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How to Change Trunk Light Bulb? 101 Guide


The trunk is a must-have place in your car to place your essentials. A car trunk not only helps you find the things you stored inside it exclusively at night drive. Despite all essential, the operational light is a big deal to place in your trunk. Yet, you might have a trunk in your car, but do you know how to change trunk light bulb? No worries! We are always there to remove every resistance from your life. 

That is beyond belief! Nevertheless, you will find everything that boosted your research. Isn’t it wonderful! You will have every information within one article. Furthermore, we have provided some most asked questions in the FAQ section. Don’t forget to check it out. We have planned a surprise for you in this article. You will find it with a good read!

Now, without wasting any time, let us get started!

The terrible signs of a trunk light will require you to replace it with the newest one. But, how would you find the exact time to replace it? Well, how is that possible that we move on without enlightening you with the signs? Once you observe any of the mentioned signs, don’t hesitate to buy a new light from the market.


If your lights are dimmer than usual, it is clear that you are looking for the best for your car’s trunk.

Because the light has become weak over time. Nevertheless, you can absolutely deal with this situation. Either you can buy a dimmer controller or a new light as per your choice. If you don’t want to replace the light, connect the light with the dimmer controller. More often than not, it will add strength to your light. 


You will clearly not like the shine of light with to brightness. The sharpness of light can irritate your eyes which results in redness and infection. Once you notice its sharpness, you can take immediate action. Such difference is likely visible due to a volatile motion of electricity inside the trunk light. Here is the kicker! If you observe such signs after a while, replace it before it burns out unusually. If you forgot to replace the bit, your entire room will be burning because of one light-producing electrolyte in a volatile motion.


The main reason that causes everyone to change it is the flickering lights in every moment. Yet, it might be happening due to a loose bulb. You can tighten it up to check the desirable results. The chances are no improvement in the processing. If it does not discontinue its flicker, it is the right time to change it. 



  • An Appropriate replacement light bulb
  • Box end or socket wrench 
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Gloves

Step by Step to Change Trunk Light Bulb

1. Disconnect the wires from the battery

Disconnect the wires from the battery to make the replacement of the bulb possible. It is a good habit to remove the cables from the negative terminal of the battery. In addition to it, it saves the bulb from getting fuse in a while. Thankfully, an admirable quality bulb stays up to 3 years if you keep the negative wiring disconnected. Hence, you should make your habit of this initial step before providing the repairing services at home. Because it will save you from electric shock as well.

2. Open your trunk with the keys

The location of the trunk may vary from car to car. Yet, you will mostly find it out in the driver’s side floorboard. Open your trunk with the keys to finding the placement of the light bulb. It might be on the roof of your trunk, depending on the available space in the trunk. If your trunk is smaller in size, the chances of location are at the edge of the trunk. Sometimes, you might not be able to find it out effectively. Use a flashlight with the super illumination of light to find it in the meantime.

3. Remove the trunk light housing

Now, it is time to remove the trunk light housing. Grab a flash head screwdriver to remove the screws gently from the surface of the light. Some of you might find it a time-consuming job. Yet, some techniques can solve your problem. Keep your patience high in removing the screws in a clockwise direction. That direction will definitely make your day! Do not break the plastic tabs from the housing as it will be expensive to replace them. The most effective step arrives when you will require disconnecting the wiring from the housing to the main power supply. If you have an old version of housing, it will be likely to pull out the housing to access the position of the light bulb.

4. Pulling out the light bulb

Pulling out the light bulb is the trickier process in the entire journey. Using your hands directly to remove the bulb from the socket will be dangerous for your health. You can come in contact with electric shock, or you can break the bulb. Usually, your hands can be oily enough to have a firm grip on pulling the bulb. If your bulb break, it can cost you an expensive amount of money to repair the housing socket. In addition to it, wear rubber gloves to prevent the bulb tucked at the base of the socket. Therefore, gloves will be a lifesaver to remove the light bulb efficiently. 

5. Select the suitable type of bulb for your place

Reinstallation can only be ideal if you select the suitable type of bulb for your place. If you are planning to insert the base of light in the home, use the light bulb with a simple push insertion. That kind of light bulb requires a minimum of time to fix it in your socket tightly. For office needs, add those lights with a cylindrical shape connected by two clips on the edges. These are only suitable for your office work because it stays for 156 hours a day. After that, it needs an adequate charging consumption from a power supply.

6. Tighten up the terminal cables thoroughly to avoid any complications

As the last step, you only need to connect the negative terminal of the battery to the negative part of the socket.

 Make sure to tighten up the terminal cables thoroughly to avoid any complications. Therefore, the job is complete, and you have to test the capacity of your bulb. If it is working perfectly, your hard work got fruitful. Start your vehicle engine to know the exact illumination sharpness for at least fifteen minutes. Then, close the trunk with your keys, and you are done with your replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you remove the trunk light on a Honda Civic?

The entire process is very simple to perform. As a first step, wait for your bulb to cool down for about twenty minutes. Then, you can operate practically to remove the trunk light from its base. To avoid breakage, push the light inside the socket and gently pull it out with a forceful grip. In this process, try to perform it while wearing rubber gloves. 

Q: How do you turn off the trunk light in a Honda Civic hatchback?

This process takes time to switch off the light entirely. When you have turned off your car, open up the trunk with your Honda keys. Then, pull the lid on the upward side to switch off the lights. In some models, it automatically switched the light off with the parking of your car. If you are willing to turn on the lights, completely close the lid for effective results.

Q: Do I need to turn off electricity to change the light bulb?

It is obvious to turn off the power button before the beginning of the replacement procedure. Your cold hands pulling off the hot bulb can cause it to explode horribly. That is why it is always suggested to give at least 15-20 minutes to cool down. Then, disconnect the wiring system from the circuit breaker. To save your time, disconnect the negative wire from the negative terminal of the battery. That will surely turn off the electric flow for a perfect replacement. 

Q: When should I replace my light bulb?

Your lights will start to flicker after some months of usage. Well, the durability depends on the quality of your lights. Yet, the minimum lifetime is of more than 10 months. If you have it locally, try to turn it off in between 6 to 7 hours a day. It will give extra life to your bulb.


Congratulations! We have reached the end of the topic. We have recommended you some ideal ways to change the trunk light bulb. Moreover, you can check the FAQ section to clear your confusion. Nevertheless, the comment section is always open for you. Ask your questions to know as soon as possible.

Ending it by wishing you a perfect replacement day!

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