How to Replace Running Light Bulb Chevy Silverado
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How to Replace Running Light Bulb Chevy Silverado?


People owning a Chevy Silverado know that it always comes with a busted running light. The running lights become dim after usage for three to four months. It is highly known as a vulnerable company when it comes to the best light system. You might have brought the latest model of this car. Nevertheless, do you know how to replace running light bulb Chevy Silverado? Never mind! We structure our teaching method in such a way that you will understand it easily. 

That is unimaginable! Because we will clear all your concepts up through this article. In addition to it, you can check the FAQs section for your convenience. We have planned a surprise for our readers. You will get it in the middle of the article. So guys, roll up your sleeves because it’s time, to begin with, the read.

Now, without more ado, let us kick-start the article!

1. Ensure you parked your vehicle on a level surface

First of all, you will need to set the emergency brake to initiate the procedure. It will be set up through the release of the hood. You have its original position at the left side of the driver’s footwell. While performing it, you should check your headlights and key switch. Keep both of them off for a replacement.

2. Move to the front of the vehicle

Move the hood of your car upward. If you think it is too heavy to uplift the hood, no worries at all. Place your hand between the hood while pushing it upward. That way, you will be safe from a mild injury. 

3. Locate headlamp assembly

Now it is actually time to find the headlamp located inside the hood. Insert your hand carefully to remove the defective part.

4. Dislodge the pins

Locate your flat screwdriver on the surroundings of the pins. Rotate it anti-clockwise. It might seem impossible to rotate because of road dirt. A straight blade screwdriver will be sufficient to dislodge the fixes through the headlight housing. Here is the pro tip! Rotate the pins until they came out of the headlight housing.

5. Pull headlight retainer pins

Pull out the pins gently from their position. You will be required to note the original positioning because it can put you in trouble. Do you know why? It is because the placement of the retainer pin is interchangeable.

6. Disconnect the harness

While removing the pins, hold the headlight firmly. It will assist you in disconnecting the harness of bulbs by squeezing it inward in the connector. Make sure to perform it with patience. Because it will save you in breaking up the internal wirings.

7. Twisting the bulb

Remove the bulb from the headlight in an anti-clockwise direction. While performing it, you should keep in mind that there are bit chances of electrocution. That is why we will never suggest removing the bulb without wearing gloves. 

8. Bring a new bulb

Thankfully, take out the new bulb from the packaging. Correctly, remove the wrap around the bulb. Impulsiveness always brings damage to your life. Hence, softly hold your bulb to install it in the running light. 

9. Inserting a new bulb

Firstly, clean your new bulb with sandpaper. It will inevitably remove the dirt from the sensitive areas, especially the baseline. Now, insert it inside the headlight position. Here is the ideal technique for you all! Insert your bulb while rotating it at a 90-degree angle. Make sure to continuously rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction.

10. Returning towards the vehicle

When you are done inserting the bulb, attach the housing board to your car vehicle. Does it seem difficult to you? No worries! As a first step, connect all the wires on the housing board. So that you will not face difficulty while attaching it to a car vehicle.

11. Reconnection of harness

Reconnecting the bulb to a harness will give you a signal in the form of an audible click. If you still don’t get the warning at point, tug the connection slightly with relaxation. It will ensure you that the harness is entirely connected to the bulb.

12. Loosely attaching the housing

We are halfway through the article. Make sure that it trapped the empty pinholes with the wires. If they do not line it up, take two steps back in order to line up the pinhole. During the process, keep in mind that the selected sides of the pin must be used correctly.

 Otherwise, it will ruin all the process.

13. Reinsertion of pin

Adjust the new pin to the headlight housing through the car vehicle. While the penetration of pins, make sure to insert them in the actual position. Shorter in size will goes into the housing first. Carefully perform the insertion because the replacement is in the hand of pins.

14. Rotation of pins

The rotation of pins looks unbelievable when it comes to a time-consuming job. Don’t stop rotating the pins until they lock themselves in a tab of a headlight. The direction of the headlight should be upward to the ceiling. It will make your day easiest for the pin insertion. If you think this work is not your type, hire a professional from a good organization. Never hire someone on an expensive amount. It can perform this type of work at a reasonable price.

15. Checking the light function

Start your car to check the proper functioning of your vehicle. If your vehicle did not start, don’t panic yourself. Simply shut down the hood for flexibility. Clean the areas around the car. Now, introduce it for a great experience. In addition to it, the running lights will work parallel to your vehicle. That means you will undoubtedly experience the illumination of super brightness. Hence, remove the fear of driving at night. Because such illumination will clarify your vision like a ray of sunshine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you remove the daytime running light assembly?

Remove the bulb from the daytime running light. Disconnect the wirings from the vehicle to the housing of light. Once, it completely shut down without the existence of current. Follow the next step as the unscrewing the pins from the running light. When you figure out the location of the bulb inserted in a socket. Remove it while rotating it in a counterclockwise direction. Surprisingly, the angle differs for every car. Yet, counterclockwise is used more often in the latest cars. If you have any confusion, read the manual of the automobile. Manual will guide you step-by-step in a simple language.

Q: How do I change a running light?

First and foremost, don’t pull the bulb directly through your hand. Wear rubber gloves on a right hand to pull it firmly. Make sure to disconnect the electrical current in the wiring. Never change the connectivity of wiring without reading a manual. The manual will guide you till the end of the changing process. Always start the process with the left headlight. Pull the bulb straight out with a firm grip. Never lose your focus while removing it. The reason is that the wiring will confuse to make you to start the process again.

Q: Is H11 a low beam bulb?

H11 is a one-pattern bulb that offers a single beam throughout your journey. If you know that in ancient times, people prefer the use of H11 during the night. They place in their bicycles for a proper visual. As they used it for one position, it is perfect for bicycles. More often than not, you can install it in your washroom or a night light for your sleep. Never install it for a brightening purpose because it gives light familiar with fog light.

Q: How do you turn on the running lights on a 2004 Chevy Silverado?

Turning on the running light does not take a lot of time. Yet, it is tricky to reach the best results. Firstly, bump off the headlight and place them temporarily on the parking mode. That step will also save the high consumption of fuel. After that, it will surely meet the condition when the system will turn on automatically. 

Q: Where is the daytime running light sensor?

You will vividly find it out on the dash area or the engine compartment. In the latest cars, it placed the engine compartment under the square of the dashboard. Some of the old versions of cars have a placement adjacent to the hood. In some cases, you could barely find it out through the given location. Check the exact location from your car manual. It will guide you accurately.


Cheers! We have completed our topic for today. We have explained entirely to change the running light bulb in a perfect way. Moreover, you can ask anything relatable in the comment section below. We will answer your questions with accuracy, and you would not remain confused with your questions. That was all from our side. We hope that you have to find the ideal surprise in the article.

Till then, toddles!

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