How to Soften LED Lights?
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How to Soften LED Lights? Your 101 Guide


LED lights are highly known for a track record of sharpness that usually irritates your eyes. Have you ever experienced blinding at night? Of course, night driving in front of a truck might have illuminate sharped light that unquestionably had made you uncomfortable. Don’t demoralize yourself! Do you know how to soften LED lights? We will inform you of every tiny detail in the form of an article.

Luckily, we are planning to give you all a special gift. You will get it in an article. So, don’t stop reading our article. Furthermore, we have handed over all the answers to your questions in the FAQs section. Don’t forget to check it out for perfect awareness. You guys are so lucky because this place will give you everything you were researching in your entire day. 

What are you waiting for now? Let us kick-start our topic!

1. No loss of energy

LED lights being a unique product, never lose energy as an output. Do you know that reason? Logically, it does not produce heat at a broader amount. When we compare it to other fluorescent bulbs, they consume less amount of electrical energy. Because of that reason, it never dissipates heat production. It consumes electricity less than 75%, and it puts all that energy to illuminate the brightness. That is the main reason behind its brightness. That is why LED lights are chilling from the outside. You can even test it by touching it directly. 

2. Non-availability of shade

The familiar problem that every LED person faces is the non-availability of shades. The LED light produces light without reflecting light from the source of the bulb. Light without shades is complex to manage the intensity of light. Goods news! You can install a lampshade over the moderates. But, make sure to place it where no sunlight can directly hit the lights.

3. Providing too much power

As it is well known to us, it measured the light emitted by light in the lumen. The higher the lumen it takes, the will produce the higher power. Therefore, your led light is giving too bright colors with the usage of unlimited power. That is why it is always suggested to choose that kind of bulb that consumes less volume of the lumen. Let us make this thing simple for you! Check out the instructions written on the packaging. It will aware of its amount of lumen consumption. 

4. No presence of dimmable switch

Usually, people don’t mind too bright lighting illuminating from their LED lights. Yet, if someone is getting disturbed with brightness, they can directly install a dimmable switch. It will surely assist you to set the lighting intensities soothing for your eyes. Before you get started, check the range of the main power supply. It will be better for your lights to consume less amount of power. Because it is less consumption is the next step for your goals to be achieved efficiently.

5. Variation in color temperature

Change in color temperature plays an essential role in gleaming lights. The tone of light will give you an idea of its color temperature, and the coolest tone of light causes irritation to the eyes while alerting its surroundings with sharpness. However, a warm tone is soothing to your soul, and you will enjoy your time of solitude while healing your soul.

Scientifically, warm colors ultimately change your bad mood. Isn’t it a beneficial product? In addition to it, warm colors are very famous in our world. Yet, bulbs with soft lighting are preferred for night purposes only.

How to Soften Led Lights?

1. Replace the light bulb

The easiest way to get rid of super brightness is the replacement of the bulb. Once you notice that bulb is getting bright day by day, change it instantly for the demandable results. Are you confused with the ideal purchase? Don’t give up! You can visit any local store for great investing. The salesman will guide you with the procedure and specifications. If you hear about lower consumption of power, that bulb is just made for you. Now, you can trust the product with its durability. It will be better if you choose a bulb with a warmer color temperature. It will give strength to your LED bulb.

2. Installation of a dimmer

The second solution to soften lights is the installation of a dimmer. Attachment of dimmer to a bulb would not cause any effect on the color temperature. However, it will only focus on the control of brightness. Furthermore, following the steps mentioned in the manual will help you learn to control and manage illumination at the same moment. In recent years, it launched the latest dimmers to set the lighting via a smartphone. Doesn’t it sound convenient? If you are not at home, you can switch off the lights with a click-through of a smartphone.

3. Need of softening sheet

It connected a thin film with adhesive tape for flexibility. The covering of lights with a sheet will dim the lights within seconds. You wouldn’t believe its installation is very modest that anyone can perform it. Here is the procedure! Cut the sheet evenly according to the size of your light. Make sure to cut a little more than the actual size. It will cover up more effectively to provide the perfect results. Before you cover your lights, make sure to check the temperature carefully. The reason is that your sheet will not burn while dressing the surface of lights.

4. Glass

Are you thinking to prove something unique on your bulbs? Well, you are in the right place to try it out. Purchase a glass with 100% transparent properties. Once you purchase the purest glass, get ready to install it all over your lights. It will not only soften up the lights but will also increase the beauty of the surroundings. If you are trying to make your room different, install glass of different shapes. More often than not, it will diffuse the light to a varying percentage.

5. Stick up the glue

Here is the curious turning point for you! Are you scared of your bulb fall? Now, it is the time to vanish all your doubts with the utilization of glue. A sticky glue with a transparent color will change the game. It will make sure that your bulb stays static till its durability ends. However, it will solidify your light fixture even if your lights are of cheap quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you soften a light?

The use of fabric in the right way will definitely soften the light with no interruption. Take a piece of fabric and cut it according to the size of your lights. Make sure to clean your fabric before you dive in. Because clean fabric softens up light more efficiently. It will be better for you to keep glue with you. Fabric will stay forever with the use of glue. If your bulb still not dimming lights, cover it with a folded fabric until it softens a light. 

Q: How do you make a light bulb less bright?

It manufactured most of the light sources to provide darker shades of light. Although, half of the population doesn’t require a deeper light at night. So, you crave a product that gives you a facility of darker light and soft light. Don’t you worry, the manufacturer has done a great job to provide you dreamy product! So, the product comes with a dimmer to change the capacity of lights. Set the level of strength as per your room setting. Make sure to dim your light like a floodlight at night. 

Q: What can I put over a light to dim it?

Simply use frosted scotch tape. It is readily available in any local store. So, you cannot make any further excuse to prevent yourself from buying it. If you are stuck somewhere, that does not offer other varieties to dim light. Scotch tape will absolutely save you in your worst. It might not result in a polished solution. Yet, you have had received the best solution that has a long-lasting feature.

Q: Why is my light bulb not bright?

Due to a factor of pre-mature aging, a light bulb usually lose its brightness. LED lights are relatively sensitive to some factors, like damaged resistors or a bad capacitor. That ultimately puts you in a danger zone. Obviously, no one loves to stay in that state. Therefore, replace it with instant action once you notice the worst change in your light. In addition to it, loaded applications are also the crucial factor for establishing your light dim.


Hurrah! We are done with the article of today. We have discussed some ideal information on how to soften LED lights? Moreover, you can ask your questions in the comment section. Did you enjoy our article? Let us know in the comment section. We would love to know about it.

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