How to Change Blinker Bulb
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How to Change Blinker Bulb of Your Car?

We use blinker bulbs or signal lights as a safety feature for driving purposes. Blinker bulb will not only help to increase the speed of your car but also improve your visibility. You might be wondering how to change blinker bulb of your car? Don’t you give up! We are always here to cover everything for your convenience.

That is incredible! This guide will give every searched information within one article. Therefore, you can undoubtedly rely upon our services. Isn’t it amazing? 

Furthermore, you can go through our FAQs section to acknowledge yourself. We have also arranged a huge surprise for you all. Want to know about it? You will surely get it in the middle of the article. Therefore, maintain your focus for better understanding. 

Now, let us have a look at the dynamic information of changing a blinker bulb.

No replacement is incomplete without using a perfect tool. These tools are used highly in the changing process of a blinker bulb. The recommended tools will never cause harm to your body.

1. Protective Gloves

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The most vital tool to have in your first hand is wearing rubber gloves. These gloves will help you to strengthen your grip in installation. More often than not, it will allow you to pull the fixture with no fear. The rubber gloves will prevent the electric shock from flowing in your car.

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2. Repair Manual

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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Here is the best part of its processing! If you don’t have advanced skills in replacement, you can learn from the provided manual. In addition to it, you can buy the manual from the local market at a reasonable price.

3. Screwdriver

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We highly recommended a screwdriver to keep it with you as a mandatory tool. It will unplug the loaded screws around the blinker bulb. Move the screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction. Always remember to shut off the screws while wearing the gloves.

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4. A Spare Bulb

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After gathering the above tools, buy a spare bulb with a transparent color. The reason behind it is that translucent colors will illuminate the super bright light. Therefore, the time of worrying about driving late at night has gone. Bulbs in yellow or orange color will be attractive to your eyes. Yet, it will not provide you benefits in driving at night.

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How to Change Blinker Bulb of your Car?

Steps to change blinker bulb of your car:

1. Open the hood of your car to find the affected part

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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As the first step, you need to open the hood of your car to find the affected part. Once you find it, don’t waste any minute in holding it. Slowly pull the wires to easily bring the electrical connector out of your car. Every car has a unique electrical mechanism. Some electrical connectors require tools to replace them. Nevertheless, the most common automobiles will not involve any specific tools to remove them.

2. Find the blinker bulb

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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Some of you might face difficulty in finding the blinker bulb in the right place. No worries! We came up with an alternate idea. Pull the signal light instead of it. Because it will soon expose you to the original place of the bulb. Therefore, keep your focus on it while removing it in the clockwise direction. While removing the signal light, keep your body bend in an uncomplicated position. It will prevent you from getting fatigued.

3. Power off your car

how to change blinker bulb
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Are you dealing with the exact problem? Well, we have a great solution to this problem! Of course, you are super excited to know more about it. If your car seems to produce the busted light, take the tail light lens out of it. While performing it, power off your car. Don’t be quick to resolve the issue. Because wiring will have a flow of current till ten to fifteen minutes after turning the automobile off.

4. Access the bulb

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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Getting to the blinker is a difficult task to perform in an efficient way. We will recommend you two ways: trunk and tail lens light. If still, you don’t get it, you should hire a car mechanic for effective processing. Look inside the car trunk because it often consists of signal light in the car’s hood. Luckily, you will undoubtedly find it through our two ways. Uncover the plastic from the signal lights. If you don’t follow up, it will take a lot of time to replace.

5. Remove the Bulb

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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Now, we are pretty sure that you are successful in discovering the correct position of the blinker bulb. Initially, remove the plastic from the outer layer of the bulb. Grab a piece of rag to gently grip the bulb with your hands. To make it convenient, pull the bulb towards yourself while twisting it clockwise. Some later model cars will require you to use some specific tools to press inwards while pulling it out.

6. Clean

How to Change Blinker Bulb
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After implementing the above steps, you will indeed inspect the socket after pulling out the bulb. Observe any signs of corrosions and dust particles on its side. After the identification, clean the area of the bulb placement with sandpaper or water detergent. First of all, scrub the outer layer with the help of sandpaper. Here is the surprise for you! Usually, cars have the narrowest sides at which dust particles collide together. To remove it effectively, use a wire brush and scrub it. It will remove any debris from the socket.

7. Replace the Turn Signal Bulb

how to change the blinker bulb
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Not all the bulbs are manufactured in equal sizes, and it varies from model to model. To find the perfect size for your car, take the old bulb to the nearest local market. They will provide you the accurate bulb for the placement. Push the new bulb into a socket by plugging the screws tightly. Whenever you place it inside, test the bulb’s durability and speed of lighting. After that, screw the previously removed screws back in place.


Frequently Asked Question

Q: How do you replace the front turn signal bulb?

You have to turn the right side of the signals to observe it effectively. If the lights are not alternating between dim and bright, you require a proper replacement.

Q: How do you change a brake light bulb?

Twisting the bulb socket wire in order to replace it is a definite step to do at the rear of your house. Always twist it in a clockwise direction. Pull the old version of the bulb to replace the lamp housing in a reverse way. 

Q: How do I change the light bulb?

Loosening up the screws from their original place that usually hold the glass over a light bulb. You will effectively notice that it is hold up with the placement of two to three screws in the opposite directions. Besides it, try to utilize the benefits of a screwdriver while lifting the dome of the frame.

Q: How do you replace a turn signal switch?

Here is the best part! Sit on the driving seat of your car. Use a trim tool to pull the wiring placed above the steering column. It will definitely expose you to the turn signal switch. You can also use your hands to effectively remove it. 

Q: What is a signal switch?

A signal switch is a lever mechanism that is fixed at the bottom of the outer layer of a car. These lights are associated with the other lights including headlights, fog lights, and car turn lights. It is also commonly known as the blinker bulb lights.

Q: How does a turn signal switch work?

The turn signal switch has several functions according to its specialty. It contains mechanical and electrical operations to work successfully. Electrically, it turns on and off the light whenever a vehicle takes a turn. 

Q: How to find out right headlight bulbs for your vehicle?

Firstly, check its cooling performance capability. Because it might take a lot of time to come into its cooling stage. If this takes time, look for products made by another company. As a final step, observe the stability of its beam pattern. If it covers every area with its light, then you have chosen the right headlight bulb.

Q: How do you replace a headlight bulb?

Sometimes it is hard to identify the right time to replace the headlight bulb. Yet, we will guide you thoroughly to find the best time for a replacement. First, check the point where the light has been busted. Second, open the hood of your car to replace it with the new one. Last, screw the newest one in the previous position. 


Congratulations! We have completed our today’s article. We have recommended effective ways on how to change blinker bulb of your car. Moreover, our FAQs section will help you out throughout the journey. You can ask more questions in the comment section with no hesitation. We would love to reply to you all as soon as possible.

Till the next article, have a great lighting day!

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