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In your quest of searching for the top 100 lumen solar path light, look no further as this guide will help you select the best of the 100 lumens solar path lights from our top 3 recommendations!

To help you further in your purchase, the best solar path light’s buying guide is waiting for you down below!


Don’t rush too far, too soon. First get through our top recommendations of best solar walkway lights, and then move ahead to explore further!

So, let’s get started!


Here’s the list of the top 3 high quality solar path lights we’ve gathered for you from the broad range of good solar path lights. Pick out the one that fits your needs, and suits your outdoors.


Choose wisely, because better the lighting and lighting fixture, more attractive your house will be!

So, top on our list is:

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This pack of six solar path lights offered by SOLPEX is worth adding to your home front, yard lawn, patio, and garden because of the 100 lumens warm white light it offers in its beautifully etched stainless steel globe.

Wanna know more about it? Let’s check what else it offers:


Highly Efficient 100 Lumens Bright LED Pathway Light:

These solar path lights are highly efficient, providing warm white light by using the premium SMD LED lights.

The bulbs not only help in improving the output of luminosity of the lights, but make the lighting soothing and elegant.

Let these lights on throughout the night and enjoy a bright lit way you ever have dreamed of!

Classy Look with Black and Glass Combo Design:

This beautiful pack of six solar pathway lights is made of stainless steel, offering both durability and reliability. With its noble and elegant looks in black finishing, it’s a unique finesse to be added to your garden, front way, driveway, and yard.

The Batteries:

With this pack of SOLPEX lightings, you get outdoors’ glass solar lights with 3.2V Lithium ion rechargeable batteries. These batteries absorb more energy from the sun to reflect out more light.

A Premium Outdoor Décor:

For a premium outdoor décor, consider buying these waterproof solar path lights with their beautiful lighting flares.

The enchanting lighting spread creates beautiful shadow patterns adding delightful glow to your lawn, patio, flower beds, and the walkways.

After enjoying the dazzling rays of sun in day, you get a chance to enjoy a wholly lit dreamy night, these lights offers, creating warm and cozy spells in the auras around.

Easy Installation:

These are easy to install with no wiring, no electricity hassle. Consider an easy installation guide of these solar lights:

  • Beneath the light cap, remove the tab.
  • Turn the switch on.
  • Take off the bottom spike from the tube to install it.
  • Insert the light in the ground, in an area where it’s directly exposed to sunlight.

And you’re done!

Now, automatically your solar walkway lights will turn on during the nigh time, and will be turned off at dawn.

Weather/ Water Proof:

If you’re worrying about the harsh weather conditions outside, then don’t!

As, SOLPEX solar outdoor pathway lights are here with IP44 Waterproof system making the lights ideal for rain, snow, sleet, and frost situations.


In case any problem occurs after your purchase, or you’re not satisfied with these solar lightings, worry not!

With the contact information on the manual, contact the customer support, they’ll be right there to solve your problem at first!

Key Features:

Color: Black

Material: Stainless Steel

Style: Automatic Solar LED Garden Path Light

Power Source: Solar Energy

Voltage: 3.2 Volts

Brightness: 100 Lumens

Bulb Type: LEDs

Battery Required and Included: YES

Battery Cell Types: Lithium Metal Ion

  • Elegant, durable, and reliable.
  • Batteries are included offering long life-span.
  • Luminosity just right. Not cool nor bright, just warm and light.
  • Easy to assemble, and easy to install.
  • Quick service, in case any problem occurs.
  • Offers motion detection.
  • Average quality diode used in lightings.
  • No protective film over the solar panels.

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Westinghouse 2-in-1 solar spot light is the best outdoor landscape wall light we’ve searched for. It’s a solar powered 7 LEDs combination pathway light that offers white light of 50 and 200 lumens.

What else it offers, let’s see!


Highly Efficient and Solar Powered:

This miraculous solar fixture of Westinghouse offers an upgraded outdoor solar LED spotlight. Along with the highly efficient large solar panel, it offers a rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery of 2000mAh, proffering an increased performance level.

