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How To Buy Pendant Lighting -101 Guide

how to buy Pendant Lighting
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We can see that for the past couple of years, Pendant Lights have become so popular that you can’t imagine decorating your living space without installing the pendant lights.

While searching for the pendant lights, you get almost unlimited options to choose from them. Once you bought the pendant light, the next step is to install them.         

Check this out:

You went to your friend’s house, and you saw some colorful lighting effects in the guest room. Those beautiful lighting patterns attracted you and forced you to inquire about them.

“These are called the pendant lights,” your friend replied.

You wished to have those in your bedroom as well. You enjoyed the dinner with your friend and came back home. You spent the next day searching different kinds of pendant lights available in the market, and the unlimited options made you confused in selecting the right one.

After selecting a perfect pendant light, now the main issue is:


Worry no more, as we are here with a clear pendant lighting 101 guide to help you make your first pendant lighting experience the perfect one.

 Every pendant light offers a unique and stylish outlook, but as a beginner, the pendant lighting 101 will help to install the lights in a proper way to get the maximum output.


Here is a simple way to make you understand the procedure of pendant lighting by yourself. You require a wire, chain, or rope for suspending the pendant lights from the ceiling. These pendant lights can work in place of the regular lights in the room while generating an attractive illuminating effect. Pendant lights come in a variety of different colors, sizes, shades, designs, and materials (glass, metal, wood). You can hang the pendants anywhere in the house to make the interior look fascinating and captivating.

How to buy Pendant lighting?

As a beginner, you might think that every pendant light works the same way and creates an eye-catching effect. It is correct to some extent, but everyone has his/her personal color preference. That’s why we are here to help you out in selecting a perfect light fixture that matches the interior of your landscape.

Here are a few things that will help you out in selecting a perfect pendant light for yourself:

1. The Size of Pendants

Pendant lights are available in different sizes to match the needs of every room, whether it’s small or large.

  • “The size of the pendant fixture depends on the size of the room.”

Pendant size for high ceilings:

Large-sized pendant lights are designed for large-sized rooms as they generate a relatively bright output, comparing with the smaller light pendants.

Selecting the right size pendant lighting fixture:

To determine the right size pendant light fixture for your room, measure the length and width of the room in “feet” and then take their sum.

Covert that sum into “inches,” and that will give you an ideal diameter for your pendant light fixture.

2. Color and Design

Pendant lights are of different colors and have a unique design. It all depends on your choice. You can select the color and design that seems appealing to you.

Here are some in-demand colors and design that you may love:

  • Opaque shades with metal design
  • Vintage color with glass design
  • Transparent shades
  • Bright light with plastic or wood design

Select any of the colors that you want in your interior, and don’t forget to read the features and specifications of the pendant light that seem appealing to you.

The different designs of pendants are available in the market that meets the interior style and texture of your living space. There are four popular household designs:

  • Traditional Design
  • Modern Design
  • Transitional Design
  • Contemporary Design

Find the pendant lights that are designed specifically according to the design style of your house, and enjoy a romantic time with your family.


How and Where Should Pendant Lights Be Placed?

You can hang pendant lights anywhere in the house. The most common places for hanging pendant lights include bedroom, Kitchen Island, living room, bathroom, and foyer.

  • For placing the pendants correctly, follow a general rule of placing the pendant lights by maintaining a height of 26 to 36 inches above the target place.

Suspending multiple pendant lights together can create a more beautiful illuminating effect as compared with the color effect that is created by a single pendant.

So, when you are clustering pendant lights, make sure to keep them at least 25 inches apart.

How to Hang Pendant Lights?

There are numerous ways for hanging pendant light in your landscape. Some of them are listed below. You can select the one that you think is easy for you and that you feel will match your living style.

  • Simple hanging with rope, wire, or chain
  • Hanging with a pulley
  • Hang on a limb
  • In the form of Chandelier
  • Use string with some beads
  • Fix with the shelves

You can Google more ways and do let us know what method you are going to choose for installing pendant light fixtures in your living space.


Hey there! You don’t seem worried anymore. We think that we helped you a lot in guiding you about how to do pendant lighting in your house by yourself.

We always take care of our customers, and as a newbie, this guide will make your first experience a remarkable one. Just follow the guidelines and convert your house into heaven by using these beautiful Pendant Lights.

We hope that we made it all clear. If you still are left with some questions in your mind, do comment down below, and we’ll try our level best to serve you with our expert guidance.

Also, let us know that which pendant light you bought for yourself and which installation method you used in hanging the pendant lights in your luxurious living space.

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