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Best Pendant Lights for Kitchen-Get them right now!

Pendant Lights
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Working in a home kitchen can be daunting if the setup can’t facilitate working and cooking there. Did it ever happen to you that instead of adding salt to a dish, you have added sugar, and everyone at the dinner table was laughing?

 If so, then you have to do something about the overall lighting solutions embedded into your kitchen. It is advised that at least your cooking space get some incredible lighting over the top to facilitate you in the cooking process. To fulfill this approach, the pendant lighting would remain the best option, it is convenient to install, and it provides broad light to every corner of the kitchen.

Don’t be worried about the dent it will be implanted onto your wallet; worry about becoming the spotlight for people laughing at you for mixing the recipes due to low lighting.

The following are some of the most incredible and handpicked kitchen pendant lighting ideas for your kitchen for your ease. Have your eagle’s eye at it!


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The first thing that might surprise or shock you about this unit is that it is a pulley fit and controlled pendant that many people seem to cherish in their kitchen. It has a broad and vintage look; if you are a fan of things that spark vintage or looks that way, then you are in for a treat with the Westinghouse lighting indoor pendant. With the unique pulley system’s help, you can control the light’s height and where it needs to focus.


  • The light produced by this fantastic pendant has a customized color temperature, which means you can adjust according to your feasibility. This is the type of light that works best when used as a downlight.
  • There are so many places where this particular pendant can find its application, such as being used over a breakfast bar, dining table, cooking station, or even over a pool table.
  • The use cases or applications of this pendant light is not only limited to the kitchen or common houses, but it will also look just as breathtaking if used in villas, bungalows, art and craft units, and even in museums.
  • To make the vintage design look authentic and spark temptation, it is finished with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. The highlights and broad shades equally help to sell the idea of this item being vintage.
  • The installation requires a 60-watt bulb, which is not included with the package; on the other hand, if you want the vintage look, then it is better to stick with the filament LED bulbs.


12.01 x 39.96 x 31.97 inches

  • Pulley infused design for easier control
  • Vintage looks with beautiful shades
  • Exceptional use case
  • A little pricier for what it has to offer
  • Design not fit for customary homes

At the end of the day, it comes to your own requirements, and if the product will help you to fulfill those, if you want something vintage and extremely beautiful, then this is the product to go with.

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If you want some diversity regarding pendant light shades for the kitchen, you need subtle and can work in both highly posh and customary homes; the Globe electric light pendant might fulfill your needs. It is old school and vintage for sure, but it works equally well with the modern architecture based homes and can work extremely fine in a kitchen.


  • It lends an industrial or off the century look to your home cause of the vintage based vibes that people might associate with it, perfect for keeping up with the façade of using vintage items in your home, even in the kitchen
  • The design issue three metal hanging rods that can be customized in terms of the length according to your own requirements. You can control not only the length but also the depth of your lighting needs
  • This kitchen pendant lighting unit works exceptionally well with a dimming switch, allowing you to customize the lighting experience as per your needs. But you will have to buy the doming switch as it is not sold with the package. This allows you to tone in the right atmosphere that you need for a certain occasion
  • The package comes with all the mounting equipment that you would require to install it. To make the process even more convenient, there is a guidebook which makes installation easier


8 x 36 x 45 inches

  • Easy installation with mounting equipment
  • Adjustable height
  • Too much vintage-like for modern homes
  • Bulbs not included with the package

This is something to go for if you have a big enough kitchen and want a comprehensive lighting solution to cover your needs.

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If your kitchen is not that spacious and only some subtle lighting solution is required, then CLAXY pendant glass light can be the best option to consider for you. It offers a retro style that finds its inspiration from the old and rugged industrial lighting units back in the day. The kitchen lighting design is not that old/vintage and not too modern as well, just retro, which is perfect for many users.


  • The covering glass is clear and in the shape of a hand-blown glass dome shade, and the rods are made using the classic bronze finish that lends it a vintage associated look but subtly.
  • This is the best solution considering the pendant lighting for the kitchen island, but it can also be used in other spaces such as the office, living room, and over a bar
  • The hanging rod itself comes with adjustability related options, which means that you can cut it short or stretch it according to your own requirements
  • Because the product is hardwired as described by the manufacturers, it means that it can only be used and operable in dry conditions. Therefore you don’t want to use it over the sink or some other moist place for that instance
  • You get all the parts to do the installation yourself, and it works best with either the lower or sloped ceiling, but it is recommended to hire a professional to do all the work for you


13 x 13 x 8.5 inches

  • Easily adjustable with some vintage looks
  • Works well with every ceiling type
  • Dimmable switches included
  • Can’t work in moist environments
  • Only one bulb usability

If you are looking for something cheap and more comfortable to install, then look no further than this product right here.

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This is the most subtle and discreet looking pendant lighting that you will ever find for your kitchen. This light’s main selling point is that it offers a single bulb and is very sensitive even after it has been installed, thus making it ideal for the dining area and lighting the cooking section of your kitchen.


