Best Lighting For Makeup Vanity
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Best Lighting For Makeup Vanity- You’ll Love 2022

If you’re like me, you take your makeup seriously. After all, it’s what helps us feel confident and beautiful each day. That’s why finding the best lighting for makeup vanity is so important. Not all light is created equal, so it’s crucial to find something that will make your makeup look its best. In this blog post, I’ll share my top picks for the best lighting for a makeup vanity. I hope this information helps you create a space that makes you feel beautiful every time you use it!

Keeping in mind your need for a bright light, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind as you search for the right choice.

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1. Hollywood Style Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit

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The Hollywood Style Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit is a must have for all who love to put on their makeup, but suffer from poor lighting. These 10 LED bulbs produce a soft, natural light that is easy on the eyes and emits no extra heat. In addition, there are no wires visible anywhere, allowing you to get ready without being stressed about how messy your vanity might look. However, with the addition of the dimmable feature, you can adjust according to your preferences. I’d recommend this lighting fixture for anyone who wants one that is easy to install, while also lasting a long time.

  • Very soft
  • Natural light Don’t emit extra heat
  • Bulbs are not very bright Expensive

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The Led Vanity Mirror Lights Hollywood Style Vanity Make Up Light Ultra Bright White LED Dimmable Control Lights for Makeup Vanity Table Bathroom Mirror is the best lighting for makeup vanity because it has 3 color modes, 10 brightness levels, and 22ft of free wiring! It’s easy to attach to most mirrors with the included 3m glue. This sophisticated Hollywood style light will make you feel beautiful every time you do your makeup! Use this LED vanity mirror to create the perfect lighting for your makeup.

  • has 3 color modes (sunlight white, warm white, and natural light)
  • each color mode has 10 brightness levels
  • comes with 22ft of free wiring!
  • not enough number to list.
  • This product is not effective.

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The SHOWTIMEZ Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror is a great option if you love all things Hollywood glam. This mirror has 3 different light settings so no matter the lighting in your room, you’ll be able to see yourself clearly and by using the USB port to charge your phone, we’re helping you kill two birds with one stone!

This product is very sturdy and the metal base gives it a modern look. It’s perfect if you want to try out LED lights for your makeup vanity. It’s also available in three different colors to match the color scheme of your vanity.

  • Great Hollywood glam look
  • Great for any type of lighting, even harsh sun light from a window!
  • Can charge your phone using the USB port
  • The mirror is a bit smaller than expected
  • There aren’t many color choices
  • Need to remove the mirror from its base when storing it or using it elsewhere in your house.

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The LPHUMEX Led Vanity Mirror Lights, Hollywood Style Vanity Makeup Light, 10ft Ultra Bright White LED, Dimmable Touch Control Lights Strip, for Makeup Vanity Table & Bathroom Mirror is a great way to add bright and chic lighting to your makeup table. This simple solution can be installed in minutes without the need for electrical wiring or assembly! With a dimmable touch control, you can set the mood for flawless makeup application every time. It’s an affordable lighted wall mirror that doubles as a photo and video light. You can even use it as a permanent fixture to your bathroom or living room!

  • Multiply Application
  • Smart Touch Dimmer
  • Nice Look
  • Must be plugged in
  • Instructions can be confusing
  • Only comes with 1 light strip, not enough if using as a mirror
  • Must be installed to a wall or mirror, requires assembly

Buying Guide: Things to consider before buying Best Lighting For Makeup Vanity

There are lot of factor to consider when choosing makeup lighting. It’s important to know what kind of light you need and what you want the light for. For example, if you’re looking for a touch up light that can be taken when traveling, then size may be an issue because smaller lights tend to be lighter and more portable. If this is your main vanity lighting, then you want to consider the brightness of the light because it can easily be distracting if there is too much or not enough.

And when you’re setting up your space, remember that overhead lights can cast shadows and make it harder for you to see certain areas (like in between lashes). Here are some tips:

1. Choose a light with the right size:

Choose a light that has adjustable arms or one that can be moved around easily. You want something big enough to give a nice glow but not so big that it can’t be moved out of the way easily.

If you’re using the lit vanity as a place to apply makeup, then you need something with multiple lights to avoid harsh shadows from overhead lighting.

2. Consider the brightness level:

The best magnifying mirror has adjustable brightness levels to help reduce eye strain if you’re doing detailed work. If the light is too dim, it can make it hard to see detail—but you don’t want something so bright that it’s distracting.

3. Avoid harsh overhead lighting:

The best lighted mirror for makeup has at least two or three bulbs to avoid any harsh shadows (and definitely no overhead lighting).

4. Avoid red tones:

If you’re looking for the best light to take selfies, avoid any red or pink-toned lights as it can cast a weird color on your face that makes you look washed out.

5. Consider if the light is portable:

The best makeup mirrors with lights are usually small enough for travel. If you want one that’s on the larger side, then consider if it’ll be easy to pack up and take with you when traveling.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best lighting for applying foundation?

There are multiple types of lighting that can be used to apply foundation, depending on what you’re looking for. A bright or dim lighting can make a big difference, depending on the type of coverage you want. If you like full coverage, then a dimmer light is best because it will keep your skin from looking too washed out. If you have dry skin, you’ll want a light without a harsh glare to avoid accentuating any fine lines. A touch-up mirror is best for dry skin, so you can take it wherever you go to get the right amount of coverage.

What is the best makeup table light?

There are many types of makeup vanity lights, but the best one for you will depend on what you’re looking for in a light. If it’s something you’ll be using to take selfie or do your makeup, then consider a light with adjustable brightness. If you want something that is versatile for both makeup and shaving, then choose a medium brightness. If you’ll be using it as a touch-up mirror, then a dimmer light is best to make sure your skin looks its best.

What is the best mirror with lights for makeup?

When considering the best lighted mirror for beauty, you want to look for one that has a variety of lighting options. A two-sided lighted mirror with magnification is the best for seeing every detail while applying makeup, but consider what other options you’ll need if you’re the only one using it. The best makeup mirrors with lights are usually small enough for travel.


There are many types of lighting that can be used for makeup, depending on what you’re looking for. A small lighted mirror with adjustable brightness is best if you’re doing detailed work. If you need to do touch-ups throughout the day (or want to take it with you when traveling), then a dimmer light is best.

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