how to replace the headlight connector
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How to Replace the Headlight Connector? Your 101 Guide


Being a car driven, you might often have experienced some mechanical issues in your automobile. Commonly, headlights usually burn out after driving a car on a daily purpose. To deal with this issue, you must know how to replace the headlight connector.


How will you know it in detail? Don’t you worry! We are always here to provide you everything you deserve. Isn’t it seems unbelievable? This information will guide you to everything that you were searching on the internet.

Furthermore, we will provide you some relatable answers in the FAQs section. You will be excited to know that we have arranged an enormous surprise for our car drivers. You will undoubtedly get it in the middle of this article. If you want to know it, then keep reading. That will indeed act beneficially in your future.

Now, without any further ado, let us begin with our today’s topic.

During your driving classes, you might have heard about different types of headlight connectors. It related its transcribes to the sizes of the headlight connectors. Attach these sizes in the single filament of the bulb.

1. H11 headlight socket

H11 headlights are highly valued to resolve headlight failures. They entirely manufactured h11 with efficient copper wiring and heavy material. Here is good news! This headlight socket works well in every vehicle. The vehicle inside of a car usually loosens up due to a lack of flexibility. You can effortlessly repair it with it.

2. H7 bend headlight socket

If you are looking for a headlight connector for every gender, the H7 bend headlight socket is the best option to go for. Want to know why? Because of its lightweight. Now. You can fearlessly handle a car to a teenager. A teenager being a beginner, can smoothly drive an automobile. Car coming with advanced technology does not mean that it is entirely perfect for you. That is incorrect. Nothing stays perfect! Every car gets an issue that their socket is giving them an error. Therefore, use H7 to overcome the thinning properties of a socket.

3. H4 bend headlight socket

Are you looking for something to upgrade your car? H4 bend headlight will prove itself through its powerful strategies. They are highly made h4 up of a ceramic base that has heat-resistant properties. Now, your car will never heat up even after using it for more than 5 hours.

4. H1 bend headlight socket

It is the most mysterious type of headlight socket that gives durability in usage. You will love to know that it enhances the durability of your car. If you are looking for something that causes no error in the future, we highly recommended an H1 bend headlight socket from our side. 

5. 9005 headlight socket

You might be hearing about this headlight socket’s advantages in automobile organizations. Yes, you heard it right. It is highly familiar worldwide. If you want a socket with a warranty of over 1 year, a 9005 headlight socket is a lifesaver. Whenever you are driving a car at night, you will notice the illumination covering all the areas around you. It comes with long-lasting lighting features that you will never be scared at dark roads. You can utilize this headlight during a road trip.

6. 9006 headlight socket

9006 headlight socket will be a remarkable gadget once installed in your car. If you think that its installation is complicated, you are on the wrong side. You don’t require to call any professional to set up for you. They illuminate it with 12-24V voltage. Here is the best part! You can directly control the intensity of lights throughout your journey.

7. H7 headlight socket

You will notice that it comes with a wire configuration. Yet, you will rely on this socket because of its durability offers. Its premium quality will never disappoint you in the long run. If you cannot find it in the local market, order it on amazon. The services of Amazon will be as quick as lighting that you will never rely on any other websites. While driving on the road, make sure to bring a charger of this headlight for emergency purposes.

8. H4 headlight socket

The design of the H4 headlight is pleasant to the eyes. That is the main reason behind its popularity. Here is a surprise for you! It works just like your expectations. It is one of the improved headlights giving you a generic LED module. Its illumination is super bright that there is no need to wait for a day to go for a ride. You can also survey local markets to have a better understanding of this headlight socket.

How to Replace Headlight Connector?

Replacing a headlight connector is not a tough task, as you may hear from your friends or neighbors. If you know the boldest techniques, its processing will not take much time. When people like you are not fully informed or trained in this task, many mechanics can take a vast amount of money than the expected rate in the marketplace. Therefore, you must enlighten yourself with authentic information for your benefit. If you are a newbie, we will suggest you practically learn it for effective results. Once you determine, your replacement will stay in the right way.

Before starting the process, you will need the following tools:

  • Socket wrench
  • Wire connectors
  • Electrical tapes
  • Splicers

how to replace the headlight connector
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Steps to how to replace the headlight connector of your automotive:

  1. As a first step, grab your socket wrench and turn out the negative terminal
  2. When you take out the terminal, make sure it stays away from the car battery. If it does not stay away, face severe electrical problems like a short circuit.
  3. Once you are done with the above steps, take out the socket and the headlight from your car. 
  4. At a specific point, grab a splicer in your hand with a grip. Cut approximately 3 inches of wire from the light fixture. Try to avoid shakiness in your hands to stay focused.
  5. After cutting a quarter of an inch of a wire, pull it out carefully.
  6. Utilize splice to splice the old wires to your new connector. While performing it, put on your heat-protective gloves. It will save your hands from burning.
  7. Find the red and blue striped wires to twist them together
  8. After doing it successfully, cover the wires with electrical tape for safety purposes.
  9. Now, insert the bulb into its previous position
  10. Likewise, install the negative terminal in the car. After following all the steps, restart your car to notice its improvement.

What’s the headlight Connector Replacement Cost

The cost to replace the headlight socket varies from country to country. Somehow, you can set up a meeting with a car dealer to learn more about costs. If you directly visit dealers, they will inform you of the expensive rate, which is not applicable. Moreover, you can survey local markets too. Their salesmen will guide you throughout the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to replace a headlight connector?

It is highly reasonable for everyone. Yet, if you for a dealership, it will cost you more. We estimate the average cost between $25 to $30. 

Q: How do you rewire a headlight wire harness?

This process takes a lot of time. If you become successful in it, it will never regret you in the future. 

  • Turn off your car
  • Use a crescent wrench to loosen the terminal battery nuts.
  • Cut the two wires with your wire cutter.
  • Strip the one inch for insulation.
  • Now twist the wires with the lead to the positive wiring.
  • Now slide the solder sleeve connector over your twisted wires. You will need to repeat the process for the neutral wiring.

Q: How do you test a headlight connector?

After the replacement, restart your car at full speed while noticing the regular functionality of the engine. If it is working out regularly, You have successfully replaced your headlight connector.

Q: Why do my headlight connectors melt?

Connectors usually melt due to the high current passing with a low beam circuit. You cannot observe it unless it burns out. To avoid such problems, use headlight connectors that are heat-resistant in quality. While using them, you will never face such issues.

Q: Are all headlight sockets the same?

Every car has different lights requirements. When you decide to buy a headlight socket, you have to buy it according to the size of your care placement. The sizes depend on the car model. Therefore, every headlight sockets are not the same.


Thank you so much! You have made it till the end. We have guided you thoroughly on how to replace headlight connectors. If you want to ask any questions, drop them in the comment section. We will be happy to reply to you all.

Wishing you a great day!

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