How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb?
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How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb?


Halogen light bulbs tend to be high in demand due to the production of brightness. It brightened up the room more than an incandescent bulb and is cheap in price. Yet, it does not perform as per your expectation. So, do you know How To Change A 2 Pin Halogen Light Bulb? Never give up on your goals! We are always here to guide you till the end of the information. That is unthinkable for you all! This article will provide you everything that you expected from us. Hence, we would not regret it as always. 

You will love to know that there is an ultimate surprise for you all. Want to know about it? For that, don’t you divert your mind and keep focusing on reading.

Now, without a second thought, let us go ahead with our topic!

The necessity arises when a bulb loses its capacity to perform like a pro. The techniques to change the 2 pin halogen light bulb might take time to learn efficiently. Once you get the point, nothing can stop you from changing it. Here is a piece of good news! Our instructions will bring your dream into reality. You will be required to follow up on the instructions given below:

1. Precautions Measures

Before the initiation of the procedure, take every precautionary measure to any extent. Power off the primary power supply from the breaker circuit. That will make sure that there is no power supply in your place while you are changing the light. People who do not take it seriously have to experience an e3lectrocuted. It is a serious issue because it can cause severe injury to your body. Therefore, follow all the rules and regulations. It will keep you safe like a shield.

2. Cool it down

As we all know, a halogen bulb emits a tremendous amount of energy for a long time. It keeps producing heat until you switch off the light. In that duration, let the halogen bulb cool down for at least an hour. Because it takes a lot of time to cool down. Logically, it consumes high voltage to produce illumination. That is why we will suggest cooling it down. Once it takes an hour to cool down, gently touch it. If you find it chillier than before, it is the perfect time for the replacement.

3. If Unreachable

Sometimes, it is hard to reach the location of the halogen bulb. If you are short in height, you can take the influence of a ladder. It will surely help you to reach the location to the point. It is clearly impossible to reach the top of the ceiling on bare feet. Use your sixth sense while using a ladder. Have someone in backup to hold your ladder throughout the procedure. Never place your ladder in a crowded area. Set everything aside to make the surface spotless. That step will definitely keep your ladder stable during the replacement of a halogen bulb.

4. Gloves Are Important

It is crucial to grab your protective gloves on your way to replace a halogen bulb. It proves itself beneficial for those who have sweaty hands. If you touch your bulb directly, there is a chance of breakage. Oily hands do not have a firm grip to pull out the bulb effectively. Because sweaty hands can cause a serious circuit explosion in your surroundings. Therefore, there is a need to avoid using your hands directly. Wearing protective gloves made up of cotton can cling it until you replace it without causing any error.

5. Remove Lamp Cover

The trickier point comes when you have to remove the cover of the lamp with delicacy. If you fail in having patience, you can get into trouble. The entire processing seems to have simple steps. Yet, you will be shocked to know that it is not that easy. Want to keep it simple? Well, you can remove it on a standing position at a ladder. They usually made lamp covers up of glass. So, it might take time to pull it towards your side. You will fix it with tight screws. Hence, unscrew with a specific tool. Halogen bulbs are usually screwed up tightly so that they will not move from their position.

6. Unscrewing

Here is the arrival of a critical point! After the removal of the cover, it is time to remove the bulb from the socket. Softly press the bulb inward to pull it out. To have an effective result, rotate the bulb in a counterclockwise direction. That trick will absolutely save your time. After some time, you will observe that your bulb is not revolving anymore. Well, that is the stage at which your bulb needs to be replaced. Unscrew the sides of the bulb in such a way that it firmly comes in your hand, causing no collapse.

7. Placing New Bulb

The most awaited time has arrived when you place your new bulb into a socket. Draw out a new bulb from the box and try to fit it in a socket. When it gets inside the socket, screw up the corner of a bulb in such a way that it wouldn’t come out. Begin with the rotation in an anti-clockwise direction. That direction will locket it up in the socket. If you feel that your bulb is not rotating anymore, it is time to leave it. 

8. Checking the Bulb

Lastly, check your bulb that is working accordingly or not. If you find it successful, you are done with the entire procedure. If you fail, that is alright. Check the pins, screws, and electrical connection to the main supply. In that process, keep your child away from the place. Because your focus will be only towards the replacement. Keeping the wire disconnected near a child can bring serious injuries. Whenever you have a busy schedule, plan a replacement day in your free time. Because impulsiveness only causes huge problems for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I replace the 2 pin halogen bulb with an LED?

Yes, it is easy to replace the 2 pin halogen bulb with an LED. It requires some technical steps for an ideal replacement. Always have a screwdriver, protective gloves, ladder, and scissor lift. These tools will save your quality time from wasting in finding the best tools. If you have the right tools for a replacement, the procedure becomes easy to perform. Sometimes, a beginner is getting scared to achieve it. It is not difficult to implement on it. If you hesitate, read a manual thoroughly to become a pro. 

Q: How do I know what size light bulb base?

To know the right size of the bulb, identify the screw type on the base of the bulb as the first step. In addition to it, you can observe the placement of 2 pins at the base of the bulb. Now, measure the diameter of the area of the base. Once you get the exact diameter. It will be easy to find the best light bulb for the bottom. If you fail to measure the diameter, measure the distance between the two pins. Don’t forget to have the measurements in millimeters. 

Q: Can I put LED bulbs in halogen fittings?

Yes, there are varieties of LEDs in sizes and shapes. You can easily find it out from the nearest store. LED bulbs can fit in the halogen places of 50W. If the halogen is below 50W, LEDs will be expensive to purchase even from a local market. You can fulfill your demands within a 50W bulb. Because less or more than 50W will cause you high bills to pay on due time. Obviously, no one will be willing to pay expensive amounts. Therefore, try to set a budget for a replacement.

Q: Can you touch a halogen bulb?

It is better for you if you don’t touch the outer glass of the halogen directly. The reason behind it is that it can cause severe injuries to you. More often than not, your touch can leave a residue behind. That can heat the bulb unevenly. As we all know that a halogen bulb does not dissipate heat. That is why we all need to take precautionary measures to keep our bulbs at a moderate level of heat to produce a super brightness. 

Q: How do you install a halogen bulb without touching it?

The installation process contains multiples of steps to be followed up. Always avoid touching it directly with your fingers. Remove the outer protective case from the bulb for your convenience. After that, commonly bring your bulb out of the socket. Finally, install a new bulb inside the socket while rotating in an anti-clockwise direction.


Accept our endless gratitude! We are done with today’s topic. We have guided you fully to change the 2 pin halogen bulb. Moreover, we have answered all the questions in the FAQs section. You can ask more in the comment section below. We will try our best to reach you all. 

Ending it by wishing you an optimistic day!

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