pendant lights for your kitchen
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How To Place Pendant Light Over Kitchen Island?

pendant lights for your kitchen
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It looks like you have bought multiple pendant lights for your kitchen, but you don’t find a suitable position for placing them.

Don’t worry when you have us!

We are here to sort all of your problems related to the placement of pendant lights in your kitchen. In our opinion, the following are the best possible ways where you should place pendant lights to get the best possible version of a lit pendant-light kitchen. Let’s get straight to our journey to bring light all around!


A lot of people get confused at this point that whether a kitchen island needs pendant lights or not? The answer is that installing a couple of pendant lights at a distance of almost 30 inches from the centre of your kitchen island will be the perfect place for having a beautiful lighting environment in the kitchen. But make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • There should be at least 6 inches of space between the kitchen island and the pendant lights.
  • The separation between the bottom of the pendant and the countertop should be between 30 to 32 inches.

2. Placement of Pendant Lights over Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is perhaps the most used portion of the kitchen as you need to wash everything before and after use. In this case, hanging pendant lights over your kitchen sink will make your work more actively. However, make sure that you place them at a decent height where they remain safe from damage and produce maximum lighting. Keep in mind that:

  • You place the pendants at a decent height of about 40 inches above the sink.
  • Go for three pendant lights for having a balanced space.

These are the two best places where you should place pendant lights in the kitchen, but make sure that you meet the requirements mentioned above to get more out of your pendant lights. Now, it depends on you where you should place the pendants in your kitchen. Choosing one out of only two options will not be a difficult decision for you to make.

Now, let’s move on and see how you need to place the pendants over your kitchen island or sink to get the best-decorated kitchen for yourself. There are a few factors that play a vital role in making the kitchen look more attractive when you use the pendant lights accordingly. These factors include:

  • The height of pendants
  • The spacing between every pendant
  • The area of the kitchen
  • The number of pendant lights required

Have a look at a brief description of these factors below.

How to place Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Island?

1. Height of Pendant Lights above Kitchen Island

(How high should pendant lights be above the kitchen island?)

Hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island will give your kitchen a pretty look than placing pendant lights anywhere else in the kitchen. This place is the only place where a couple of any pendant lights will give their best if placed at a proper height.

So, to get what you expect from the pendants, you need to measure the distance of the ceiling above the kitchen island and follow the general rule of maintaining a 32 inches height above the island.

If you increase the height to over 40 inches, the pendants will not produce their maximum brightness, and you’ll not be able to enjoy your work in the kitchen.

2. Separation between Pendant Lights

(How far apart should pendant lights be placed in the kitchen?)

The closer the pendant light you place along with the other pendant, the brighter it will look. However, you don’t want to have hanging pendants all over the place in your kitchen. The best ways to find the separation between each pendant light is that measure the width of your pendant light, and then place them while maintaining a distance equal to the width of the pendant.

Alternatively, you can also place the pendants 30 inches apart from each other, but to get more out of the pendant lights you bought, we recommend you to go with the first method of separating pendant lights.

3. The Area of the Kitchen

(Does the area of the kitchen affect the number of pendant lights?)

A kitchen with a larger area will negatively affect the performance of small pendant lights. If you are the one who has a relatively large-sized kitchen, then it doesn’t matter that if you place the small pendant lights according to the measurements mentioned above or separate them as we have told you. The only possible solution for decorating a large kitchen is that you need to buy a pair of large pendant lights that offer more brightness and bright colour.

How Many Pendant Lights Are Best for the Kitchen?

Considering that fact most of us have a medium-sized kitchen, it means that a few pendant lights will be a great choice to turn your kitchen into a beautiful and romantic working place. However, you can place as many pendant lights as you want, but try to go for odd numbers like 3. If you hang three pendant lights in your kitchen, it will give you the best possible decorative environment to work in without losing interest in your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of lighting is best for the kitchen?

Ans: Use a pair of three pendant lights and place them evenly apart to get the best kitchen lighting experience.

Q2. Should pendant lights be centred on the kitchen island?

Ans: If you are using one large pendant light, then it should be centred on the kitchen island, but we recommend you to use at least a pair of lights placed at an equal distance from the island for balanced lighting.

Q3. Is pendant lights out of date?

Ans: No, pendant lights aren’t out of date as they keep on changing their shape and design according to the design needs of modern houses.

Q4. How long should a pendant light hang over a kitchen sink?

Ans: By maintaining a height of 35 to 40 inches above the sink, the pendants will remain safe from any kind of damage and will produce maximum output.

Q5. How long should pendant lights hang over the kitchen island?

Ans: The general rule states that pendant light should be between 32 to 36 inches, if hung over the kitchen island.

Q6. How can I improve my kitchen light?

Ans: You can improve kitchen lighting setup by buying a couple of beautiful pendant lights for your kitchen.

Q7. Where lighting should be provided in the kitchen?

Ans: In the case of pendant lights, the best place is to hang them over the island or sink. You can also place them over the stove area or near cabinets.

Q8. How big should kitchen island pendants be?

Ans: For a small kitchen island, place a big light pendant in the centre. However, for larger islands, go for two or three medium-sized pendants for better lighting.

The Final Verdict

Well, I think these were the questions you were facing in terms of where you should place the pendant lights in the kitchen. We have given you the best possible methods which you can adopt while deciding the best places for the placement of pendant lights. We assure you that installing the pendant lights in the kitchen while keeping the above-listed factors in mind will turn your kitchen into heaven. Do let us know if you have any further queries related to where you should place pendant lights in the kitchen.

Now lastly, Thanks for making your journey till here Hope you find the best out of it-Peace out!

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