How to Remove Globe Light Fixture
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How to Remove Globe Light Fixture? Your 101 Guide

Globe light fixtures are gaining sensational popularity in terms of fashion and interior décor. It does not only adds beauty to your residential area, but it will also enhance the level of gleaming brightest colors. 


Collecting a lot of replacement tools, how to remove globe light fixture? Don’t be downhearted! You just have to follow some guidelines before you begin with the processing. Our instructions related to your search will surely be enough to enlighten you. Moreover, you can check our FAQs section for a better understanding.

That is crazy! This guideline will cover everything for you. We have a surprise for you in the middle of the information. Therefore, continuation in reading will help you get it.

Now, without any further ado, let us kicking!

As per the first step to initiate the task, you must keep essential tools with yourself. if you don’t know anything about tools, don’t lose hope! We will guide you thoroughly on having those tools in your home.

Here is the list of tools in detail to utilize in the replacement:

1. Rubber Gloves

Having rubber gloves in your essential kit is pretty important in the entire procedure. Wearing rubber gloves reduces the friction while twisting the wiring accurately. In addition to it, it improves your grip on the glass easier. Isn’t it amazing? It will resolve half of your problem through it. Rubber being frictionless will allow more traction in twisting the glass.

2. Needle-nose Pliers

Here is the best tool to remove the screws of the fixture. Some tools like needle-nose pliers, don’t have the potential enough to unhinge the fixture without adding a lot of effort. That is why needle-nose pliers are the best option to save your time. The most beneficial point for using it is that it allows flexibility to replace the screws of the fixture.

3. Step Stool/Ladder

The last tool to effectively replace a light fixture is purchasing a step stool or a ladder. If you are short in height, you should keep a ladder in order to climb up to your fixture. But, make sure to install a holder on the edges of your ladder. It will keep you straight while replacing a globe fixture. Fortunately, you will not require to have someone to hold your ladder. 

How to Remove Globe Light Fixture (And Replace)

1. Make sure to switch off the power from the socket

Never start the procedure with impulsiveness. Whenever you decide to begin, make sure to switch off the power from the socket. Wait for at least five to ten minutes for the glass to cool down. Every glass quality is different from each other. According to the quality, its cooling process will only depend on the quality. Some of the glass will take more than ten minutes to prevent heat dissipation. When you see that the glass has cooled, put on your rubber gloves and go one step further.

2. Climb Up The Ladder

The most crucial step is climbing up the ladder to approach closer to your fixture. If you don’t reach it in the right way, your positioning can cause the fixture to collapse. To avoid such unbelievable accidents, keep your position straight up to the ceiling. Don’t look down while replacing it. You can fall with such actions. Attach a string holder on the borders of the ladder and climb up the ladder with straight body positioning. That will effectively make you reach the ceiling with no problem. Holders will be a lifesaver throughout your replacement journey.

3. Unscrew The Fixture

Does your fixture have screws? Well, that totally depends on the manufacturing company of fixtures. Screws take a lot of time to get replaced through needle-nose pliers. Yet, that does not mean that it is impossible to replace. You have to be consistent in the entire procedure. Some of you might be the luckiest who have the fixture with no screws. If you are one of them. You can absolutely skip this step and move on to the next one. While performing it, hold the glass with a forceful grip to keep it steady. 

4. Loosen The Globe

Here is the best part! There will be a loose part somewhere on the globe. You have to find it out to save your time. The primary role will be twisting the globe in the counterclockwise direction. It will take some time to bring you the loosened part. Once you get successful in finding the loose part. Separate it carefully and slowly to avoid any breakage. If your fixture was without screws, it might have the possibility of no loosening part of the globe. 

5. Replace The Globe

When you luckily pull out the globe, it is time to add the new one around the light bulb. While doing it, make sure to keep the positioning of the globe straight in installation. If you don’t keep it straight, you cannot screw the fixture back in its previous position. 

