How to Change High Light Bulbs?
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How to Change High Light Bulbs? 101 Guide


High ceiling lights look attractive in every residential area, yet it is trickier when it appears to confront challenges. Big houses indeed having high lights experience the sharpest problem to alter the ceiling lights. You will assuredly purchase high light bulbs to make your home adorable, but do you know how to change high light bulbs?

Never lose hope! Because you have always got our back. We will act as a mentor to guide you thoroughly, respective to changing high light bulbs without any trouble. That is unimaginable! Our techniques will be sufficient to ace the process. Furthermore, we have provided all your expected answers in the FAQ section. You would not believe that we have arranged an immense surprise in the article. Keep reading to find it efficiently.

Now, without a second thought, let us proceed with the topic!

High light bulbs offer a lot of attempts for a perfect replacement. To get successful in it, you need to select the right tools. You can either change it yourself or get someone highly professional to replace the light without ruining the ceiling. Fortunately, you can effortlessly change it with the usage of ideal tools.

1. Telescoping bulb grabber

The best way to change the light bulb is the use of a telescoping bulb grabber. It works ideally for an upward-facing bulb. Usually, upward-facing bulbs are used for the ceiling to enhance its charm. If you are scared of heights and your legs tremble on heights, a bulb grabber will save you from embarrassment. It only takes about five minutes to install a bulb on a ceiling.

Do you want to know how it works for a chandelier? Well, we will love to discuss every detail about its processing. Here is the bottom line! Wear your rubber gloves, to begin with the process. Before you start, try to keep your chandelier turn off. Connect your bulb grabber to the extension pole of a chandelier. That step will save you time to find the correct bulb. Gently keep your grabber on the top point to reach the provided notches.

Afterward, rotate your grabber in the direction of the bulb positioning. When you find the bulb on your grabber, exclude it from the grabber by pulling the release strings. Now, add the latest bulb on the grabber to install it on the chandelier. Once you get successful in installment, screw the sides of the bulb. After the release of strings, turn on the chandelier to experience the beauty of lights.

2. Utilization of a ladder

Before we get started, remember to have your protective gloves on your side. It will undoubtedly safeguard you from painful electric shocks. Ladders are conveniently available in the market. You can buy it according to the size of your room. If you are not aware of the actual size of your room, no need to get panic. 

Ask the salesman to give you a ladder taller than the standard size. Before you start the installation, grab a ladder to exact positioning below the ceiling. Make sure to clean the surface to make your ladder steady and level. The process, which includes a ladder, demands another person to grab a ladder for you while climbing on the top part. Once you reach the primary place, remove the bulb in an anti-clockwise direction. 

You must know that rotating takes a lot of time to eradicate the bulb. Therefore, keep your patience level moderate. After the bulb comes out, remove the old screws from the sides of the bulb. Now, it is time to install the new bulb. Install a new bulb on the ceiling while screwing up tightly. Make sure to keep the screws tight. That step will make your bulb static. Once you are satisfied with it, switch on the bulb to check the brightness. If it is not dimming, you have done a great job.

3. Installation of a lift

Here is the permanent solution for your replacement. The lifting mechanism will allow your chandelier to come down for cleaning and replacing a bulb. If you are a newbie, we suggest it to hire a professional for this task. Otherwise, read as manual carefully before you begin with the replacement. 

First and foremost, turn off your chandelier before you connect with the lift. Flip the breaker to disconnect it from the electrical box. You might have noticed a hole adjacent to the chandelier. Connect the hole with the magnetic winch. Now, connect them directly to the electric box to connect the wires to the chandelier. Some of you might get into a problem finding the electric source. Don’t you worry! You can find it out on the circuit board. On the circuit board, connect the low voltage wires from the winch to the motorized electric meter. 

Covering your wing while screwing up the voltage wires from the switch. After that, you will indeed observe a positive response in the production of brightness at low voltage. Test your chandelier for the best results. If it is working perfectly, there is no need to bring it down again. In the latest model of a motor lift, you can push a button to remove a bulb from a chandelier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you reach a high chandelier?

As you heard, it is not difficult to reach a high chandelier. You just need to buy a tall ladder from a local market. There is a requirement of two-person in the entire process. One should hold it, and the other one should reach the top part of the ladder to replace a high chandelier. A scissors lift is another tool to achieve a high chandelier. It allows two-person to safely reach the height with no sign of falling. It is a mobile platform that supports it to reach over 50 feet. Moreover, you can adjust the positioning of your choice. It is an expensive tool to buy. Hence, you should have it on a rent that will require affordable charges for about five hours.

Q: What is a chandelier bulb?

In today’s world, the chandelier bulb is gaining popularity since its discovery. People are often fond of installing it in their events and rooms. The reason behind it is the beauty that attracts the other person to reach it out. That is unbelievable! The furniture shops intentionally install it in their shop to engage more customer traffic. As compared to other forms of light, they have identified chandeliers in the form of codes. Luckily, its price is very reasonable that anyone can afford it.

Q: How do you replace a chandelier light?

First of all, remove the fixture from the chandelier. If you skip this part, it will be tough to replace a bulb. There will be screws around the lights. You will require to unscrew with a screwdriver. The wires connected to the primary power supply should be removed correctly. While following the steps, wear your protective gloves to avoid the electric current. Once you take out the chandelier from its original position, push the bulb inwards to withdraw it effectively. Now, measure the wiring size and reconnect them to install a new bulb. Lastly, turn on the electricity to check the working process of a bulb. 

Q: How do I change the bulb in my floodlight?

People highly used floodlights in the kitchen and washroom. Yet, it is only common in hotels and restaurants to create a dreamy look for their customers. Here is the good news! You can have quick access to a floodlight because it does not require a ladder for replacement. Unscrew around the corner of light. Don’t push it impulsively, as it will burn the bulb badly. Therefore, rotate the bulb in an anti-clockwise direction to pull the bulb efficiently. That technique will never regret you in the long run.

Q: Can you leave a light bulb out of the socket?

Here is the risk of electrocution injury to any one of you. That is why it is always recommended to never leave your socket empty. Due to the presence of high voltage, there are chances of fuse lights in one phase. Rather than injury, the insects can make their home inside the socket. It is really terrible because the insects can ruin the connectivity of wiring to the main power board. 

Q: Can I replace halogen track lights with LED?

LEDs can naturally handle all hues of light. Therefore, it is very easy to replace an ordinary light with a LED. It requires a simple procedure that a beginner can also perform with the right tools.


We have reached the end of the article. All thanks to you! We have recommended the perfect procedure to follow for a replacement of high lights. Furthermore, you can check our FAQs section for clarity. If you want to ask something else, go ahead! We would love to answer you all.

Till then, have a beautiful lighting day!

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