How to Fix Flickering LED Headlights
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How to Fix Flickering LED Headlights?

Are you experiencing flickering LED headlights of your vehicle and trying to find a solution? Well, this article will explain how to fix flickering LED headlights in the best possible way. We will try to illuminate the exact concept of LED headlights and their functioning with respect to vehicles.

LED headlights are going in extensive trend due to couple to benefits they bring on the table. They are highly energy-efficient, and that is the biggest reason for choosing them over their counterparts.

Besides, flickering is a very common issue with LED headlights, and we will try to cover the reasons and solutions for this very issue on hand. So stick around to find out the solution of flickering LED headlights on your vehicles.

LED headlights are installed on your vehicles for navigation purposes when in dark environments. This is one of the recent headlight technologies, and that too for a couple of reasons. Basically, the word LED has its abbreviation for light-emitting diode.

Halogen headlight lamps were popular in the past but LED headlights have dominated this space now.

Reasons why LED Headlights are Preferred:

  • Most LED headlights give out the maximum and natural daylight colour temperature in dark conditions.
  • These headlights bring the better vision in most uncertain conditions giving you safe passage.
  • You can drive for hours operating with these headlights as they put less impact on the eyes and brain.
  • LED headlights are considered to be highly energy-efficient as they dissipate less heat than their rivalries.

Why do LED headlights Flicker?

You have to find out the reasons behind flickering LED headlights before getting straight to the solution. This will help you gain a better understanding of this issue.

So let’s go straight into the reasons for the flickering LED headlights below.

1. Aged Lamps:

This is the most common reason behind this issue, and it makes sense as well. Every headlight lamp or bulb has its service age, and they start to trouble after passing the service age. Also, flickering is really common with damaged bulbs.

So you can easily get your bulb or lamp repaired by a local technician. Besides, you can always get your headlights changed if repairing doesn’t help in the long run. So, in that case, you trust some of our favourites LED headlights ensuring quality and performance at the same time.

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2. Issues with Battery:

A car’s headlights depend mainly on the battery as a source of power. Any issue with the battery connected to the headlights can ultimately result in flickering or dimming of the headlights. Some batteries age and require a complete replacement, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, there are some minor problems with batteries, and they can be easily repaired. So make sure to check the battery’s life and ageing to act accordingly.

3. Poor Connection:

This is another chief reason for the flickering LED headlights. If you take your vehicle on bumpy and rough roads, then this issue can possibly elevate. Rough journeys give birth to fuse issues in the car, and therefore, connection and fuse issues can also be the reason behind this flickering issue.

Besides, it’s really not simple to figure out whether it is a poor connection that’s troubling or something else. Most technical-oriented drivers might grasp this, but that is not the case with everyone. So you better seek professional assistance.

This point contributes to the topic, how to fix the flickering LED headlights with great effectiveness.

4. Problems with Switch:

Flickering is most commonly caused by this very issue regarding the switch connected with headlights. This goes deep with the computer system associated with your car, which can just prolong this cause’s solution.

In most cases, you get away by replacing the headlight switch, but the solution can also relate to the computer system. So that will require some time as a car’s professional makes changes in the system and correct them.

A Few POINTS to Acknowledge:

  • If you don’t acquire technical knowledge, then you must seek a professional assistance
  • Try replacing any troubling part if it has passed its service life
  • You have to demonstrate the problem before getting to the solution

How to Fix Flickering LED Headlights?

Well, the solution will depend on the situation, so you have to inspect the reason behind the flickering of headlights. After getting certain, you might be able to fix the LED headlights even at your home.

Here are some of the possible solutions:

1. Wiring Checkup:

There are wires behind the car’s steering wheel where you can open the box and inspect the headlight connection. If you assess any type of breakage, simply go to the mechanic rather than messing up on your own self.

However, you can also open up the car hood and see the whole connection of wires, where you’ll also find the headlight connection. Just connect the actual spots of wires; if there are any missing or loose parts, the flickering will surely be fixed.

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2. Parts Connection:

This process will need you to go to a mechanic for checking the electrical interaction between all the given parts of the car. You can check by starting the engine while analysing the working criteria of each connected part, including the headlights.

Additionally, the mechanic will also unplug the connected parts to check whether there’s any miscommunication in the electrical supply. Even you can make sure if your headlights are working properly by unplugging the connected accessories.

You can also make sure by adjusting different parts with several supply connections for the electricity confirmation.

 Sometimes, the wires get tangled and lost the supply in different ways. Therefore, it’s better to not work with electricity on your own and go for the mechanic.

3. Basic Car Battery:

The main battery in your car is responsible for maintaining the overall flow of electricity to all components there. So make sure to keep the battery health up to date with proper checkups if there’s a need for any repair.

Furtherly, you can check it by starting the engine and roundly going through each electrical function in your car. If there’s a deficient working part in the car, that can be the reason behind the LED headlights flickering. 

Also, sometimes, the batteries can get out of function due to the irregular operating of accessories. Thus, it can disturb the balance of the whole electricity supply and can affect the LED highlight functioning.

4. Headlight's Bulbs Analysis:

Simply open up the headlight and check if there’s a loose-fitting bulb there with the main connection of the car. You can gently touch the bulb and try to adjust it with proper fitting to keep the electricity supply in a proper way.

Or, in case if you see any damages to the bulb interior, it would be better if you just replace the bulb with a new one. Thus, this practice will also resolve the discolouration factor along with the led headlights flicker on startup.

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Frequently Asked Question

1-Why are my LED headlights flickering?

There are many reasons for the flickering of your vehicle’s LED headlights. In most cases, a low voltage supply can possibly result in headlight flickering. Plus, it can also show signs of dimness which is just as common as flickering in the headlights.

2-How do you fix a flickering headlight?

Replacing a bulb can be the quickest possible solution for a flickering headlight on your vehicle. This is most suitable when your headlight bulbs/lamps have aged. Besides, you can always get them repaired when it comes to tiny problems.

3-What does it mean when headlights flicker?

There are many possible reasons behind a headlight flicker, but the dying battery is the most common of all. There can be many issues associated with a battery causing the headlight to flicker. So buying a new battery can be the simplest possible solution.

4-What causes headlights to pulse?

You can’t always point towards single trouble for a created problem; so many possible factors are here. This pulse can possibly be caused by the lack of functioning in the alternator and even a low-powered battery.

Final Words

So that’s where our solution article regarding how to fix flickering LED headlights ends. This article covers great detail regarding this very issue and discusses its origin and possible causes. All the originated problems will help you gain a better understanding of this commonly faced issue.

In addition, we did bring a solution guide, so you know how to fix flickering LED headlights. There are many possibilities mentioned in the topic itself, so you can always choose the best possible solution at the right time. 

Happy Flicker-Free Lighting!

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