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Best Lantern Pendant Light for Kitchen Island- Buying Guide

Lantern Pendant Light
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Worried what sort of light to look for? Here is our guide for kitchen pendant lighting to help you choose a lantern pendant light that is affordable yet classy and compliments your kitchen theme.

Kitchen island pendant ideas are easily available on internet to add brightness and functionality to a well-designed kitchen. But why should you take ideas for a task as simple as lighting your kitchen?

Let us answer your wondering mind!

It’s because strategizing the placement of lighting equipment in kitchen can change it to whole 360 degrees. Your kitchen can transform from dull, boring place to a more functional, delightful and energetic place if the lights are placed correctly.

Good lighting in kitchen is essential. The right amount of light on counter tops and stove is pivotal to assist proper cutting and cooking. The light under the cabinets impacts more on overall theme and look of kitchen. A well-lit kitchen isn’t only required for preparing delicious meals, but also for the added aesthetics and ambiance.

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This kind of lighting can be used for general purposes around many parts of house like bedroom or kitchen etc.  With its traditional style and multi-purpose use, it may prove to be the best kind of kitchen island lantern that fits in just perfectly!


  • It supports LEDs. The plus point of this modern pendant lighting is that LED bulbs are included in the fixture purchase.
  • It is compatible with dimmable light bulb. So you are able to choose the amount of light you want on any specific part of your kitchen, for instance, medium light would do okay over sink area but definitely you’d need more light on counter tops for chopping and cutting.
  • It is compatible with electric corded power source and comes with an 84 inch plastic cord.
  • It is really easy to fix and can be fixed at your desired length.
  • It is classic and versatile type of corded pendant light and its shape is similar to iconic street lanterns.


12 x 12 x 18 inches

  • Light weight item just weighing at 6.05 pounds
  • No batteries required
  • Adjustable with dimmable LED bulbs
  • Comes in 3 colors antique gold/chrome/oil-rubbed bronze
  • A bit tough to install
  • Comes with LEDs that aren’t dimmer adjustable

If you’re looking for a traditional classy look, you can go for it. It looks great for traditional looks and also compliments the over-all look of the kitchen.

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If you’re looking for anything modern, this is the light for you. There are a total of 4 lights in a single fixture making it highly illuminating corded pendant light. You can use it in places where you need more lighting then usual like kitchen tops or dining table or study table.


  • It is easily blend able with any theme or interior décor style. So it’s an easy choice to go with if your ambiance or over all aesthetic of kitchen is different.
  • It comes with rod fixture that is easily adjustable according to the height of the ceiling.
  • Its structure is steel built and painted in two colors: black and gold.
  • 4 incandescent lights are included with the purchase.
  • The hardware is all included and it is easily installable gold lantern pendant light.


61.8 x 15 x 15 inches

  • Easily adjustable length
  • Square shaped – looks modern and stylish
  • 4 Incandescent bulbs included with the purchase
  • dimmable
  • Doesn’t go well with vintage style spaces
  • 4 bulbs are too illuminant for smaller kitchens

If you have a darker kitchen that needs more lighting and is modern and contemporary, this is the exact product for you. Plus point is it looks pretty good for its price so you won’t regret buying this kitchen island lighting for your home!

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This kind of glass pendant lights for Kitchen Island adds a vintage or retro style to the space. It is adjustable in a number of places within the house like bedroom, staircase, dining area or Kitchen Island. Using both glass and metal materials, this is a very classic looking fixture for the kitchen.


  • It can be used on any kind of ceiling at any part of house for instance slanted ceiling over the stairway or straight ceiling over the counter tops. It complements the space very well in all hanging styles.
  • The cord included with the lighting fixture is adjustable according to the need. You’re able to hang it as high or as low as you want it to be.
  • The special detail that these glass pendant lights have is that they’ve safety certified bulb sockets, so these bulbs ensure safety and long life service.
  • This is a very light weight item, weighing just 3 pounds, so it is easy to install.
  • It supports one light bulb so the area is not too illuminated and it provides medium light to the area.
  • It can be dimmable; the users have control over the amount of light.


