How to Change Outdoor Light Bulb
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How to Change Outdoor Light Bulb? 101 Guide


Outdoor lights are highly familiar in utilization for security purposes in the entire world. That is why you may have observed the outdoor lights on porches or lawns to have a convenient life. Like other ordinary bulbs, outdoor bulbs need to be renewed, especially when they burn out.

Yet, for a perfect replacement, you will require to know how to change outdoor light bulb. Never give up without giving it a try! Fortunately, we will inform you altogether within one article. Isn’t it wonderful? You will enlighten yourself without further research. Furthermore, you will indeed find a surprise in the middle of this article. Are you excited about a surprise reveal? Well, reading the article with carefulness will definitely reveal the surprise. So, don’t stop reading it!

Supplies Needed

  • Power drill or screwdriver
  • Outdoor light fixture with mounting hardware 
  • Wire snips, if necessary
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tape
  • Caulk gun (optional)
  • Clear silicone-based caulk, which is totally optional
  • Use a Light bulb, if not provided with a light fixture

When you decide to change a standard outdoor light bulb, it usually seems problematic to perform than reality. Because processing involves some simple steps that a newcomer can try effectively.

You just have to stay positive and calm throughout the journey. Most importantly, you have to take precautionary measures till the end.

1. Power off the lights from its fixtures

As the initial step, power off the lights from its fixtures. While doing it, remove the wiring that is devoted to the main power supply. That will inevitably protect you from getting an electrical shock. Some of you might be confused with a fixture with the latest model. We have got you covered! Want to know how? Well, the latest lights have a motion-activated that turns on automatically. To turn it off for a while, remove the connectivity wires from the circuit breaker. If your light has had a sudden burning effect, don’t freak out at the moment. You will be required to wait for at least fifteen to twenty minutes for its cooling effect.

2. Remove the glass fixture from the installed area

Here comes the crucial step to be performed with patience. Remove the glass fixture from the installed area. The structure of the fixture may vary from company to company, depending greatly on the type of the equipped light place in an outdoor field. Therefore, do not get yourself confused. The internet videos based on it will put you in a fix related to the style of a fixture. However, you will love to know that opening the light fixture contains the purest techniques. It is as simple as removing the installed screws. Always make sure to have a powerful grip on your fixture. Because it will keep your glass protected from a fall or break down into pieces. 

3. Remove the light bulb from its existence

Now the right time comes to remove the light bulb from its existence. While working to change, the light bulb from an outdoor area, you should avoid touching the wiring directly. Therefore, wear your rubber gloves in the entire process. After the successful removal, clean the replaced area with sandpaper or a rag. Keep this thing in your mind that there should be no signs of dust or debris in the re-installed area. If you skip this cleaning part, there are risks in minimizing the durability period of your bulb. 

4. Install a new light fixture in its previous place with a mounting bracket

It should install a new light fixture in its previous place with a mounting bracket. You can use any ordinary mounting bracket to replace the old hardware. In addition to it, use that mountain bracket that comes as a tool with a new light fixture. Logical reasoning comes into existence when a company packs a bracket following the size and holes on the fixture. Yet, if you feel the inconvenience to choose the proper measurements, that is totally fine. Utilize the needs of a level in this situation. In this step, make sure that it does not connect the wires to the main power supply of the electric booth. 

5. Wrap the ground wire twice to the ground bolt

The most careful step includes wrapping the ground wire twice to the ground bolt. Before you do it, make sure you adjacently placed it on the head. Tight the ground bolt in such a way that it does not rotate anymore. Luckily, you have reached halfway! Now, read the manufacturer’s instructions to connect wires to the fixture. Connect black to black, white to white, and red to red in a clockwise direction. Here is the bottom line! The ground might be in green color or a bare copper wire coming out of the junction box. If you still didn’t get it, take help from a professional. 

6. Twist together in a clockwise direction

If your wires are not long enough to twist together in a clockwise direction, you can use wire spin to remove the plastic edges effectively. After the plastic removal, have a plastic wire connector to make the wires long to twist them correctly. Give your wires a gentle tug to test their tightness and to prevent their far distance. For the protection of your wires, you can unquestionably wrap an electrical tape to avoid water splashes. Being the waterproof wires, it will prevent the signs of further electric shocks. Moreover, tuck your wires back from the junction box without poking them out.

7. Grab a mountain screw attached to a fixture to install it in its place

As the final step, grab a mountain screw attached to a fixture to install it in its place. Thread the wires on all around the screws. Make suite to tighten the coils equally on the sides of all screws. To avoid any electrical error inside the power supply box, seal them on the top and sides with an appropriate silicon-based caulk. After you are satisfied with the stable wiring, place your light bulb with a firm grip. Finally, turn on the main power supply from the circuit breaker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the bulb in my security light?

We will give you two ways to either choose a bulb or an entire light. Don’t you worry! Both are safe to choose from, and you can select the one as per your desires. You can even replace the most standard security light to pop the area with the perfect bulb. Make sure to choose the right size of the bulb. If you fail to have the right size, you will face no durability in lighting. The whole processes include a regular replacement that a beginner can efficiently perform with no exterior help.

Q: How long do LED security lights last?

The long-lasting feature only depends on the quality of a LED light. More often than not, solar-powered lights usually last around 10,000 hours. Yet, the LED light can last for up to 25,000 hours in a day. Luckily, it needs charging once a day. Therefore, LED is more convenient and easy to use. Whereas, solar-powered needs solar light for charging, and it takes more than three hours to get fully charged. 

Q: Can you replace LED flood light bulbs?

LED floodlights can effortlessly replace the oldest version of halogen reflectors. The entire changing procedure is very simple. To save time, you can read the manual before taking further action. Here is the good news! They launched lED floodlights with various features that include durability and the long span. Now, you cannot doubt the quality of LED floodlights. To begin with, measure the exact size of the bulb to be replaced on the fixture. The width of the bulb will help the market to find you the specific size of the bulb.

Q: How do you change a sensor light?

It is the trickiest task that will consume a lot of your quality time. Yet, the tricks and tips will save you. Place the light sensor with the disconnection of wiring around the screws. After turning off the power button. Use pliers to unscrew the area of placement. Remove the previous sensor with the help of a bracket. Now, place your newly purchased sensor inside the hole and tighten the outer corners with screws. 

Q: How do you install a halogen bulb without touching it?

You might have heard about the popularity of halogen bulbs in traditional times. Well, it was true that the services of the halogen bulb were quite impressive until the LED take the place. If you want to install the halogen bulb, avoid the direct touch with your fingers. Wear rubber gloves to escape any electric shock. Gloves will keep your grip strength to pull out the bulb.


Congratulations! We are done with the topic of today. We have informed you of the procedure to change the outdoor light bulb with step-by-step guidelines. In this article, we have added some crucial questions in the FAQs section. You can check them out to clear your doubts. Do you want to ask any questions? Comment below to know it as soon as possible. We would be happy to hear from you. That was all for today!

Until next time, have the happiest day!

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