How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs?
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How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs? 101 Ultimate Ways!

Are you wondering “how to adjust LED headlight bulbs” in your car? No worries! You can do it easily by following a few simple steps!

Adjusting LED headlight bulbs in your vehicle is no rocket science but it is not a simple process either! It’s a process that involves multiple steps and care as well.

LED headlight bulbs have a lot of advantages because they are long-lasting. You might never have to worry about changing your vehicle’s headlight bulbs ever again once you have installed this one.

This article will be your complete guide about adjusting and aligning the LED light bulb to your car correctly. So, keep on reading!

How to Adjust LED Headlight Bulbs?
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You must install the LED headlight bulbs in your car correctly because if it is not done right, it can have severe consequences. It can be a vision of the drivers because the lights will shine brightly into the mirrors of their vehicles.

It can be a dangerous thing out there on the road, and that is why you need to learn how to install these lights properly.

Let’s look at why it is essential to install LED headlight bulbs correctly below.

1. Your Safety

Installing the LED headlights correctly is essential for your safety as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to see different obstacles and boards on the side of the road.

2. Others Safety

Other safety is also involved in this process. When LED headlight bulbs are correctly installed in your vehicle, the vision of other drivers on the road will not be impaired.

What to look for before making a right purchase for LED Headlight Bulbs?

1. Check Lumens

Check the amount of lumens you will get before you make a purchase!

2. Check Reviews and Ratings

Make sure that you check customer reviews before making a purchasing from a website. Check the image below to get an idea.


LED Headlight Bulb Installation – Easy Guide!

Take a look at the installation process of LED headlight bulbs in your vehicle below.

1. Cleanse

In the first step, you have to cleanse your headlight lenses properly. Make sure that there is no dirt or debris on them. This step will ensure no foggy particles on it that will prevent the light from shining bright.

2. Flat Wall

In the next step, take your vehicle as close as possible to a flat surface on a wall. Then turn on the lights of your car.

3. Level

The level that your vehicle is on should be ground. After that, you can ensure whether the suspension system of your car is settled or not.

This can be done by shaking the vehicle up and down. Ensure that you follow all these procedures and ensure all the precise adjustments because they are necessary to adjust LED headlight bulbs in your car correctly.

4. Tires

In this step, you have to ensure that all your vehicle tires are inflated to their assigned PSI capacity. During this procedure, someone should be sitting in the driver’s seat of the car.

5. Gas Tank

When you have to address your vehicle’s LED headlight bulbs, your vehicle’s gas tank should be at least halfway full.

6. Low beam headlights

Turn on the low beam headlights and then mark the top of the headlight beam on the flat surface or a wall. The mark that you make on the wall should be a horizontal line on the wall by using painter’s tape. There is no hard and fast rule about drawing the line on the wall because it can be a continuous straight line or small sections or gaps.

But you need to make sure of one thing…

Just make sure that you draw the line in the areas where the brightest headlight beams are. After that, you have to mark the distance between the headlight’s center.

The only equipment you need is: Tape.

You can do this by drawing two vertical lines with the tape.

This process is essential for projector headlights. You can continue this process with tape to mark lines for the headlights of your vehicle. There you have it. These lines can be used as a guide when you are installing your new LED headlight bulbs!

7. Stay Straight at 25!

In this step, you have to reverse your vehicle 25 feet away from the wall. Just make sure that you stay as straight as you can while you see your car. The amount of distance can vary depending upon the manual that you have.

8. Removal

Now is the time to remove some stuff. Remove the headlight assembly and the current bulbs. Finally, you can install your new LED headlight bulbs now.

But before you do this, make sure that you have checked the owner’s manual to see if there are any other recommendations and suggestions. If there are any further instructions to replace the LED bulbs, you should follow them step by step.

9. Headlight Beam

You might have to adjust the headlight beam of your LED light as well. But this type is going to depend upon your vehicle and your owner’s manual instructions. Every headlight should be aligned to the top edge of the beam.

It should have the same height as the horizontal lines you have drawn on the flat surface of the wall. You can also use the vertical tape lines to align the headlight beams of your car correctly.

Why Are LED Headlight Bulbs Trending?

Incandescent bulbs are pretty much gone from the market now, and only LED headlight bulbs are being used. LED headlight bulbs are trendy because they are much more robust and brighter.

The old-fashioned halogen bulbs cannot provide this result at all, so there is no comparison between them. If you want your vehicle to look modern, then LED headlight bulbs are a must-have.

Benefits of LED Headlight Bulbs

Let’s take a look at the advantages of LED light bulbs for your vehicle below.

1. Efficient

The LED headlight industry is still in progress, and it is making advancements every passing day. But it doesn’t mean that it is lagging in technology because it is still one of the best options you can go for when you have to install headlights in your car.

LED headlight bulbs have entirely revolutionized the automobile industry, continuing to do so every day. LED headlight bulbs are very efficient because they do not require much electricity to brighten and up. Many manufacturers of automobiles use the technology of LED headlight bulbs because the alternator does not have to work super hard to illuminate these lights.

Some of the most popular and best-selling electronic cars like Nissan Leaf have utilized the technology of LED headlight bulbs to give the vehicle their signature look.

Overall, LED headlight bulbs are very efficient, and there is no going back in technology after their introduction in the market now.

2. Lifespan

LED headlight bulbs do not require much maintenance when you compare their maintenance requirement with the old-style halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs to have a lifetime of 15000 hours. Whereas halogen bulbs only last for 1000 hours.

When calculated, it means that you will not have to change your LED headlight bulbs for the upcoming two decades, which is a long period indeed.

3. High Grade

Material that is utilized to manufacture LED headlight bulbs is excellent as compared to the old-style technology. High-grade material is used because these bulbs achieve an illumination result that nothing else can beat!

There are fewer chances of failure when you have installed LED headlight bulbs in your car than high-intensity discharge lamps.

4. Installation is easy

Did your vehicle not come with LED headlights by default? No more worries if that is the case because you can easily install them in your car by purchasing a headlight kit from the market.

By doing this procedure, you will get the advantage of having LED headlights, and you will not have to buy ballasts. There is no need to make changes in the electrical system of your vehicle either because LED headlight kits are “direct plugins.”


You can easily adjust them in one place where the halogen bulb was placed before by the manufacturer of your vehicle. The installation process of LED headlight bulbs is straightforward, and you might not need a mechanic to do this job for you.

In this post, we have mentioned the simplified steps that you can follow to install LED bulbs in your car quickly.

5. Price

Installation of LED headlight bulbs is not very costly. When you purchase an LED headlight kit from the market, it will typically cost you around $120 to $1000.

6. Not Blinding

Another significant benefit of installing LED headlight bulbs in your car is that they are not blinding compared to halogen bulbs. The vehicles coming from the front will stay safe because the drivers will be able to see clearly.

Are LED Headlight Bulbs Worth It?

LED headlight bulbs are entirely worth it because they are a great way to upgrade your car. They last longer and are more efficient in the long run.

Bottom Line

Led headlight bulbs are not only long-lasting but also the only solution you need to brighten up your prized possession!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your LED’s now and brighten up!

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