How to Change the Color of an LED Light?
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How to Change the Color of an LED Light? Ultimate Guide!

Are you bored finding the same white Light coming out of your LED lights? Or you want to change the lighting scenario of your room, then our today’s guide about how to change the color of an LED light will help you massively.

There are many ways to get this process done, but we will explain some of the most promising ways to you. Therefore, these ways will let you change the color of your LED lights safely and conveniently.

Also, our detailed guide will help you understand the concept of an LED light thoroughly. So it will get easy to make any required changes in the lighting functionality.

It is essential to understand the concept of LED lights before learning to change their lighting configuration. So basically, an LED light that stands for Light-emitting diode is used for brightening our living spaces or in many applications.

The Light only functions when a required amount of current passes through it, so its functioning depends on the current.

In addition, most LED lights feature semiconductors as working parts of the Light, and these semiconductors release photons which is the Light that we see.

Moreover, the quality and the intensity of photons can be different depending upon the type of bulb.

So you will have to try out different types of LED lights in order to comprehend the functioning regarding intensity and all.

Changing the Color of an LED Light – The Guide!

1. Coloring Directly on the LED Bulbs

It is mainly regarded as one of the DIY ways to color light while changing the color of your LED bulbs at home without requiring professional assistance.

 But the color of the Light can only be changed if there is room for change.

Understanding the Compatibility of LED Light for Changing Color:

You will be required to understand the impact and behavior of your LED Light right after changing the color by painting the external in this case.

  • There come many kinds of LED lights giving warm, white, or even yellow shades in some variants.
  • Already warm Light will become dimmer, resulting in lesser efficacy at the end of the tunnel. In addition, coloring an already yellowing light type might result giving out a different shade.

So this is something that we have to avoid in such cases.

  • A white bright LED Light is a perfect match when it comes to coloring the external of the Light or bulb, and it will promote the exact shade or color that you will be coat on the outer part.

 So make sure that you have a bright white shade on your LED Light.

Steps to Follow:

These steps will ensure a better light-changing functionality than most methods in that regard.

Things Required: You will need the desired color marker, sandpaper, and white LED Light to get the process done through easy steps.

  • Make sure to sand the whole light/bulb promoting better diffusion.
  • In addition, cleaning or wiping it off will promote dust-cleanup.

 So you will have a cleaner bulb as you start coloring with a specific colored marker.

2. Changing Color of an LED Light using Tissue or Thin Paper

It is also a very effective technique about how to change the color of a Light bulb. This technique is affordable, just like the technique where you will be directly coloring the body of the Light.

No problematic steps are scaring you off from trying this way of changing light color in an LED light.

Supported Light Type:

  • A bright white LED light is a standard when it comes to changing the color of the Light.
  • You might want to choose from different LED white lights, but white Light should be your standard.
  • Most dim lights exuding yellow shade will not be fitting for this purpose.

Besides, if you choose a dim yellowish color light, shading further warm colors might not be very safe as it changes LED color temperature.

That also will not produce a strong lighting statement which you won’t require too.

Choosing a Paper or a Tissue:

Now the process for choosing a paper and its quality holds significant importance.

  • If you prefer very thin paper, then it won’t promote extreme dimness.
  • Also, the thick papers or tissues are not suitable as they will block the white Light of the bulb from passing through.

You will have to specify the condition of the room or anywhere the bulb will be functioning. So you will be able to choose a paper’s thickness according to the requirements.

Most of the people will go for a thinner paper as it doesn’t obstruct Light.

Steps to Follow:

Let’s follow the directions on how to change the color of an LED light with thin paper.

Things Required: You will require some quantity of thin paper or tissue for covering the LED Light, and make sure you have scissors and color markers with you too.

  • The paper will be cropped to the length of the LED Light.

There are different sizes when it comes to the dimensions of LED lights, and besides, there are different shapes followed by the functionalities they perform. To demonstrate the type of LED light and get you started.

  • This step is about cropping the amount of paper required by the Light itself. You can cut the required size by using scissors which we mentioned earlier.
  • Now you will have to grab your markers and start putting shades on the paper or a tissue.
  • The tissue will hardly be recommended as it’s not a very durable medium for holding a lot of Light inside the LED Light.

Therefore, thin paper such as silk paper is a smart option in that regard. Completely color the entire paper, ensuring no white space.

  • In the end, you are going to fix the colored paper on the Light with the help of tape.
  • You can effectively use the video by securing most corners.

Switch on the bulb, and you are all set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I change my white LED to yellow?

There are a bunch of ways to change the color configuration of your white LED Light to yellow. But you can try painting your light from the outside with orange paint as that’s most convenient, and it counts to be very cheap as well.

Also, the light change working is very simple with emitted photos converted using warm temperature coating from the exterior. So you don’t require any lengthy procedure to make this change happen.

Q. How do I change the color of my LED Light with my phone?

It is very simple and convenient to change the color of your functioning LED Light using your mobile phone. You will just have to navigate your home app and find the desired. There will be other lights functioning, but you will be choosing the one you want to change.

You can tap to select the color-changing functionality, and the color of your particular LED Light will be changed. Besides, there will be a toggle for turning lights on and off, which is convenient as well.

Q. Which is better, cool white or warm white?

Both lights differ in color temperature, and it is not that simple to acknowledge one color to be superior to the other. Bright and cool white Light mostly suits modern interior designs and architecture. In addition, cool white can also complement your kitchen pursuits.

Besides, you can choose warm white light for your casual living space without requiring high light intensity. That is the reason why both of these white lights vary for different situations.

Q. Can you pain a Light bulb to change the color?

It is considered to be a very cheap way of changing the color of an LED-based light. But it is still very effective in Light of most experiments. You will just have to paint the exterior of the Light, and it will help the Light to emit by changing its pattern.

You will be able to achieve a unique lighting experience inside your room or anywhere you choose to paint your LED lights.

Final Words

So that was our complete discussion regarding how to change the color of an LED light. The article gracefully explains all the elements of an LED light and its functioning. Also, our excellent guide helps everyone with an easy comprehension of the process.

Moreover, the article did explain the best possible methods for changing the color of an LED light. This article will save your money in buying expensive LED lights with different colors. So you will be able to do it all within your budget and with added convenience.

With that said, do let us know in the comments below how this article helped you and how you changed your LED light color. We’ll waiting for your kind response.

Happy Color Lighting!

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