How to Remove Square Light Fixture Cover
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How to Remove Square Light Fixture Cover? Ultimate Guide!

Are you scratching your head over a dimly lighted room as the bulbs inside the square light fixture cover stop working? This article will explain how to remove square light fixture cover through easy and safe steps.

These square light covers are in great practice because of the modern and elegant feel they provide. Also, removing and maintaining these light fixture covers is the main trouble.

 So this article will bring a step-by-step guide to address this issue.

So, you will not have to pay for professional assistance as you can safely complete this process by yourself at home or office. So stick around till the end to find out the solution.

The square lighting fixture is an excellent trend inside homes and offices. They look appealing to the eyes but maintaining them can be big trouble for most folks out there.

 There are some things to look after when replacing the light fixture cover to get the bulb out or replaced.

Main Reason:

Most LED or digital lights are exposed to the surroundings or at any possible place of their installation. But this is not the case with square light fixtures as the main lighting components are not exposed, and you can only access them by removing the cover.

There are some ways to get this done, but most people are likely to call for professional help when the lighting bulbs flicker or burn. So that is the reason why removing square light fixture cover is difficult to some extent.

Things you need to get this done:

  • A sturdy ladder
  • Gloves for covering your exposed hands
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety goggles
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toolbox to keep all the components
  • Feather duster

You will have to makes sure that you have all these things when starting the process. Each of the components exhibits excellent importance to remove the light fixture cover with success.

Steps to Carefully Remove Square Light Fixture Cover

Now let’s talk about the steps to successfully remove the square light fixture cover without seeking professional assistance.

1. Switch off the Lights:

This is one of the crucial steps when starting the process. It mainly concerns your safety as you climb up the ladder to get to the bulb. There can happen something very uncertain or reactive of your touch your bare cold hands on the bulb.


The reasoning is very straightforward as it can be understood from scientific studies as well. Every positive reacts with negative, which is certain, and that is the case here with the hands being exposed or cold touching a warmer bulb can cause explosion or skin irritation.

The severity of consequences highly depends upon the factors involving the process here. If the bulb has been running all day long while you promptly touch it, it can cause skin burns. Besides, feeling an on the bulb is never a good idea as with fluorescent bulbs bursting issues when touching.

How to avoid accidents?

You only have to switch off the bulb functioning inside the light fixture cover. Focusing on the primary light source is the most important thing here as you are basically getting the light from the base bulb hiding inside the cover.

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2. Get Everything Ready:

It is essential to take a toolbox when explaining how to remove the square light fixture cover when climbing the ladder. You can always decide on some stuff required for the cleaning purpose and put them inside the toolbox you will be carrying.

So you can have everything planned to take what is required to do this job efficiently.

3. Take Safety Measures Before Climbing:

Safety precautions are essential when it comes to such hustles. You always have to ensure your personal security before you can finally move up on a ladder to remove the cover, and safety goggles work best, ensuring your eye safety.

In addition, you can clean your goggles, so you don’t find obstructions when taking a view on top. A blurry vision can be very dangerous, so clean your goggles as you climb the ladder.

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4. Climb up and Remove the Light Fixture Cover:

Now, as you have climbed up the ladder to get to the light fixture cover, you have to locate all the screws. Make sure you precisely unscrew the screws using the given screwdriver inside the toolbox you are carrying alongside.

This process is very sensitive, so make sure you get this done with complete control and without rushing. Also, you don’t have to unscrew the entire screws installed on the cover, but you need some of them there; otherwise, the ceiling will fall.

Possibility of an accident:

There is always a great risk when an unprofessional is getting this process done. The sudden unscrewing process can let the ceiling fall right on your face. Also, the severity of the consequences depends upon the type of ceiling used to cover the square light fixture cover.

So, make sure you leave some of the screws on the ceiling so you have it in control.

5. Clean it up:

Take your time to remove the dust after removing the cover. You will want to remove the dirt from the surroundings of the bulb area. The toolbox you are carrying should have a glass cleaner and feather duster for cleaning purposes.

To complete the cleaning process before you finally get to twist the bulb from its base position.

6. Secure the New Bulb:

Twisting a bulb should be done with precision, and you must be wearing gloves at the time of this interaction. Now install a new bulb with precision and make sure you have everything at its place for avoiding future hassle.

7. Install the Fixture at Last:

Now comes the time to install the light fixture back in its position. You must have all your screws back to reattach to the ceiling.

Cleaning the glass:

You will want to clean the glass, so the light comes from the cover undistorted. If you leave stains and smudges on the glass, the light quality can be affected by this quality of the glass cover.

So make sure to clean the glass with a quality glass cleaner right on the surface and wipe it off with a microfiber. You can access them right from the toolbox for efficiently carrying out the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-How do you remove a square ceiling light fixture without screws?

You will be required to find a way inside the base of the light fixture and the ceiling using a screwdriver. That is when you will be making up and down movements creating enough gap for your hands to go through.

After that, you will have to keep your body in balance and pull the cover off without the help of screws.

2-How do you remove square fluorescent light covers?

The entire covering is based on a ledge of a small tip, and that is the portion you will be covering to remove the cover. You will have to remove the cover by holding the protruding side as you do with the conventional square light fixture covers.

You have to ensure an up and down movement to loosen the grip of the cover. That is the simplest way to get the cover off the base of its installation.

3-How do I remove a ceiling light cover with clips?

You are going to get this process done by following a few steps. This procedure requires some of the components to complete this procedure without getting you in any trouble. You will need a strong and balanced ladder where you have to climb to the light cover.

A balance should be ensured under all circumstances, as you can fall on the ground when the ladder isn’t balanced. Also, you can consider wearing gloves for the safety demand of this process. You will be demonstrating the size and the protruding part of the light cover.

Strengthen your grip on the loose clip and pull it out. That was the simplest way to get this process done without hiccups.

4-How do you remove fluorescent light covers without clips?

This is also a straightforward procedure, but you will have to stay active to avoid any complications. You will be rolling your hands on the light cover, especially on the edges, and it can be easily pulled down by gentle force.


So that was our complete analysis about the topic, how to remove square light fixture cover. This entire topic enlightens the causes and hindrances to remove the light fixture cover. In addition, the step-by-step guide helps to build a better understanding of the solution.

Therefore, most concerned people don’t have to spend on professional assistance regarding this solution. The above guide covers everything you need to know about as a requirement of the solution. So you can fix it by yourself without facing obstructions.

Happy Square Lighting!

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