How to Hide Fluorescent Lights
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How to Hide Fluorescent Lights?

Fluorescent lights are efficient enough to produce a large amount of light to make your place full of brightness. Yet, sometimes its intensity becomes sharp sufficient to irritate your eyes. Have you faced a sharpness problem during study time? Do you know how to hide fluorescent lights? Don’t you give up! We are always with you in your worst times.

That is unreal! Our guidelines will be enough for your enlightening process. In addition to it, you will receive a huge surprise in our article. Want to know where will you find it out? To observe it, don’t break your focus level. However, we have given some meaningful answers in our FAQs section. 

Now, without more ado, let us get straight into it!

The idea of hiding the sharpness of fluorescent lights came into our minds while attending a splendid party. That party enlightens us that adjusting a significant sum of decoration pieces around your corners can effortlessly hide the fluorescent lights. 

1. Utilizing colored sheet or fabric

The most effective option to conceal your imperfections with a colored sheet or a premium fabric will make your day. Here is a piece of good news for you all! This method is highly inexpensive to utilize in your formal events. Formal events more often demand an equal amount of lighting balancing with the décor theme. For that stability, covering the ceiling part with a popping colored sheet is the best choice. Moreover, the selection of fabric will not dim your entire event place. You can click pictures with no worries of darkness at night. If you have arranged an event on changing weather patterns, hang tacks on a loose arrangement to achieve a draping effect. It will also save your fabric from burning heat waves. 

2. Full coverage with rice paper

Here we come with another relatable solution to cover the light fixture with rice paper. Being a beginner can perform a light analysis of rice paper. If you intend to be an event manager, the rice paper will bring convenient facilities to your doorstep. There will be no requirement to call a professional for your help. The coverage will stay static throughout the night. Rice paper softly diffuses your light without turning your room dark. Attach an equal proportion of paper with a tack. To create brightness in your party, the addition of popping colors in your rice paper will enhance the magnificence of your place. It will naturally grab the attention of guests in the entrance hall.

3. Embellished light panels

Embellished light panels as a decorative part is another term for the additional purpose of controlling the intensity of lights. Light panels come in different shapes and styles in every local market. The prices of each are highly affordable for everyone. If you are confused about selecting the best one for a night, pick the panel related to your theme. For example, if you are organizing a birthday party, the hot air balloons styled light panels will save you from embarrassment. It incredibly expanded the choice range of light panels in every state. The only thing that matters a lot is the quality. Never go for the option giving you no durability of a product. It will waste your money to purchase such low-quality products. You can order it online through top-ranked websites. The top-most market in the world is Amazon. You can get benefits from their sale coupon opportunities.

4. Avoid fixtures

There are various options available in the market. But the honest one will be few in quantity. The easiest option to avoid dim light is bypassing the installation of fixtures in your light. The fixture has the ability to handle the sharpness of lights more broadly. To evade any imbalance situation, install only two to three lights in your room. Here is the kicker! You can only avoid fixtures for small places like parties at home or garden parties. The reason is that it only controls the sharpness to some limited point. Your room size also varies in the installing process. Removing a fixture takes a lot of effort and time. To save them, you can ask for help from your friend or any professional for a better presentation of your room. It will require you to wear rubber gloves on your removal journey. Because you can come in contact with severe hand injuries. 

5. Covering with a Reflector

Do you want a soft glow without sunlight? Well, a reflector will help you to get that effect. It only shows the magical achieves when it is attached to the ceiling. What do you think about its working process? It will surprise you to know that instead of filtering the sharpness of light, it reflects the ceiling. As a result, it gives a glow effect to your entire room. You can relate it to the musical lights at parties. It is the best gadget for those individuals that love to add something unique to their ceiling. Your commonly manufactured ceiling will look fabulous with its installation. In addition to it, it does not consume too much power. Therefore, it saves you to pay electricity bills in a large amount. In your free time, turn on the reflector with the fluorescent light to enjoy your night with some wonderful music. It will also brighten up your room within seconds.

6. Paper cranes in your service

People who are creative by passion will love to implement the features of paper cranes. It is the cheapest yet classiest way to give your place a dreamy look. It takes a lot of extra time to give them a perfect shape, and the installation process will be a tough job. If you have free time on weekends, create it with your whole heart to impress your guests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make my fluorescent lights look better?

On the way to bring some positive change in your surroundings, you can use rice paper or fabric. Being unique in facilities, it will stay on your ceiling for a long duration. Use hand paints on your lights or ceiling for the craziest look. It will be so helpful to your future because there will be no requirement to add any decoration for parties. Your ceiling will act enough for the entertainment of your guest.

Q: Is it safe to cover fluorescent lights?

Fluorescent lights are gaining popularity in a short span. The reason is that it is bringing health problems for humans. The use of fluorescent lights will hurt your eyes. The doctors highly advise avoiding the direct light of lighting because it emits harmful UV rays. Don’t you worry about such problems! Covering the fluorescent lights with some colorful fabric or paper cranes will save your eyes from irritation and infections. 

Q: What does a diffuser do on a fluorescent light?

Diffuser plays a vital role in diffusing the beam of the sharpest lighting in your place. It erases the maximum amount of harmful lights to reach your eyes. Moreover, it has the facility to convert the harsh light into giving the softest look. Its installation process is easy to get advanced in it with no exterior help.

Q: Do magnets affect fluorescent lights?

Yes, magnets show their effect to some limited boundary. But, we cannot say that it absolutely prevents the harmful rays towards you. In addition to it, a majority could barely handle the noisy movement of magnets. Being produced at cheap prices, there are not good in energy efficiency. Sometimes, it is stuck to one position that is hard to pull out from the positioning.

Q: What material is best for diffusing light?

The most effective material to diffuse the illumination effectively is Muslin. It comes in a silk texture to give a smooth effect to lighting. It comes in two ways. Unbleached muslin works perfectly for warmer tones of light. Bleached muslin         only diffuses light on a small portion.

Q: Can you replace a fluorescent light with track lighting?

Luckily, you can switch to fluorescent light with track lighting with no resistance. You will be thrilled to know that track lighting is connected to the same wiring system. You just have to unplug the older light to replace it with the new one. Track lights only connect to one point. It does not involve too much wiring process for installation.

Q: What can I use instead of a diffuser?

All you need is a microfiber towel in replacement of a diffuser. Put a towel over your panel to casually avoid sharpness in your eyes.


Thank you so much for making it to the end. We have recommended powerful ideas on how to hide fluorescent lights. Furthermore, you can write your questions in the comment section. We will try our level best to reply to you all with no delay. That was all for today. We will soon catch you all. 

Till then, have a good lightning day!

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