Comes up with 2 Adjustable Brightness Levels:

This 2-in-1 light comes up with a bright white light given off by SMD LEDs. What more is, the light offers two brightness levels:

  • At Standby: 50 Lumens
  • In Emergency: up to 200 Lumens
Automatic Start-up:

This enchanting solar path light is up with integrated photocells that work with no manual intervention. These cells automatically turn the light on and off during night and day time respectively.  

Easy to do 2-in-1 Installation:

It’s an amazing light that requires low-to-no maintenance level, and no wiring procedures. It’s an easy to install spotlight that’ll take near to no time in operation.

So, what’re the ways to install this solar operated path light, let’s see!


  • Insert the light into the ground, same as you do with the landscape lights.

And you’re done!


  • If you want it to be used as a downlight, just use the included screws to mount it on the wall.


You can install this superb light anywhere in areas like: garden, driveway, patio, yard, tree, pool, garage, pathway, porch, etc.

Solar Panels Adjustable Lights:

This outdoor solar garden light is adjustable. Through this feature you can adjust the light angle to get the maximized illumination. You can adjust it up and down by 180 degrees.

But, what about solar panels?

You can adjust the solar panels of the light too. Adjust them up and down by 70 degrees, and towards left or right by 330 degrees. This adjustable feature of solar panels let them receive the maximum direct sunlight, minimizing the charging time.

Heatproof and Waterproof- Weather Resistant IPX4:

This solar path light is built with IPX4 weather resistant design that can endure harsh and extreme weather conditions including: rain, snow, sleet, etc.

Ideally, you can install this light in entryways, stairs, gardens, yards, and sheds.

Key Features:

Color: White Light with Black Covering

Material: High Impact Plastic

Style: Muti-performance Spot Light

Power Source: Solar Operated

Voltage: 1* 3.7V

Brightness: 50- 200 Lumens

Bulb Type: LEDs

Batteries required and included: Lithium Ion Battery required and included

Battery Cell Types: Lithium Metal Ion

  • It’s solar powered and highly efficient with IPX4 weather resistance.
  • 2-in-1 easy installation.
  • Value for money.
  • Adjustable solar panels and light.

Comes with two brightness levels of 50 up to 200 Lumens.

  • A bit compromised quality.
  • Solar panel’s top layer is not well adherent.

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The Best Solar Light Brand offers an amazingly unique Solar LED spotlight of 1.2 pounds with a perfect warm brightness of 100 lumens and an impressive eye-friendly color temperature of 3000K.

Now, let’s see what else this super astonishing 100 lumens solar path light offers!


High Quality and Durability:

This exclusive solar path light is a built-in high quality made of durable weatherproof glass and metal. This makes the light corrosion-free with the supreme quality you can feel and trust!

Metal Outdoor Solar light with Bright and Warm Light:

Being a high quality metal spotlight, it offers an upscale lighting ambiance to your outdoors. With brightness of 100 lumens and a soothing color temperature of 3000K, this superb solar spotlight is worth buying!

Simple and Easy to Install and Assemble:

This 100 lumens solar spotlight is easy to install and assemble, and comes up with solar NiMH batteries. Just unbox the light, flip it, and insert the light into the ground.

Weatherproof Metal Construction:

What unique about this light is the weather proof metal built-in construction, making it withstand all the harsh weather conditions.

No Wiring Required:

The ideal feature this solar path light offer is its installation wherever and whenever you want. No extra accessories, no wiring, no extra buying required to install this light. Just have it and enjoy!

Isn’t it amazing?

Key Features:

Color: White light in black Design

Material: Metal

Style: Muti-performance Solar Spot Light

Power Source: Solar Operated

Voltage: 5V

Brightness: 100 Lumens

Bulb Type: LEDs

Batteries required and included: Lithium Ion Battery required and included

Battery Cell Types: Lithium Metal Ion

  • Offers high quality, and durability.
  • Classy metal and light make-up.
  • Easy installation within no time.
  • No accessories required.
  • Lithium ion battery include.
  • Weather proof.
  • A bit expensive.
  • In actual, the glass cover of light is of plastic that turns brown soon after use.


Now, let us tell you the standards on which we have selected and ranked the best solar path lights, for you, from the saturated market. To help you make the right purchase, we’ve gathered all those standard factors in today’s buying guide.