6.3 x 6.3 x 9.4 inches

  • It supports all kinds of bulbs (LED/Halogen/Filament)
  • Dimmer compatible
  • Adjustable corded pendant light
  • It isn’t battery-supported
  • The bulb is not included in the purchase
  • It’s antique or classic look doesn’t go well if the overall look of house is modern.

If you have a retro kitchen and need a small lantern pendant light for areas that do not require a lot of visibility you can sure give this a try. It supports multiple options for bulbs, is compatible with dimmer switches and is safe to install.

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It’s a unique open cage style and can prove to be a very decent choice for long pendant lights. With its rustic style and metal body, it’s antique and classy look can give your kitchen the most gorgeous look. This rustic lantern pendant light is a beauty that should be in your home if you want a classy looking kitchen.


  • This rectangular classic fixture features 5 lights. This makes it useable for both dim and bright kitchen spaces.
  • Its height can be adjustable according to your style and requirement.
  • It can be installed on straight or sloped both kinds of ceilings
  • All the mounting hardware is pre-included in the lighting purchase. The installation only requires a few steps and maybe done by users themselves.
  • It may be used absolutely anywhere in the house like dining table, or counter tops, over the sink or in the bedroom. But it can only be used indoors. This is not an outdoor lighting fixture.
  • The power source is not electrical, it is a gas powered lighting fixture.


37.5 x 13.8 x 10.3 inches

  • Instant on/dimmable, both options available
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install
  • Installation hardware included
  • Bulb is included in purchase
  • Comes with 5 year warranty
  • Only supports LED bulbs
  • It may only be used indoors
  • It is gas powered, not compatible with electric powered space.

If you’re looking out for anything for indoor and the one that comes with a warranty, this is the perfect product for you. You can use it for multiple purposes inside the house. Its rustic, vintage style can make any place look gorgeous.

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Kitchen pendant lighting over sink is an absolute necessity so that you are able to do your dishes peacefully under good visibility. Progress lighting is a pendant light fixture for your kitchen that is absolutely beautiful for modern look and contemporary design.


  • It has a glass cone and a clear glass shade and looks unique and beautiful.
  • Its canopy is also adjustable to ceilings tilted at 45 degrees.
  • It can be used over sink, study area or even at bars.
  • It is available in both types of finish: clear and brushed.
  • The materials mainly used are glass and metal.


12 x 12 x 7.63 inches

  • Perfect for contemporary setting
  • Exquisite design
  • Available in glass shade
  • Only has one bulb source
  • Can only be shipped to a selected few places outside U.S

If you’re looking for single bulb fixtures that can give contemporary styling to your house, this lighting design is best for you.

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If you’re looking out for anything for high ceiling, this product will definitely intrigue you. Its simple wood and metal aesthetic look will define the whole ambiance of your kitchen. It may be used in kitchen, dining area or farmhouse type spaces.


  • It includes all necessary assembling and installing parts for easy and swift installation process.
  • It’s wood and metal aesthetic turns it into contemporary yet classy looking pendant lighting for Kitchen Island.
  • It is assembled with rods, which are adjustable in height. It doesn’t require extra tools for height adjustment.
  • It is compatible with dimmer switches and bulbs.
  • It works for both flat and sloped ceiling.


17.7 x 14.6 x 13.8 inches

  • Easy to install
  • Dimmer compatible
  • Warranty can be requested
  • Can only be used indoors
  • Dimmer switches or bulbs not included

If you’re looking for long kitchen pendant lighting fixtures, that adds aesthetic value and charm to your place then this might be just the one for you. You have an amazing mixture of metal and wood in this light fixture that makes it look classic and elegant.

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This rustic style column shaped pendant lighting maybe your go to choice if you’re looking for anything sleek and classy. This lighting fixture can be hung in entrance hall, Kitchen Island, dining area and over the counter top.


  • It has fully adjustable cord ranging from height of 0-59 inches.
  • It is adjustable with dimmer controls to set the brightness at your preferred level.
  • The material of the product is metal and it is column shaped fixture.
  • It can accommodate one light bulb.
  • The power source it uses is hardwired type.
  • It is light weight, easy to install fixture weighing on at 2.04 pounds.


