LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants
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Best LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants-You’ll Love 2022

As an aquarium buyer, you know that one of the most important aspects of a healthy tank is proper lighting. Unfortunately, not all aquarium lighting is created equal – some lights are better for plants than others. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best LED aquarium lighting for plants and why it’s so important to choose a light that is specifically designed for aquatic plants. Keep reading to learn more!

Keeping in mind all of your needs is important. You want an aquarium light that can grow healthy, vibrant plants and mimic the natural sunlight as much as possible. We’ll be talking about LED lighting for this specific blog post because LED lights are currently one of the best options for growing aquatic plants.


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The hygger Advanced Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with 24/7 Lighting Cycle 6 Colors 5 Intensity Customize Fish Tank Light for 30-36 in Freshwater Planted Tank with Timer is the perfect option for new and experienced fish owners alike. 

This full spectrum LED light creates a stunning environment to enhance your aquarium and encourage plant growth. The customizable lighting cycles and intensity levels makes this an excellent option for a myriad of aquarium needs.

  • This fixture fully supports the new trend of planted aquariums.
  • The customizable colors and lighting cycles create a perfect atmosphere for you and your fish.
  • The full spectrum light provides the much sought after energetic lighting that encourages plant growth
  • This product does require installation, so users who aren’t familiar with installation may have a difficult time setting this up
  • While the customizable options offer flexibility, some users find that it is difficult to choose the perfect color and lighting intensity for their tank
  • The light is not dimmable, which some users find to be a drawback.

2. Hygger 14W Full Spectrum Aquarium

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The Hygger 14W Full Spectrum Aquarium Light is great for freshwater fish tanks 18-24 inch in width, low to medium light demanding aquarium plants. Two metal and two plastic mounting brackets are included so you can position the light anywhere around your tank. You can adjust the brightness on this LED aquarium light from 100% to 10%. On the external controller there are 3 different colors that all have 5 different levels of brightness.

The Hygger 14W Full Spectrum Aquarium Light is a great option for anyone looking to add some color and life to their freshwater fish tank.

  • bright and colorful lights add a new dimension to your aquarium
  • energy efficient and durable led lights last up to 20000 hours of lighting
  • control brightness, color and timing from remote controller
  • may flicker or appear dim if not kept directly at the aquarium
  • some feel it is overpriced for an led light but the quality of the product makes up for it
  • not good for high light plants

3. NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light

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The NICREW Classic LED Plus Planted Aquarium Light is a great choice for both beginner and professional aquarists. The aluminum alloy shell makes the light sturdy but lightweight. The energy-efficient LED lighting could help increase its operational life span.

It produces a well-tuned color spectrum to boost plant growth, making it suitable for low-medium NICREW ClassicLED Plus Planted Aquarium Light level plants. The adjustable docking mounts provide a quick adaptability to most aquariums in length 30 – 36 inch, including rimless and framed ones.

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy shell
  • Produces a fine-tuned color spectrum for aquatic plants
  • Adjustable docking mounts provide an easy way for quick adaptability
  • The docking mounts are not strong enough to hold the light in place if the aquarium is moved, which causes it to fall
  • May not be suitable for very deep aquariums due to its mounting design
  • May come with a defective on/off switch that sticks and makes it hard to turn on and off

4. SZMiNiLED Aquarium Light with Air Bubble Hole

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The SZMiNiLED Aquarium Light with Air Bubble Hole , 5050 RGB LED Fish Tank Light with 16 Colors and 4 Modes, IP68 Waterproof LED Aquarium Lights is the perfect choice for your fish tank. With this brand’s variety of colors you can feel like you brought a part of the ocean inside your home. The lights come with a remote control to allow for changing of colors and modes at the press of a button.

This is an additional product which can be used together with other brands, but you should check the compatibility firstly.

  • 16 colors and 4 modes
  • Waterproof LED Aquarium Lights
  • easy installation and use.
  • Not compatible with other brands
  • Remote Control not included
  • Some connection issues.

Buying Guide: Thing to consider before buying Best LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants

There are  lot of factors to consider before buying an LED lighting for your aquarium. I will try to keep the points simple and easy to understand. There are few things that you must consider before buying a new led light for your tank.

1) Size of the aquarium:

When it comes to size of the aquarium, some LED lights can’t cover all space of the fish tank. You should check the dimensions of your tank and then compare it with the dimensions of LED light. Some lights are compatible with almost all types while some can be used only on specific type of aquariums.

2) Aquarium Lighting Type:

This is another thing you should consider before buying a led light for your tank, because there are two types of aquarium lighting which are widely used.

-CFL or Florescent Lighting: CFL lighting is best for freshwater aquariums, it covers all area of the fish tank but the problem is that it creates a less natural environment for your fish. It also produces more heat which may be harmful for some species of fish.

-LED Lighting: LED Lights are widely used today, they provide natural color to the aquarium and reduces the heat created. The drawback is that it doesn’t cover all area of your aquarium.

3) Waterproof or Non Waterproof

LED lights are available in both waterproof and non-waterproof models. If you have a fish tank which is placed inside your home then water proof model is the best option. Otherwise it’s all up to you that which one would be suitable for your tank.

4) Lighting Modes

Even though not all LED lights have different modes, but there are some models available in the market which have 4-5 different lighting modes. You can select any of them according to your desire and mood of your tank.

5) Built Quality

Last but not the least; you should check the built quality of the LED light before buying it. If it is made up of good material and has a durable construction then it’s all worth paying for. I hope this article will help you to make your decision easier while choosing best led lights for aquariums.

Frequently Asked Question

1) Is the LED light waterproof?

Yes, all of our lights are waterproof. The length of each strip is 6.6ft / 2M which can be cut into 6 1′ sections for your convenience. So you can use any number of lengths in your aquarium by attaching them together with double sided heat shrink tubing provided in the package.

2) What kind of LED light should I use?

As a general rule, we recommend using a color wheel to match the temperature of your lights to the temperature of your tank water. For example: If you have a planted freshwater tank and it’s lit with 10,000K daylight LEDs (6500K white light), then you should use a color wheel with 65% 10,000K white LEDs and 35% RGB to give it a greenish cast.

3) How many lights do I need for my aquarium?

First of all, you should calculate the length of your tank in feet. For example if you have an tank that is 3 feet long then one light will be enough to cover that tank. You can use multiple lights if you want a more even spread around the aquarium.


In this article I have tried to give a brief description about the best led lights for aquariums. Obviously nothing can match sunlight, but you can’t place your aquarium outside 24×7. So LED is another great option that you can choose to get more natural and colorful environment for your fish.

Let me know if you like my approach towards aquarium/fish tank, I will try to update this article as much as possible. If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to ask in the comment box

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