How to Choose LED Replacement For Compact Fluorescent Lamp
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How to Choose LED Replacement For Compact Fluorescent Lamp?

Are you looking to replace your compact fluorescent lamp with an LED replacement? Today, we’ll learn How to Choose LED Replacement for Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

This article will benefit you in many possible ways.

You will be able to comprehend the idea of making a replacement in CFL with an LED bulb.

So let’s not keep you waiting, and begin our discussion right away!

They are also denoted as energy-saving fluorescent tubes. This is a primary subject in one of the evolving histories of bulbs. These bulbs were introduced to replace incandescent bulbs permanently.

Therefore, they are like advancement over incandescent bulbs.

Also, these bulbs offer more service life than the incandescent lights that we see from the past. Moreover, CFL design is limited and compact, matching its title as it seems.

How to Make an LED Replacement for the Compact Fluorescent Lamp?

Choosing an LED replacement for your compact fluorescent lamp is not very simple. There are some steps to follow when we refer to making LED replacements.

So let’s look over some of the critical points below!

1-Check Your Old Bulb:

You have to make sure that you check the bulb base before making a move for purchase. Pick your old bulb, and see if the base and size will comply with your LED replacement. Otherwise, it will be hard to select the right LED replacement without knowing the size.

So make sure to understand the size that will be embedded on your bulb’s base. After that, you will be confident to choose the LED replacement.

2-Pin Configuration:

In this context, many people have trouble picking the right base pin configurations of their old bulbs like CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp). So selecting the replacement that complies with pin configuration is highly crucial.

Also, the situation of every bulb is different, with varying plug options. These plug options fuel the connection turn the lights on eventually. So make sure to find a suitable replacement, so you don’t have to face hassle in the future.

3-Voltage Indication:

This is one of the important steps that most people don’t acknowledge. You will have to see the voltage indicated on the bulb you are buying as a replacement. The LED bulb voltage must match with your existing CFL fixture.

Also, you can easily find the voltage indicated on the bulb package. It can be placed differently depending upon the packaging. But you will have to confirm and match it to ensure that you are buying the right bulb replacement.

4-Check Wattage:

Most CFL fixtures only allow a specific wattage value with respect to the bulb replacement. So the existing CFL fixture must match with the wattage of your LED bulb replacement. That is why you will match and ascertain the same wattage value with respect to the fixture.

If you buy a bulb that doesn’t match its wattage value with the fixture, you will not be able to see it’s functioning.

5-Find LED Replacements:

There are some LED replacements available in the marketplace. These replacements can comply with your existing CFL fixture.

So make sure to look for the right replacement to correct things when it comes to final configurations.

Compatibility of Compact Fluorescent Lamp with LED Bulb Replacement

Understanding the compatibility and “How to Choose LED Replacement for Compact Fluorescent Lamp is very crucial. So it is very crucial to understand the CFL base compliance with the LED bulb replacement.

You will not be able to connect your LED replacement without proper knowledge regarding the CFL base nature.

The Plug-In:

You must understand the plug-in type of CFL base fixtures before making a replacement move. The plug-in CFLs bulbs have a pin socket type, which is different from the other bulbs like LED bulbs. Also, most LED bulbs have thread sockets that are different from CFLs.

So you will have to search for the compatible CFL base with respect to the LED bulb. Now, abundant options are available in the market, making a perfect match. Therefore, please give it a search and then make sure to replace it and make a difference.

The Number of Pins:

You will find different numbers of pins with respect to your CFL bulb. Also, that depends on the type of Compact fluorescent lamp you have. Mostly, there will be either 2 or 4 pin options. Now that is where the LED bulb replacement is tricky.

Make sure to give it proper time and attention to see how the replacement compatibility can work.

Number of Tubes:

Make sure to look into the category of your Compact fluorescent lamp with respect to the tubes. That is when you will be selecting the type of LED bulb as a replacement accordingly.

So make sure to check and purchase the replacement accordingly thoroughly.

Why Are LED Bulbs Better than Compact Fluorescent Lamps?

