How to Change Double Ended Halogen Bulb?
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How to Change Double Ended Halogen Bulb? 101 Guide


A linear-shaped bulb is highly adapted for indoor and outdoor lightings for a perfect vision. It will not only make a mansion look exquisite, but it will also provide security with no regret in the future. Does your home need private care for essentials? Then halogen bulb with a double-ended facility will absolutely fulfill your wish. 

Some people do install it without knowing it better. When they face a sudden situation of the stuck bulb in the socket, it requires an instant replacement. Nevertheless, do you have any clue on how to change a double ended halogen bulb? Do not bother about it. Because you will learn a perfect guide for a replacement. On another note, get ready for a jaw-dropper surprise coming your way. You will own it shortly. 

Now, as quickly as possible, let us crush it!

1. Turn off the main supply

As the first step, switch off your lights from the main power supply. Mainly, the electrical supplier is transferring high voltage current to your lights. Because of that, you can come in contact with an electrical current. So, never touch the wires coming from the main supply. Yet, you can switch off the electrical supply through an insulated button.

2. Remove the outer covering

This step will be trickier for a newbie to kick-start the procedure. No worries! We can share a suitable technique for your ease. They fixed the glass present on the outer area of the bulb on the edge of the bulb. Luckily, it is not sticking with the glue. Slide up the glass on your side. Once you notice a little space, insert your fingers to pull it against the light. Never go harsh with the removal because it can break the glass. 

3. Discharge halogen bulb

Bulb connected to the electrical socket will never discharge with no use of equipment. Get your hand on a needle nose plier to detach the wires from a bulb. It might seem impossible to you. But trustfully, never give up in the middle of a mission. If you feel that bulb is not coming out, rotate it counter-clockwise through a plier. You will eventually get the results within half an hour of hard work. Don’t you have time for a bulb discharge? Hire a professional to get productive help from his side. Only follow this tip if you have savings in your account. Otherwise, try to invite your friend to help you save your time.

4. Wipe out the base area

Do you know the fundamental cause of dimmed bulbs? It is all because of the collision of dust particles inside the base compartment. You can clear with a wiping towel at your convenience. As we know, the base area has a small space. So, you are in need of specific washing tools for your cleaning purpose. Buy them from any closest store, or you can order them from Amazon. Take a dry mini brush to clean the outer corners of the base. Afterward, spray a detergent on tissue paper and roll it in a toothpick to plain every possible layer. Now, you are thankfully done with the trickiest part of changing a bulb.

5. Installation process

People from northern areas face issues understanding the installation process because of a lack of awareness. Yet, the internet has the heavenly power to reach everyone. Well, it is the best time to grab your newly purchased bulb from the box. Push your bulb inward to get fit inside the socket. Attach the bulb with the wires of the socket. The color of wires might differ. But, red and blue are the typical wires coming out of the socket. 

Reviews of Double-ended Halogen Bulb

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Here is the first choice of an Amazon for purchasing a premium quality product. This product produces the same amount of energy and brightness when processing in an energy-saving mode. We all have heard that traditional bulbs have no capability to produce heat. In recent years, the LED lights with halogen bulbs available in the market with the facility of heat dissipation. Being born brightness, it protects your eyes from allergies. Now, you can better read your novel under glorious brilliance. You will be luckiest to purchase it because it has a warranty or money-back offers. Do not miss this incredible offer for your appropriateness.

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A tubular form of bulb has won the hearts of a homemaker since it has become Amazon’s first choice. Its function is just like a regular bulb. You can have access to many facilities. It is perfect for home and office because both of them grab the attention of visitors. Therefore, this lovely bulb adds some spice to the beauty of your place. Are you excited to know more? Of course, it is designed to get fixed in any area of your stand. The actual size is moderate and flexible for an installation. 

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Do you know its specialty to be the Amazon first choice? Well, it is structured in a landscape setting up the arrangement of T3 bulbs. Moreover, you can check the reviews of reliable customers. You will undoubtedly clear your doubts while observing the illumination of the brightest light with emission on 120 voltage. More often than not, it does not burn like a firecracker. It does not add extra heat to your place. If the weather is too hot, you cannot blame the lights for warmth. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you remove a double-ended halogen bulb?

The entire procedure is of a moderate level that seems simple without performing it. Bring the specific tools, including needle nose pliers, to detach the wire’s connectivity. Once you disconnect the electrical current; you are in need to unplug the bulb from its position. Hold your ladder stable while pulling the old bulb. After this step, insert the new bulb while wearing rubber gloves. Push it so that it gets inserted inside the fixture. 

Q: How do you install a halogen bulb without touching it?

Well, it is not possible to perform any task with no use of your hands. Yet, you can avoid a direct touch to your bulb. Wear your gloves to protect yourself from electrical current. Now, unscrew the sides of the bulb with the screwdriver. Rotate the screws in an anti-clockwise direction. Grab the bulb with soft hands because there are chances of a bulb breakage. The bulb comprises glass, and glass can break easily with an extraordinary firm grip.

Q: How do you remove a plastic ceiling light cover?

 People having bulbs installed on their ceilings face problems while removing the light bulb. But, if you follow some brilliant techniques, you can make your day successful. Place a high ladder to your ceiling. Have someone who can hold the ladder firmly. Now, you don’t need to wear your gloves because the outer cover has no presence current. They only placed it for the protection of the bulb. Directly, pull the bulb quickly like you snatch a snack. 

Q: Are halogen bulbs safe to use?

Well, it all depends on your version of a halogen bulb. If you are using the latest version, then the is no need to be scare of electrocution. You can feel safe around the halogen bulb. Now. Halogen bulbs are trending, and restaurants have also installed them to appear modern. For your safety measures, try not to come closer to it. Because fabric can absorb the heat emitted from the bulb. Therefore, it is a high risk of fire explosion. Here is the recommendation! Install a halogen bulb at an enormous distance to your bed. A sleeping person is not conscious while something weird is working. So, it makes sense to implement the placement of the bulb at a distance. 

Q: Can you clean a halogen bulb?

The cleaning process follows some basic rules. Utilize the need for rubbing alcohol mixed with a detergent to avoid skin allergies. Pure alcohol can burn your skin. So, you should use it with a soap mixture. Combine them well to make a saturated solution. Dip any rough cloth in it to wipe any dirt from the outer portion of the bulb. Moreover, you can clean the fixture to give a polished look to your place. Everything cleaned adds a sophisticated look to your place. So, who does not want that? Of course, everyone loves to have it. Therefore, cleaning is the only way to achieve it in real.


Much appreciated your effort! We have reached the bottom line of our article. We have done our part while guiding you on how to change double ended halogen bulb? Now, it is your time to perform it efficiently. We will surely wait to know your best results. Do you want to ask something? Drop it in the comment section. We will contact you all soon.

Until next time, have a prosperous life!

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