How To Store Icicle Lights
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How To Store Icicle Lights? Your 101 Guide

We broadly adopted icicle lights for decorating the place for a Christmas party. It will not only brighten up your room, but it will also consume less power for processing. Isn’t it wonderful? You will be having a product with various facilities for valid use. But, do you know how to store icicle lights? 

Your mind will be overthinking with questions that how will you find the proper solution on the internet? No worries at all! We will guide you step by step to achieve desirable goals. Here is good news! This information will be sufficient for your research. 

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There are honestly multiple coolest ways to store your icicle lights. Selecting one of them is totally up to your choice. 

1. Wrapping them with a piece of fabric

Here is the simplest solution to store it in an effective way is wrapping them in the form of a coil. If you want to place them for a long time, we will recommend wrapping them with a piece of fabric. It will protect the quality of lights till you store them. It is a better idea instead of wrapping it around your arms. Want to know something better than wrapping around arms? Well, cover them on cardboard. You will never regret that solution idea. Some of you might have a space problem. Your home might not be left with a spacious storage place. Don’t get disappointed! Cut a standard size of cardboard for the processing. While cutting it, keep the edges sharp. Because it will help to slide the icicle lights.

2. Inserting your lights in a box

To go for an even simpler solution is inserting your lights in a box. No other method can compete for its simplicity. You have two techniques for storage. Wrap your cord on the outside corners of the box. It will keep the flexibility alive, and you will notice no deleterious effect on the acceleration of lights. Storing inside the box is only suitable for those who often utilize the needs of icicle lights. People usually organize a party in their place, and box storage becomes helpful in such hard times.

3. Clothes hanger

We dedicate this method to those individuals who don’t have enough cardboard in their homes. To avoid any loss, grab one end of a string to attach it to the strap holder. Always start the hanging process from the vertical side. Some of you might face issues in the placement of a stringed hanger. You can undoubtedly place it inside of your wardrobe. Putting it at the end of the row will avoid any stuck inside your hanging clothes. Make sure to keep it at the safest and cleanest place where children cannot find them. 

4. Bunching it again

Whenever you had brought lights from the market, it comes in a bunched position in a tied form. They always held together with the help of a rubber band. Doing it again for a bunching state is not difficult, yet a time-consuming job. If you have some free time, you can certainly perform it with no issue. The benefit of performing it again is that it will be slighter possible to get tangled. Grab the sides of the lights to group them together in a corresponding way. Don’t discontinue the process until it left you with no strand. 

5. Wrap it all on a cord reel

Another amazing option to opt for this summer is wrapping it on your cord reel. The cord reel is highly getting fame in providing the strength to keep the essentials static. These reels come in various styles and sizes. You can buy them according to your needs. If you are afraid of a price tag, it comes at an affordable price. Here is a surprise for you! The quality of this product is similar in every market. Now, release your tension to buy it from a local market. They manufacture it with an attached handle. You can utilize it while wrapping your lights. Because it gives the sense of forceful grip in performing the process. Connect every strand equally on the roller. When you are left with half of them, spin the roller to get every strand on the roller. Next year, spin it to easily grab the strands with no tangling. Therefore, you will enjoy decorating your place with no hesitation.

6. Roll it on plastic sheets

Rolling lights in a plastic sheet are only helpful for those who have brought an expensive light for the decoration. The strings sometimes lose their flexibility and strength without wrapping them in plastic sheets. The above methods will be suitable for a standard size of lighting. But, selecting this solution will save your time from detangling every part of the string. Purchase a 1-foot wide roll of plastic. Cut a small portion of plastic according to the size of your lights. Now make a bundle of light to insert it inside of the plastic sheet. Whenever your friends plan to celebrate a birthday party in your place, say instead of denial. Because your icicle lights will save you from embarrassment. 

7. Tie it with a rubber band

You might have visited the management department of a factory. Have you ever seen the manufacturers rolling the string to tie them in a rubber band? Of course, you will perform a similar process. Likewise, you have also noticed that rubber bands keep the lights well organized inside your drawer. You will be required to purchase a lot of rubber bands. Because the quantity depends on the width of strings. In addition, you should never tie your lights too tightly that it may result in string breakage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you put icicle lights back in the box?

Putting the lights back in the box is a real challenge for everyone. It requires a rare effort to de-tangle the strings without ruining the quality. Therefore, you should follow up techniques to tie them again with a rubber band.

Q: How do you store outdoor Christmas lights?

It is not difficult as you have heard from your fellows and relatives. Grab a wooden box in a standard size. Insert your Christmas lights in it. The wooden material of the box will protect your lights from bacteria. If it comes in contact with bacteria, the strings will fade their color along with the speed of lightings.

Q: Where do you hang icicle lights?

Hanging icicle lights looks beautiful outside the house. You can directly hang them on the eaves of your roof. Don’t stretch it too far apart because it will ruin the addition of beauty to your house. Our home will incredibly look extravagant with the soft glow of lights. 

Q: How do you wrap Christmas tree lights for storage?

Always try your best while wrapping your lights around the cardboard. You should evade any signs of breakage. Here is a perfect idea to fulfill your needs! Wrap your lights around dowels and place them in a bin. You wouldn’t trust the moment that dowels are available in every market of the world. Now, what are you looking for? Go to your nearest store and purchase it.

Q: How do you hang lights in a room without nails?

Most of you don’t like using nails to hang the lighting string in a parallel view. We have brought an excellent replacement to make your life easier. You can hang them with the help of a hook or a clip. To transfer your lights closer to each other, tape the strings to make it happen. 

Q: How do you hang lights around a window?

Who says that hanging lights only look good on windows? It looks lovely when draped on the ceiling of a room or outside the door. It gives you a fairy tale vibes in entering your room. Here is a surprise! You can use tape to hang your gleaming lights outside the door for interior purposes. Probably, the tape stays for one or three days depending on the stickiness of your tape. If the roof is consists of wooden material, you can hang it with the utilization of wax. It will quickly get removed from the wooden area.

Q: Do Christmas lights get hot enough to start a fire?

No, it will not start a fire unless it catches fire from its surroundings.


Congratulations! You are well deserved to reach till the end of our article. We have recommended some moderate ideas on how to store icicle lights. We hope that you may have found your favorite part in the form of a surprise. If you want to ask something, drop it in the comment section. We will be glad to reply to you all.

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