Understanding the incredibility of lighting innovation is important for you to make the right decision. If you can understand the benefits of LED lighting over CFL (Compact fluorescent lamp), you will confidently make the LED replacement.

1-Lighting Functionality:

This is one of the leading benefits of choosing LED bulbs over the Compact fluorescent lamp. The potent brightness is the same, but with a lot less power required. That is something to note when comparing Compact fluorescent lamps with LED bulbs.

The LED bulbs request significantly lower power enhancing the service. Also, you will be able to get the same constant brightness for a long in comparison with a Compact fluorescent lamp.

2-Focused Lighting:

You might be the one who likes to have focused lighting, and that is where LED lights excel. The LED lights provide lighting in one direction, which is different from the Compact fluorescent lamp. Also, Compact fluorescent lamps feature split lighting, which might lose out on brightness.

Sometimes, you require maximum brightness in a specified direction. That is where LED bulbs will provide the best functionality than Compact fluorescent lamps.

3-Saves Energy:

LED bulbs use over 90% energy with almost no heat dissipation. That puts the entire energy to work. So, little to no heat is lost during the functioning of LED lights. Additionally, LED lights use lower energy input than Compact fluorescent lamps.

That improves the service life of the LED bulbs. Moreover, you will be able to save a lot of money at the end of every month. People using LED bulbs have noticed a great reduction in their electricity bills every month.

So it does make a great choice when it comes to saving extra money.

4-Longer Service Life:

Working hours matter a lot when it comes to selecting bulbs for your professional and domestic purposes. LED bulbs are a certain improvement over the Compact fluorescent lamp. Therefore, the LED bulbs have a way better service life than the Compact fluorescent lamp.

LED bulbs have about a 50000-hour lifespan compared to the Compact fluorescent lamp, which has just 10000 hours. Your investment in LED bulbs is worth more than fluorescent bulbs.


The LED bulbs have safe construction as compared to compact fluorescent lamps. Also, the compact fluorescent lamp comes with harmful mercury inside in the construction. You are absolutely exposed to the harmful mercury when the bulb is damaged.

But that is not the case with LED bulbs featuring safe construction. So LED bulbs are environment-friendly and safe at the same time.

Buying Cost of LED Bulb and Compact Fluorescent Lamp

It is obvious that you will have to pay more with the latest LED bulb technology. So the initial cost is higher than the compact fluorescent lamp when we look over the consumer space. LED bulb costs around 7-8 dollars depending upon the supplier.

On the flip side, compact fluorescent lamps cost way less around the 3-4 dollar mark. This is way below the average cost of LED bulbs. But, the LED bulbs are worth your purchase in many possible ways, as we discussed earlier.

The brightness and strong light potency are the way of its functioning. You are getting longer service life than the compact fluorescent lamp. In addition, LED bulbs will bring energy saving functionality in shape of reduced electricity bills every month.

You will achieve better overall lighting functionality with the LED bulbs compared to compact fluorescent lamps. So the increased cost of LED bulbs is worth your considerations in every way possible.

Besides, compact fluorescent lamps have lower service hours, and they are not the most trusted lighting components.

Frequently Asked Question

1-Can you replace compact fluorescent bulbs with LED?

Yes, you can conveniently select an appropriate LED replacement for your compact fluorescent lamp. For instance, you will just have to know the right fixture type, base, and pin type.

2-Can you use LED bulbs with a ballast?

Most of the LED bulbs won’t require a ballast. Also, some will be designed to work with the Ballast that comes with the manufacturing.

3-Do I need to remove the Ballast to use an LED bulb?

LED bulbs can work with existing Ballast, so you no longer have to remove them.


So that was everything regarding the topic, “How to Choose LED Replacement for Compact Fluorescent Lamp.” LED replacement is just worth it when it comes to the compact fluorescent lamp. You are getting many benefits when you make this worthy replacement.

Also, you save energy and achieve better service life when we talk about LED replacement in a compact fluorescent lamp. Besides, make sure to look over the requirements with respect to the base fixture, voltage, wattage, and everything.

So you can get the right LED replacement at the end of the day.  

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