for a dark kitchen?  Is incorporated in few best points down there- Peer at and get what you want!

  • If your overhead lighting is minimal, you can opt to add a clamp lamp to areas of your choice, such as countertops and tables. This way, your low lit kitchen can have a bright and gorgeous look.
  • If you have lesser electric points for adding lights in the kitchen, the trick is to add high power bulbs so that even with fewer bulbs, there is enough light in the kitchen.
  • The light under the cabinets adds uniqueness to the kitchen and makes it well-lit for working on the counters. Good light on the counter ensures a safe cooking experience.
  • Adding any metallic equipment in your kitchen will definitely reflect the lights. It will make a dark kitchen a little brighter. A refrigerator or a dishwasher having a metallic surface will do just right!
  • Paint your cabinets in lighter colour shades to steer away from having a dull kitchen. If you have a low lit kitchen, dark shades of cabinets will add to it. Go for light shades that will pop up even under little light.
  • Adding mirrors is the best way not only to make any space look well-lit but also, to make it look spacious.
  • Modern kitchen island lighting is another way to spice up your lighting game.

Bottom Line

Our guide to the recent trends in kitchen lighting ends here! We have covered everything in this guide with superb tricks that’ll brightly lit your kitchen, making it earn a classy look!

We recommend you to add in your own touch by incorporating these ideas along with your creativity. Using your own spaces and your own imaginations, create a personal touch that makes a complete pleasing kitchen.

To enjoy modern kitchen designs, you require bold fixtures and class and a personal touch that’s going to add in the real glam you’re looking for!

Good luck with renewing your lighting experiences- Have us with you- Cause we care!

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