  • It is one of those kitchen lights that can easily be adjusted and allocated in terms of the overall height according to your own requirements. The overall length of the rope is about 60 inches, but it can be shortened as well as to be in range with your set parameters and lighting depth
  • The glass mounted across the bulb itself is clasped in the seeded style; there are also refracting bubbles throughout the glass design. It means that when the light bounces off of the bubbles, it will create more space and fill your complete kitchen itself
  • The rods come with a brushed nickel finish that lends the light itself with an incredible vintage-looking design
  • An easy to read and follow installation guide is included with the package, it contains all the information that you will ever need to install the light yourself, but if you are not an expert or don’t feel comfortable doing it, then it is advised that you call a professional


7 x 7 x 60 inches

  • Seeded and bubbled glass design for immersive refraction of light
  • Adjustable length for customized lighting depth
  • Vintage and retro design
  • Comes with only a single bulb
  • Not to be used for living areas.

If you want the light reaching your kitchen scattered as long as it can be, then go with this one-light indoor unit without any hassle.

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It is the type of lighting that works well with the kitchen side and the bathrooms and works pretty well with the dining areas. But on the other hand, if you want to use it as a general lighting solution, it can be used with that sense. 


  • One of this product’s most aspiring features is that it reflects a modern kitchen lighting experience that is versatile and covers modern homes’ needs. It goes best with the rustic kitchen island lighting to be fair in the description.
  • This product will work best with any E26 bulb with a maximum of 60-watt power capacity. On the other hand, you must know that the bulb isn’t included within the package, and you would have to buy it separately, but the dimmable switch is present, allowing you to dim the light as you go.
  • The plus point here is to change the light’s overall ambiance or temperature; you can use any dedicated bulb with a power rating of about 60 watts.
  • The product is hardwired, which means that it doesn’t come with any switch to turn it on or off.


4.9 x 4.9 x 58.5 inches

  • Comes with modern and light finishes
  • Extra crisp light with homogenized color temperature
  • Compatible with any bulbs out there
  • Not suitable for old/vintage homes
  • The whole setup is hardwired

It would be the best lighting solution to install at your place if it is a modern home and you want to look up to date with no details to spare

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Do you want something rustic, modern, vintage-looking, and subtle that can very well take care of your lighting needs? If so, then the unitary hanging multi pendant light should be your ultimate choice. It has got everything that you require. It offers a wooden base and metal chains that make it ideal to be taken as a decorative item around your house.


  • The whole setup seems to be hardwired, which means that you will have to call a professional to take care of the installation. It also means that it will be a permanent fixture and can’t be replaced or moved once it has been installed.
  • The whole design offers the installation of the eight different bulbs that comprises a 320-watt power consumption each, the light bulbs are tiny, and these are not even included with the purchase of the pendant light.
  • A compatible dimmer switch can be bought to dim the light whenever necessary or make it too high to brighten the space up; this is present either within the package, but if not, you can easily buy it off the market and install it right away.
  • The product gives out too much light, which is remarkable considering you have a spacious kitchen and need all the light to get to move around and get things done.


31.5 x 3.35 x 47.24 inches

  • Easily installable and convenient to setup
  • Great lighting for spacious places
  • Can be used in kitchen, dining room as well as other places
  • Too much light for a smaller kitchen
  • The whole setup is hardwired

If your kitchen is extremely spacious and you want light in every possible corner, then this is the lighting solution that you need to get on with.

Best Pendant Lights For Kitchen- Buying Guide

When it comes to deciding about a dedicated pendant lighting solution for your kitchen, there is a lot at stake. Many people start with questions in mind when they embark on their journey, and even when they have bought something, the problems will not leave their side. Pendant lights are the best kitchen lighting idea for a small kitchen.

That is why it is essential to be prepared before setting out to buy a pendant light that might not reflect well with your initial thoughts and reservations about the pendant light you had to buy. To be sure and thorough, follow the buying guide that is described below!


You must have a general-purpose in mind when it comes to choosing a specific pendant light for your kitchen. Do you want it to cover all of your kitchen space? Are you in search of an island oriented look for your kitchen when it comes to lighting? Should it be vintage? Should it be too bright?

These are the type of questions you need to ask yourself before you can buy one. Or, if you may have a sense of a general-purpose in mind before purchasing something!

Costs, installation, and aesthetics:

Consider the overall cost: how much you got the light and other equipment for and what you paid for installations. Make sure that you know right after purchasing the light that can you install it on your own or are you going to need some help in this stead and also consider the aesthetics and build quality of the pendant lighting before finalizing the sale. 

Best height for pendant lights:

If you are going to install them over your countertops, it should not be higher than 34 inches, but the average recommended height is about 72 inches for the floor.

Pendant lights placement:

When it comes to the light bulbs’ placement in relation to each other, it has to be no more than 24 inches apart if your kitchen island is about 26 inches. As you can gather, it might continue to change depending on your kitchen island’s overall size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are kitchen pendant lights outs of style?

Despite the fact that people would call these out of date or out of style, it is not completely true. There are people there who love the idea of going vintage, and so the use case of the pendant lights is still effective to this date.

How big should the pendant lights for the kitchen be?

It will depend on each fixture’s width and diameter; if the pendant’s size is about 20 inches, then the space between each fixture should be 20 inches.

How to place pendants over a kitchen island?

In order to place the pendant lights over your kitchen island, you must first know about the center point of the island. For a smaller island, only two pendants with two bulbs each would do; you would have to add more pendants or bulbs if the overall length of the island seems to grow. It is the best type of lighting for the kitchen at the end of the day if you have got an island-oriented design in your kitchen. 


All of the products listed above are extremely potent and became the next aesthetical piece to find someplace in your kitchen. However, it is recommended that you review each product carefully and the buying guide at the end to understand what you want and what your requirements are; only then should you make the final decision about a specific pendant lighting solution for your kitchen.

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