6. Avoid Disengaging

Turn your screw in a clockwise direction to avoid disengaging position. Always screw your globe light fixture with a needle-nose plier. Because it will effortlessly screw up the globe with the efficient speed. That is unbelievable! To complete the entire process like a pro, keep going screwing up without threading your globe in a crooked position. It seems hard sometimes for too many individuals. But the only thing that matters is your persistence in the whole process.

7. Tighten The Screws

Are you done with the above steps? Of course, you will now proceed to tighten up the screws to avoid any inconvenience. If you fail in tightening up, it can fall apart along with your light bulb. You will surely don’t wish to make it happen in real. Therefore, you should tighten up the screws with the help of needle-nose pliers. Here is the kicker: Use the pliers until the screws are not loose anymore. You can check its movement while giving it a slight touch.

8. Over Tightening The Globe

The most effective point to keep in your mind is to avoid over-tightening the screws. Over tightening may cause trouble in the future ahead. The reason is that you will have to apply a lot of force in your next replacement. You will be required to hire a professional to loosen up the globe. Because your tools will not be enough to deal with such difficulty. A highly experienced professional will utilize the same tools with a unique strategy.

9. Clean The Globe Fixture

That is an optional step for you all. But, sometimes dirt becomes the main reason for ruining the durability of the globe. It may also act as a resistance to the bulb shine. Hence, clean your globe more often to enhance the beauty of your room. Here is the solution! Add a small quantity of soap to water. Mix it well to notice the evolvement of the bubbles. After that, grab an old toothbrush and scrub the outer area of the fixture thoroughly.

How to Remove a Stuck Ceiling Fixture Globe

  • It seems interesting to you because the entire process comes with a different strategy. Want to know it? Well, you will need to heat the screws before directly pulling a globe out of the light bulb.
  • Heated screws will help to loosen up the fixture in no time. It will save your time as you will be successful in removing it effectively.
  • Tightening a stuck bolt can easily break the seal. Moreover, it will stay in the stuck position forever. If you ever try to remove the bolt, it will require the breakage of the entire sealing. Therefore, tightening the stuck screws is not a good idea.
  • Utilize the need for penetrating lubricant to increase the speed of your replacement. Professionals highly recommended it to keep it with yourself. if you don’t know its marketplace, you can check Amazon. In addition to it, survey the local markets to find the best quality based product.
  • While loosening the screws, hold the globe with one hand. Because it will add perfection to your grip. Some of you might face trouble using a needle-nose plier. That is alright! You can also try it with your hands wearing rubber gloves. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you remove a ceiling light fixture that has no screws?

As the initial step, tease the area between the base of your light fixture with the ceiling. You can pick on it with the help of a knife and a flathead screwdriver. In the second step, you can move it up and down to enhance the gap among them. Therefore, you can place your hand between them. In the last step, pull the present fixture with a powerful grip.

Q: Do I need an electrician to change a light fixture?

It depends on your experience in replacing a light fixture. If you are a newbie, you should hire an expert to change the light fixture for you. With no experience, you may cause severe problems in your home wiring.

Q: Why does my ceiling light have 3 wires?

3A is the wiring arrangement to keep them in one loop in the same room on the one light switch. If it has one less red, one less black, and one less green, this makes you understand that it ends in one loop. 

Q: Can you change a light fixture with the power on?

Yes, you can do it with a general license. We will highly recommend you to change it with the power off mode. If you have no relatable experience, it is not applicable for you. You can effortlessly perform it by turning it off.

Q: Is it hard to change a light fixture?

We cannot say that is not impossible for everyone. Yet, it requires some technical skills to efficiently change a light fixture. If you want to perform it, learn it thoroughly with practice. After some time, you will notice a tremendous change in your replacement strategies.

Q: Do light switches wear out?

Light switches only wear out when it is manufactured with the lowest quality. They are easy to take for granted. People who are not aware much about it purchase them as it comes at the lowest price. It has probably a lifetime of about three to four months.


Thank you so much! We are done with today’s topic. We have recommended some appropriate ways on how to replace globe light fixtures. You can check out our FAQ section to clear up your confusion. If, however, you have problems understanding effectively, leave your questions and choices in the comments section.

We would love to reach you all as soon as possible.

Finishing it by wishing you the happiest day!

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