How To Hang Rope Lights on A Wall Without Nails
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How To Hang Rope Lights on A Wall Without Nails?


Are you looking for a solution to how to hang rope lights on a wall without nails? No worries because you can do that easily after reading this guide.

Do you want to get this task done without drilling any nails or holes in the walls of your home? Let us tell you that you can do that quickly and the results will be very eye-catching.

It is possible to get it done and secure the lights in a fixed place not to move.

Let’s look at creative ways in which you can hang rope lights on a wall without using any nails below.

Rope lights look aesthetically pleasing and bring a warm aura indoors. Especially around Christmas time, people are always looking for ways to minimize the drilling work without any nails.

Let us tell you that you can quickly achieve that look and hang rope lights in your home without any hassle.

Let’s look at some easy methods by which you can hang rope lights in those without nails.

1. Transparent Tape

Double-sided tape works the best when you have to hang rope lights indoors. It will give a neat look, and you will not have to double a single-sided tape which can take a lot of time. After all, you are so busy with your Christmas activities and don’t have all the time in the world at such a moment, right?

To minimize the amount of work, get double-sided tape but make sure you get a transparent one. A transparent double-sided tape is a perfect solution when you hang indoor rope lights without using any nails.

These tapes are available in different shapes and sizes, and you should get the size that will be least noticeable and sturdy enough to hold the light in one place.

2. Gorilla Mounting Tape

Gorilla mounting tape is another type of see-through tape that is very strong and can easily hold rope lights. Are you in search of the best adhesive tape for hanging lights indoors on special occasions?

In such a case, we recommend you go for Gorilla mounting tape because it will be least noticeable and can easily hold 15 pounds of rope lights! It is a fantastic adhesive mounting tape indeed.

3. Adhesive clips and hooks

If you do not want to use adhesive tape on your walls, then you can go for the option of adhesive hooks or clips. It is also a great option to hang lights indoors on the wall without using any nails.

The best part about these adhesive hooks is that you will not have to drill any holes in the wall of your home. Are you afraid that you will get in trouble with your landlord by drilling too many holes in the walls of your apartment?

No more worries for you because you can easily trip to the store and get your hands on hooks. It will be the perfect solution for you, and there will be no weight limit when working with hooks.

Handles Weight Better!

Adhesive hooks can handle more weight than adhesive tape can. It can also be the right choice if the lights you want to hang out on are too heavy. In such a case, adhesive clips and hooks will be your only saviour on a special occasion for your friends and family!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some adhesive hooks and clips and hang those lights to make your indoor look amazing!

4. Brick Clips

Are you looking for different methods to hang lights on your walls without using any drilling? We will introduce to you a new technique that is called brick clips.

Are you one of those who are extra careful about what they are doing to their home interior and how it can have a long-term impact?

If yes, then you will not want to use adhesive tape on your walls because it can leave sticky residue on the walls of your home, which can be very annoying. It can even turn black and make your walls look dirty, and you do not want that kind of look in your home if you are a neat freak.

No Damage!

You should efficiently utilize brick clips to hang rope lights inside or outside your home in such a situation. The benefit of using brick clips is that they will not damage your walls and be completely hassle-free.

If you are searching for something that works like magic, you should go for brick clips to hang rope lights in your home.

5. Hot Gun

Use the hot glue gun to hang rope lights indoors without using any nails. The best part about the hot glue gun is that it can easily be attached to many wall materials, including: glass, brick, ceramic, concrete, wood, and foam.

You will not achieve this if you decide to use any other option like adhesive tape. Did it rain in your area lately, and do you want to put up lights outdoors? In such a situation, you can go for a hot glue gun.

Works on Damp Walls…

It can efficiently work on damp walls because it is waterproof. When choosing a hot glue gun, make sure you select a transparent glue stick because the lights will easily be visible through them. A hot glue gun does not require any effort, and you will have to put in a minimum amount of work by using it.


However, hot glue guns can get too hot sometimes, in that is why you have to take precautionary measures while using them, so you do not burn yourself.

Another critical step is to make sure that you put the rope light on the hot glue after it gets a little less desirable. Otherwise, you might end up burning the wire of rope light.

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Factors of Consideration when Hanging Rope Lights

When you are hanging rope lights outside or inside your home, there are certain things that you should always keep in your mind. Let’s have a look at the critical factors below so you don’t mess things up!

1. Don’t Tape Directly!

When you put up rope lights in your home using tape, do not tape them directly to the wall. Instead, you should tape the wires of the rope lights because the bulbs can get very hot, and the tape might burn.

It can lead to fire, and that is why it is a crucial step to ensure beforehand. After all, you do not want fire hazards in your home, right? Rope lights look amazing, but you have to ensure safety first, no matter what!

2. No Direct Contact

When using adhesive hooks to put up rope lights in your home, make sure that they are not in direct contact with the bulbs.

The heat of the bulbs can cause the adhesive to melt because they are made of plastic. It is essential to take these precautionary measures to prevent any accident in your home, especially on a special celebratory occasion.

3. No Twisting

Make sure that you do not twist the light wires. When you have to be creative with the lights, you can bend them to achieve a particular look but make sure that you are not doing it too much. Too much twisting can damage the lights.

4. Don’t Keep Lights on 24/7

Do not keep the lights on all day and all night. However, it depends on the type of rope lights that you are using. Some light can be used for 24 hours, but it does not mean that you should keep them on for this long.

They can heat up, and it might cause a spark that you do not want in your home at all.

5. 4 Inches Gap

Make sure that you give a radius gap of at least 4 inches when turning the rope lights at a sharp corner. This step is to ensure maximum safety, and your lights will not get damaged.

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Can LED strip lights damage the walls?

The answer to this question is absolutely not! LED strip lights do not damage the walls at all. You can easily use hot glue gun adhesive tape to attach LED strip lights in your home to decorate.

When someone has inexpensive wallpaper pasted in their home, it might get a little damaged by putting LED strip lights in the long run. However, most of the time, it does not cause any trouble for homeowners at all.

Bottom Line

Rope lights give an aesthetically pleasing and very pinterest like vibe. Do you have an occasion coming soon? You should go for rope lights for all the decorative and creative work because they will give you a mesmerizing look. Click here to purchase yours now!

Your guests will have a great time and get perfect selfies because of the warm aura these lights will create in your home!

So, do not wait anymore and make preparations for hanging rope lights in your home without using any nails! Nails are definitely not the vibe that you want to go for.

Let’s get lightning!

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