7.87 x 4.7 x 5.12 inches

  • Sleek, column shaped, can be hung into smaller areas.
  • Comes with adjustable cord size.
  • Installation hardware included in purchase.
  • Can only be used indoors.
  • Silver brushed, so it cannot be used in other color themed kitchen.
  • Single light bulb

If you have a smaller space, this sleek pendant lighting fixture might be your best choice. Also, with the adjustable cord size, you may hang it as high or as low as you want it to be.

Lantern Pendant Light for Kitchen Island- Buying Guide

If you’re contemplating the question how to choose pendant lights for kitchen you’ve landed at the right place. We know how tricky it is to choose the kitchen lighting. You don’t want to keep it too bright but you also don’t want it to be too dull, you need just the right amount on work stations in kitchen but you also want it to compliment the rest of the theme. We have so many kitchen island pendant lighting ideas you won’t be disappointed. Whether you search IKEA pendant lights or Lowe’s pendant lights, after reading our guide you’ll be confident to make the right decision.

General purpose:

You need to know the exact requirement of the lighting fixture. Are you only buying it to enhance the beauty of your kitchen? Do you want it to focus on a certain area? How is it going to impact the overall look of your kitchen?  You should have all the answers to such questions before you buy pendant lighting for your kitchen.

Cost and installation:

Allocate a budget before hand to avoid the frenzy and confusion of not being able to choose the right fixture. Knowing how much you are going to spend on an item saves time and energy.

Before finalizing the deal, inquire about its installation, have all installation parts been supplied? Can you install it yourself after initial know how or would you need a professional to install it for you?


Thoroughly check out the quality, material and over all aesthetic before jumping to buy any product. See if it is compatible and matches with the modern/vintage look of your house or not. See all aspects design and technicality wise to be satisfied with the end result.


How big a pendant light should be over a kitchen island, placement of pendant lighting over peninsula such other queries should be answered from your guide while you’re surveying to buy modern kitchen lighting.

The height matters a lot as you’d want a different height lighting over dining table then you’d want over the cabinets. Go through this topic once you’ve set out to purchase light fixtures for your kitchen.

Color tones:

Choose the color temperature of bulbs in your fixture in accordance with the theme of your kitchen. There’s a variety of bulb tones to choose from.

Daylight– has bluish tone. It’ll maximize the color contrast. These bulbs are great for working and reading.
Warm white– has yellowish white tone. They are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms.
Soft white– it has yellow tone. This is warm color temperature bulb typically found in incandescent bulbs. They’re mostly put on fixtures in bedrooms and living rooms.
Bright white– lies between white and blue color tone. They are best used at work stations like kitchen, offices etc.

Frequently Asked Question

How many pendant lights over a 5 foot island?

5 foot island is considered generally Small Island and 2 pendant lights with a distance of 30 inches should make it look all nice and chic.

How big should a pendant light be over an island?

It must be of a small size enough to leave at least 6 inches on both sides for design and headroom purpose. Make sure you have measured your island’s width and length before setting out to buy light for your kitchen

How many lighting fixtures should I place in my kitchen?

The number of lighting fixtures depends upon a variety of factors for example, how big is your kitchen or how dim/bright is it or what kind of over all look it has?



Our guide for lantern pendant lights for Kitchen Island comes to an end here. With our smart list of lighting fixtures and precise guide of what matters to consider while purchasing a light, you can now be confident and savvy enough to purchase the one that not only is pocket friendly and gorgeous but also the one that truly reflects your personality and your choices.
If you’re looking for single bulb lighting with glass fixture then progress lighting might be the perfect choice for you. But if you need brighter and increased quantity of light then 5-light Kitchen Island pendant lighting may serve the purpose right. Jonathan Y pagoda lantern can be your best pick if you require dimmer controlled LEDs in traditional style to give your kitchen a rustic and classic look.

They key component of perfect lighting also includes tone and contrast of light bulb. Choose between warm yellow tones and bright bluish tones according to the color scheme of your kitchen. While buying a fixture, keep in mind what tone you need for your kitchen and buy the bulbs accordingly.

 Here was our little addition of guidance to help you in making the right decision- Happy shopping!

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