Go through our buying of best 100 lumens solar path lights to enjoy the best lighting experience ever!

1. The Battery Life:

Battery life is a prime factor on which we give preference to lights, no matter it’s a solar path light or an ordinary light.

Therefore, if you’re going to get a solar walkway light, whether for casual or regular use, consider purchasing a model with longer battery life.

How to purchase?

  • Solar path lights with a few hours battery backup, taking longer time to recharge, are relatively useless.
  • On average, a fully charged solar powered path light lasts for 4-5 hours. Therefore, consider buying solar lights with 6+ hours battery backup.

 Battery life enlisted on the light’s packaging may misleads, sometimes. Therefore, make a purchase based on reviews of your solar light.

2. Charging Time:

Charging time is the utmost factor on which you should make your purchase. Most of the world areas have mixed climate, followed by harsh weathers in which grey skies can lead to no light for days even.


Always look for the solar lighting model that takes less charging hours.

How to purchase?

  • Never opt for the lighting model that takes more than eight hours to recharge.

Consider having one that offers a quick recharge rate relatively.

3. The Bundles Pack:

You’ve seen! We’ve enlisted the top 3 100 lumens solar path lights that you can purchase in bundles!


It’s the matter of saving money! What? Lighting pack and money saving? YES! You heard it right!

Generally, 1-2 solar lightings are enough to light your garden, front lawn or patio (not the case for small front yards). But, you consider having 1 or 2 to save the money.

But, you shouldn’t!

Lighting packs will not only help you in having more light-more bright scenario, but are also budget-friendly. Usually, packs come up with a percent off sale, discounts, or coupons. Therefore, having solar lights in packs for your path or walkway is a wise choice.

How to purchase?

  • Always go for packs, no matter your space requires 2 lights or 10 lights.

There’re varying lighting packages starting from 2 lights in a pack to more! So, make a purchase as per your requirements.

4. The Right Lumens/ Brightness Level:

A light’s lumen rating depicts how bright a light is! The equation of lumens and brightness is:

“Higher the lumen ratings, brighter the light.”


Brighter the light, more the lighting hazards will be! This is because long exposure to brighter light is harmful for eyes.


In your purchase of lightings for pathways, walkways, gardens, patio, etc. a brighter light is preferred. This is because high brightness is required to well-lit those large outdoor areas.

How to purchase?

  • Consider installing bright solar lights to your outdoors.
  • Having one with 100 lumens is worth buying, as it’s both bright, and fine; leading to no health hazards.

Here’s a quick guide to convert lumens to watts of LED lamps, incandescent light bulbs, and fluorescent lamps:

Lumens LED Lamps Incandescent Light Bulbs Fluorescent lamps
5 lm
.05 W
.33 W
.08 W
15 lm
.166 W
1 W
.25 W
20 lm
.22 W
1.33 W
.33 W
30 lm
.33 W
2 W
.5 W
50 lm
.55 W
3.33 W
.83 W
100 lm
1.11 W
6.66 W
1.66 W
200 lm
2.22 W
13.33 W
3.33 W

5. The Designs and True Looks:

You’re purchasing solar path lights not only to give a lit to your outdoors’ but to make the light appealing and attractive to the public, even when they’re the mains to your house!

So, having solar outdoor lights with both the perfect light and design is essential.

How to purchase?

  • Solar path light with sturdy and practical built-in, with no luxurious looks, are okay to be purchased as they still offer a level of attractiveness, and uniqueness.
  • Never buy overtly plastic and fake looking models. They are the ones with bulky elements built-in and design flaws, not suiting your outdoors’ home décor.

6. Materials’ Durability and Endurance:

We’ve selected for you the outdoor solar lightings with better durability and endurance. Therefore, while making your purchase, consider this factor in mind!

This is because, unattractive and cheap material built-in like that of thin plastic will not only break you product but will ruin your money spent. So, it’s advisable to always make a wise choice considering all the buying elements in focus and mind.

How to purchase?

  • Never buy solar lights with cheap material design. As, they can’t withstand weather extremes.
  • Always go for durable material built-in path lights. If the material is weak, the solar battery if exposed to harsh weathers will make the entire lamp useless and non-functional.


