How to Solder Led Strips?
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How to Solder Led Strips? The Ultimate 101 Guide!

LED strip lights are indeed very versatile but are you looking to solder them lately? How to Solder Led Strips? No more worries for you because you can easily do that after going through this guide today!

Are you wondering if it is going to be a challenging task? It is very manageable because LED light strips are so simple to use that they can effortlessly be cut on the given cut lines.

Let’s have a look at how you can solder LED strip lights below.

1. Get all your tools and equipment right

First of all, you need to get all your tools and equipment right. If you do not have all the tools and equipment on your hands, you will not be able to solder the LED strip lights properly. You can purchase all the tools you will need for this project from the nearby supply store and then start.

You will need 30 watts to the 60-watt soldering iron. Make sure that you get a soldering iron that is temperature adjustable as well, and you can easily adjust its temperature around 600degreese Fahrenheit.

If you get your hands on a powerful iron, you will not have to work hard and spend time heating the joints. When you overheat the joints, it can damage the components of the LED strip lights.

You do not want to damage the parts of your LED strip lights, right?

In your supplies and equipment, you will also need a wet sponge for cleaning purposes. A steel pad can also be used for this purpose to clean the solder iron tip. Maintaining hygiene is also essential when you are soldering the LED strip lights, so things do not go wrong!

2. Cleaning the soldering iron

When you are soldering LED strip lights, cleaning the soldering iron is also a crucial step, and you need to make sure of that. The reason for cleaning the soldering iron is that you have to prevent the soldering joints from overlapping.

This process requires some patience, but it will be worth it because, in the end, you will be able to solder the LED strip lights efficiently.

Make sure that you clean the tip of the soldering iron regularly. It will be very effective because it will make the joints clean and smaller in size. It is precisely what you want to make sure that you do not skip this step no matter what!

3. Secured your LED strip lights

In the next step, you have to ensure that you have secured your LED strip lights properly. For this purpose, you will require some pieces of masking tape. By using this masking tape, you can easily connect the LED strip lights efficiently.

This step is necessary to ensure that the LED strip lights do not move from their place while you are soldering them. Masking tape is the right equipment to use in this regard because it is not highly sticky.

Once you are done with your job, you can easily remove the pieces of masking tape, and it will not leave any residue on the LED strip lights at all. The glue on the masking tape is very light, which makes it a perfect option in this regard.

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4. Tin the Wire

First of all, you have to make sure that the soldering iron is very hot. Once it is hot, then you have to turn your 18-22AWG stranded wire. Do this with the application of a small amount of solder on the stranded wire.

After this step, the color of the wire will be silver. Only the other hand, the wire will no longer be stranded, and this is precisely what you are looking for. After this, you are good to go to move forward to the next step!

5. Tin the Copper Dots

In this step, you have to melt a small amount of solder directly into the copper dots. This way, you will be able to attend to the copper dots available on your LED strip lights. Make sure that you are not applying a lot of solder because then it will cause overlapping.

During the soldering process of LED strip lights, you have to prevent overlapping from happening. Otherwise, it will mess things up for you. Overlapping can also cause a lot of changes in the color of the LED strip lights.

If you are not careful enough in this step, then you might end up ruining the color of your LED strip lights permanently, and then you will have to purchase new ones. You do not want to damage your LED strip lights before you even get to use them, right?

6. Mate the Wire

First, you have to make sure that you tin both wires and copper dots on the LED strip lights. After this, you can move on to the next step, which is mating the cables together. Solder the copper dots individually and then place the soldering iron at.

This process will heat the solder, and it will melt. Soon both of them will become one and be combined.

Ensure that you are holding it long enough not to end up creating a cold solder. You do not want that to happen when you have been working so hard to solder your LED strip lights until now!

7. View the LED strip light

When you have reached this step, you can view the LED strip light and see how it looks. All the wires should be parallel to each other, and every joint should be clean and not overlapping with any other joint.

When the view is neat and clean like this, it means that you have done right until now, and you can move forward to the next step. Voila!

8. Testing it,By connecting your LED strip light

Now comes the time for the moment of truth. Make sure that you wait for the shoulder to dry correctly and when the time comes to test it. You can be tested by connecting your LED strip light with a power source.

After turning on the power source, you will be able to check your connection. If the connection fails, then it means that it is coming from a cold solder joint. You have across the link if any spark or smoke comes out, and something is not correct.

In this case, we would suggest you go back and try the previous steps perfectly once again. Once you perfect the actions above, then you will not face the failed connection problem at all.

9. Heat Shrink

In this step, you have to peel 3 meters of adhesive. It should be enough to cover the solder joint with the help of a heat-shrinking material. Are you wondering what to do if you do not have a heat-shrinking material?

There is no need to run back to the store because you can use a small amount of hot glue from your good old hot glue gun. After this, you are good to go!

10. Test Again

Finally, you have reached the last step in soldering your LED strip lights. Before this step, you should pat yourself on the back because you have come this for, which means you are passionate enough.

You can use a heat gun to shrink the drink, and it will protect the joints. After this, you can finally test for one last time. This step is done to ensure that a proper connection has been achieved and the LED strip lights have been soldered perfectly.

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Is it Possible to Solder LED Strip Lights Together?

It doesn’t sound straightforward at first, especially if you have never done this before. But yes, it is possible to stick LED strip lights and solder them.

Even if you think it is not possible because the wires will not attach securely, it is possible! You need to make sure that the soldering iron is hot enough, and then the wires will stick with each other perfectly, just like soulmates.

Why Solder LED Strip Lights?

The best thing about LED strip lights is that you can modify them as much as you want, and they will keep working according to your wishes. Are you wondering why people solder LED strip lights in the first place?

Well, when you solder LED strip lights, it will allow extended length and also multistrip connection. It is also done to make a secure bond.

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Bottom Line

There are many single looks that you can achieve with RGB LED strip lights in your home, and they are very versatile.

You can easily cut them at any point, and that is why they are straightforward to work within the long run, especially when you have to solder them.

Have you never tried this procedure before and you are a little bit worried?

If that is the case with you, we would suggest you do not worry at all, and you will be good to go once you follow the steps that we have mentioned above for you!

What are you waiting for now that you have gained complete information about soldering your favorite LED strip lights?

Get soldering! Good luck.

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