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Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports – You’ll Love 2022

People are looking for the best solar lights to buy and luckily, Consumer Reports has published their top picks for 2022. CR tested many different types of solar-powered lights and these are the ones that came out on top. Whether you’re looking for a light to keep your pathway visible or want to add some accent lighting to your garden, there’s a perfect option for you. Keep reading to learn more about the best solar lights consumer reports on the market right now!

Keeping in mind all of your need for outdoor lighting is important when you are looking for the best solar lights. CR has tested many different types of solar-powered lights and these are the ones that stand out to them as being must-buys in 2022.

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The URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor , is a pack of four solar lights. These are very bright and can cover up to 120 degrees. The lighting angle is wider than other 28-50 leds light, which provides you with more brightness.

You will need 8 hours to charge the lights after it has been exposed to sunlight for four hoursduring the day time, so your lights can work more than 300 times at night.

The IP65 waterproof lights are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for your backyard, front door, garden area or garage.

This solar motion sensor light is an eco-friendly way to keep your pathways illuminated without spending too much on your electric bill.

  • Super bright and wide lights angle 120°
  • Motion activated auto on/off
  • Longer working time
  • Not including screws, easy to fall down if not fixed on ground
  • Some customers find it too bright for front porch
  • Sometime it takes too long to charge

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The Aootek Solar Lights 120 LEDs with Lights Reflector,270 Degree Wide Angle, IP65 Waterproof, Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage , Deck is the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs. The Aootek solar lights are made of high quality materials and with non-toxic material environmentally friendly which is super bright to meet your requirement.

The solar light is made of metal material non-toxic environmental protection materials. Solar panel, lights and rechargeable stone adopts the best high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels.

  • The unit is much brighter than the previous solar lights
  • Setting up this system was very easy.
  • The light shines where you don’t need it
  • Charging or running out of power is inexcusable for outdoor lighting.

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The TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded , 43″ Waterproof Flickering Flames 96 LED Torches Lights Outdoor Solar Landscape Decoration Lighting Auto On/Off Pathway Lights for Garden Patio Driveway, Black are an appealing alternative to traditional outdoor lighting. They catch attention with their gorgeous dancing flames that mimic the look of a real fire without the upkeep or maintenance. The light runs on solar power, so you can place it anywhere outdoors for a consistent source of light. The light is adjustable with the auto on/off feature, which lets you save money and energy.

  • Stunning alternative to traditional outdoor lighting.
  • Light runs on solar power.
  • Auto on/off feature is energy efficient.
  • Installation requires time and effort.
  • Issues with the flickering effect for some users.

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The Lemontec Solar Lights, 62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight with Motion Sensor Detector for Garden Back Door Step Stair Fence Deck Yard Driveway, 2 Pack is a great choice if you want to have additional outdoor lighting. It has a motion detector so it will turn on only when needed and help you conserve energy. The lights are very bright even though they have 62 LED lights.

  • The light has a motion detector,
  • Conserve energy with the LED lights,
  • The battery is not rechargeable.

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying Best Solar Lights Consumer Reports

There are lot of factor to consider when buying the best solar lights. The following are the main things that you should consider before making a purchase.

1. Efficient Solar Panels:

This is one of the most important features to look for in solar lights since it determines how much energy will be captured during the day.

2. Light Quality:

This is also another important factor since it determines how bright your outdoor lighting will be at night and how long it can shine for.

3. Solar Panel Orientation:

Roof mount panels are often installed with an angle facing south while ground installation panels are often installed flat on the ground facing east or west to maximize sunlight exposure during the day.

4. Brightness Modes:

Most manufacturers offer their outdoor lights with different brightness levels so that you can adjust it to your needs.

5. Design:

The appearance of the solar powered light is also another factor that you should consider since you will want it to match the overall look of your house or yard.

6. Ease of Installation:

You should choose lights with an easy installation process so that they do not require expert help.

7. Durability:

The outdoor lights should be built using strong and durable materials since they are exposed to different weather elements all year round.

Frequently Asked Question

How bright are your LED lights?

Our solar lights have been marketed as the brightest on the market since they have 62 LED lights. They can provide 12 hours of lighting at night from just 7 hours of charging during the day.

What is your warranty?

We offer a full one-year warranty protecting against manufacturing defects and 6 months for the battery.

How long do your lights stay on when motion is detected?

The light will turn off after 10 seconds if there is no further movement in the area.

Can I connect more than one sensor to a single solar panel?

Yes, you can connect multiple sensors under one panel or under separate panels


As you can see, our solar lights are the best on the market. They have more than 60 LED lights that let them provide 12 hours of lighting at night and they come with a one-year warranty.

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