Why Choose Solar Path Lights for Outdoors?

Solar path lights’ sole purpose is not to light your outdoors but to add beauty to add the landscape.

Furthermore, these lights being lit at night will help your guests guide the path leading to your home’s entrance, without any issue.

Also, you can use solar path lights for decorative purpose. They come in varying styles, deigns, brightness levels, and color temperatures, offering you variety of models to choose from!


  • Consider purchasing solar path lights for your outdoors, as they’ll not only store the energy during the day-time, but are aesthetically attractive with no wiring and hectic installation procedures; helping you in every perspective, a lighting should!

How Many Lumens Are Required For Well Lit Solar Path Lights?

Lumen ratings required for a well-lit solar path light to get ultimate lighting is somewhere in between 600-1000 lumens.


The lumens rating of a solar path light varies, depending on the illumination or brightness you want from your lighting.

For the purpose of selecting the right lumen rating solar landscape light, consider in mind the equation: more the lumens rating, brighter the light will be!


  • If you want to install a solar path light for the basic household purpose, which won’t cause any heath harm, then a light with 500-100 lumens will be more than enough!

Are 100 Lumens Good To Go?

The standard brightness level for household lightings is 100 lumens. It’s considered best for areas like countertops, stove heads’ light, outdoors, garden, front lawn, pathway, walkway, or patio.

Why 100 lumens, why not 200 lumens?

  • A 100 lumens light is perfect for night use as it can, on average, last up to 8 hours.
  • For general household use, you should consider having a light of 100 lumens instead of 200 lumens. This is because 200 lumens light is considered best for purposes like sailing, fishing, and working, etc. as these areas require a brighter light than generally used brightness levels.

100 lumen solar path light is not for you!!! WHY?

If you’re looking for a path light that stays on throughout the day, then 100 lumens solar path light is not for you. For the purpose you’ll require a light with more lumens, and it’s better to get wired outdoor lights instead of solar powered LED outdoor lights as they store just a limited amount of power and energy that make them enable to light only for a few hours up to 10.

Where Are The Lumens Rating Of The Bulb Written?

Lumens rating of a bulb are usually written on the bulb’s sticker label, where other ratings and values like bulb’s energy efficiency, light temperature, estimated lifespan, warranty, etc. are written.


  • Sometimes, instead of the word “lumens”, the word “brightness” is written on the label by manufacturers to show the brightness level of the bulb!

What if you’re unable to find the lumens rating on the bulb’s label?

In the case, never hesitate to seek assistance from the shop. Because, you know how important the factor lumens rating is!


If you’re an online purchaser of the bulb, it’s always recommended to read below listed reviews down the bulb’s main purchasing page. Furthermore, to get a good preview of the product’s performance read expert blogs and review videos of the bulb.

Does a Solar Path Light Consumes Energy More Than Ordinary Lights?

Solar path light consumes less energy as compared to traditionally used incandescent bulbs, making you safe from paying high bills.


The consumption of energy by solar path light varies from model to model. Therefore, it’s recommended to always read the bulb’s packaging label before making a purchase.

Usually, a 100 lumen solar path light requires a less of 5 watts if LED bulbs are used(most of time), as compared to incandescent bulbs that take around 10 watts to lit a 100 lumen solar path light.

This depicts that using LED solar path light not only consumes less energy as compared to ordinary bulb types, but will help you save money on bills.


  • It’s recommended to always check the energy storage capacity of the solar panel of solar path light, ensuring whether the bulb will be powered all night long or not!


Thanks for making till the end of the blog. We hope that this guide on “best 100 lumens solar path lights” has answered all of your related and relevant queries when you opt for a right solar path light with exact brightness, wattage, color temperature, and design, etc. you demand and look forward in your lighting.

With that said, do let us know in the comment section down below which 100 lumen solar path light you purchased from our top 3 recommendations, and why you selected it. As, you know we always love to hear back from you guys!

Now, its time say a bye, as we’ll see you next with another lighting guide you demanded for!

But, till then enjoy and experience the amazing lighting effects from your newly purchased 100 lumen solar path light.

But, if you haven’t, then make a purchase right now, and share your experience!

Happy Lighting!

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