Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity
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The 4 Best Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity in 2022

If you’re in the market for a new light bulb for your bathroom vanity, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll be ranking the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity use in 2022. So whether you’re looking for something energy-efficient or just want to find the brightest bulb out there, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

Keeping in mind all of your need for lighting, you should consider the following things before buying a lightbulb

While it is  is extremely  easy to  find information  about the  top brand names of bulbs by just doing a net search, it is   more complicated to locate the top 10 best-selling light bulbs for bathroom vanity use in 2022.  This list of items is known as a result of a study of recommendations from purchasers that actually bought and utilized them.  Among the leading reasons for adding the best 4 names, is to give buyers a chance to get the best-selling light bulbs for bathroom vanity use in 2022 they are in need of.  Not all individuals will require the exact same illumination, and this list will provide all of them a chance to find the best fit.

1. Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Vanity Globe Light Bulbs

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The Sunco Lighting 12 Pack Vanity Globe Light Bulbs G25 LED for Bathroom Mirror 40W Equivalent 6W, 6000K Daylight Deluxe, Dimmable, 450 LM, E26 Base, Round Frosted Decorative Bulb is ideal for use in your bathroom. It provides one of the most energy-efficient options for lighting your bathroom. It has a Dimmable design so you can set it to suit your mood and is available at a great price. This Sunco Lighting G25 LED Globe Light Bulb is UL certified and provides instant start up with no warm up. It has a 5-year warranty and is proudly based in the USA.

  • It’s UL certified and provides instant start up with no warm up.
  • If you touch the bulb while it’s on, it can break easily.
  • It’s slightly more expensive than other options.

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The G25 LED Globe Light Bulbs ,Comzler 80 Watt Equivalent 5000K Daylight Vanity Light Bulb,900LM LED Bathroom Light Bulbs,E26 Medium Screw Base,Non-dimmable by Comzler is a great way to brighten up your home. With the 9W(80Watt bulb equivalent) 900 lumens of light output this energy efficient bulb is sure to brighten up any room without breaking the bank. Not only does this vanity light produce a super bright uniform illumination daylight light, but it also save up to 85% energy comparing with incandescent bulbs. This globe bathroom light meets strict test criteria including flicker, strobe, glare and color rendition, protecting your eyes. With the Comzler led vanity lights , light is always 80+ CRI for better color rendition, making greens, reds, and blues in your home appear more accurately.

  • It is the best quality light bulb on the market
  • It creates a warm and inviting environment in any room
  • Not as bright as some would hope
  • product breaks easily

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The LOHAS G25 Globe Light Bulbs , LED Vanity Lights 40-45W Equivalent, Daylight 5000k Bathroom Round Light Bulb, 520lm lights E26 Edison Base Lamp for Bathroom Makeup Mirror is perfect for makeup vanity. With 80% less energy consumption and low carbon emissions compared to traditional bulbs, it’s the best way to save money! What’s more, it emits a clear and natural illumination for you home with its daylight 5000k- it’s perfect for getting ready in the morning!

  • Daylight 5000k- perfect for makeup vanity
  • 80% less energy consumption and low carbon emissions compared to traditional bulbs
  • No Cons

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The Simba Lighting LED Vanity Globe G25 (G80) Light Bulb is a great option for your bathroom vanity. With its warm white 2700K color temperature, this light bulb emits an adequate amount of light to apply makeup in the mirror accurately.
This product is energy efficient and costs only $1.0 per year to use in your home! The aluminum with frosted polycarbonate cover is durable, and the light bulb does not have a mercury or IR/UV ray component. This globe light bulb emits an adequate amount of light to apply makeup accurately, and it is also dimmable.

  • emits an adequate amount of light to apply makeup accurately
  • emits only warm white light

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying Best Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity

There are lot of factor that you should consider before buying the best light bulbs for bathroom vanity. We can’t cover it all on this blog but we will discuss some of the factors you should consider.

1) Brightness:

Makeup lights are like top-notch light bulbs. So, be sure to pick a light bulb with high brightness. The more lumens means brighter and better illumination; while we recommend at least 100 lumens for makeup vanity lighting because anything less won’t provide enough brightness to see adequately when applying makeup. Something like 800 or more is ideal if you really want an accurate and bright application of your makeup products and concealers etc.

2) Type of Light Bulb:

There are basically 2 types of light bulbs out there- incandescent bulbs with filament inside, and LED/CFL globes that will last for years. Incandescent bulbs are cheaper but they come with a shorter lifespan and generate heat that can be dangerous if placed too close to the mirror. LED/CFL globes on the other hand are more expensive, but they’re safer to use with no heat emission at all. They also have longer lifespan of up to 50000 hours or more which is equivalent to 20 years if used 3 hours daily.

3) Beams Angles:

An ideal makeup light will emit light evenly with an adequate amount of brightness across your entire face area without any glare. This way you don’t need to move around with the lights just to see your face well enough for applying makeup accurately during early mornings when you don’t have time for lighting fixtures.

4) Color Temperature:

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin units, and 2700-3500 K are ideal for makeup lighting as they emit warm white light that mimics natural sunlight to make your face look naturally well lit. If you were using 5000-8000K lights, the result would be bluish hues which affect the way you perceive colors when applying makeup. So make sure to buy a bulb with right color temperature for your vanity or makeup mirror.

5) Materials Used:

This is an important factor if you’re not looking for globes that can be used both indoors and outdoors since outdoor globe lights are usually made of plastic polycarbonate cover to protect the bulbs from rain water etc.. Polycarbonates are also used to make illumination globes for automobiles. On the other hand, bathroom vanity lights are either made of aluminum with frosted polycarbonate cover or glass cover. Aluminum is more durable but glass looks much better if you have a glass mirror lighting fixture.

6) Size of the Globe:

The size of the globe is also important because you should buy a light bulb that won’t be too big or small to fit in your vanity lighting fixture. Sometimes the size of the globe is written with a model number, and you can refer to that information when buying new bulbs for your makeup lighting.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How much money should I spend on a makeup lighting fixture?

A1: A good quality LED bulb will cost around $20-35. You can find cheaper units in the market but they won’t last long. So, invest wisely because when you buy inferior quality light bulbs, it’s a short term solution that you’ll have to replace them from time to time.

Q2: Which type of light bulb is the best for makeup lighting?

A2: Because LED/CFL globes have longer lifespan and don’t generate heat, you’ll save on your energy bills by using a bright LED bulb, but they’re a little more expensive compared to incandescent bulbs.

Q3: Can I use vanity globes for outdoor use?

A3: No, you should not buy globes for outdoor use because they’re made of plastic polycarbonate that can’t withstand the elements if they’re placed outdoors. If you want to use them for exterior lighting, look for globes made of aluminum with polycarbonate cover because they’re ideal for outdoor application. They could be slightly expensive, but it’s better to buy one unit rather than replacing globes every few years.


By now, you should know which light bulbs to buy for your bathroom vanity lighting. Look through our list and see if any of the bulbs meet your requirements, and purchase one today! If you would like to see more blog posts like this, or have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comment box below. Thank you

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