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To make the view visible, you must purchase the best 36 inches LED light bar. That will not only clear your view but also enhance the car speed efficiently.


Lots of varieties confuse you, how to buy the best one?

Don’t get panic! 

This 36 inches LED light bar guide has got your back. We will guide you for purchase with the top three recommendations. Moreover, you will be aware of picking up the LED light bar in the right way through our FAQs section.

Surprisingly, this guide will cover everything you want to know about the light bar. 

That sounds crazy!

So, keep scrolling for stupendous guidelines.

Before you begin purchasing from our recommendation, you need to check the two things:

  1. Measure the size of the car part. So, you can easily purchase an LED light bar according to the measurements.
  2. Do not purchase LED light bar tools before the LED light bar. Logically, the recommended ones will not require any tools for installation.

Now, For what are you waiting? Our guidelines have got your back!

Let’s get rolling!

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Amazon’s best choice for the 36 inches LED light bar is Nilight- 60010C-A 36 Inch 234W LED light bar. if you are looking for a water resistance product, you are on the right way. You can never find a suitable one other than Nilight LED light bar.  Want to know the best part? It provides you the brightest illumination that enhances clearance for visibility. Of course, you are wondering: How? Well, the beam of combination lights emits that makes your visibility clear. That definitely provides you an exceptional driving experience.  The brackets on the sides are very adjustable. It wouldn’t bring complications while installing the LED light bar.  Here is the surprise for you! You can adjust the brackets with your desirable demand. It is designed in such a way that it can stay stable while driving on a rough road.  Its package includes 1 PC 234W LED light bar and mountain brackets. Luckily, you will not require to purchase tools for its installation.
  • The structure is solid and well-constructed.
  • The lights are amazing with mountain brackets. Mountain brackets work accurately for a long time.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • The brackets allow easy rotation for a long-range projection.
  • Easily slide the brackets as per your choice.
  • The LED light bar is super bright.
  • The water vapors started building up inside the LED bar.
  • It consists of a soft metal that would barely hold up.
  • Prominent condensation inside the front lens
  • The sections of the LED light bar usually comes out burnt.
  • It often arrives incomplete package.
  • The packaging does not protect the product entirely.

Xprite Upgraded 36" Rear LED Chase Light Bars

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Another Amazon’s first choice to shop. If you are required to purchase the multi-colored LED light bar, you are on the bright side. This product is all you need as per your choice. You will amaze to know that its flood lens increases visibility and security. 

You might be afraid of driving during rainy and snow falling. Do you love to drive during such a time? Of course, it will be a Yes. This product allows you to travel in overly harsh road conditions and fluctuating weather patterns. 

The surprising fact is that its block guides you throughout your journey. 

What else it offers. Let’s see!

The lens comprises high-quality PC plastic. Lens will protect your product from scratches. As it is shatterproof, you can effortlessly go for a ride.

Most importantly, you will have the option of switching on and off. Furthermore, it controls all the car lights within three seconds.

Its structure might make you think that it’s not adjustable. Right? But, you will be happiest while knowing that it is easy to install.

  • You can directly run the bar for tails and brake lights without running the strobe.
  • The wiring system is very well explained.
  • Easily control amber by a switch
  • Premium quality for light brightness
  • Work the same way as mentioned in the manual.
  • Regular and durable functioning of lights
  • The switch is tacky for usage.
  • It’s expensive to purchase.
  • The provided cable is too short for arriving at the switch location.
  • Lightings usually stop while driving.
  • It comes with a malfunctioning switch.

CREE LED Light Bar 36inch Curved

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CREE LED light bar is the top-rated product on amazon. Its premium quality will prove it authentic with a capacity of high intensity. 

You wouldn’t believe it!


This exclusive product provides a stable color temperature. It provides super white and brightest rays. If you want to ride on a sandy area, that LED light wouldn’t turn off. Because this product has the potential of over 50,000 hours of working lifespan. Isn’t it wonderful to purchase it? Therefore, you don’t need to be worried about spending nights on holiday. 

Want to know an interesting fact? This product is water-proof and weather-resistant. So, you can conveniently travel during weather-changing days.it prevents your car from heating up. The aluminum fan disappear the signs of heat in an effective and fast way. Its package includes everything you need for installation.

  • Its curve design gives the best peripheral light.
  • It looks pretty good on jeeps and cars.
  • The quality of the light bar is superb.
  • Packaging usually misses some critical parts.
  • Installation is tricky for some positioning.
  • The led lights do not have 20,400 lumens in reality.


Image Name Description

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Nilight - 60010C-A 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar

  • Item Weight is equal to ‎6.59 pounds
  • Product Dimensions is            45.6 x 5.1 x 5.1 inches

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CREE LED Light Bar 36inch Curved

  • Item Weight is equal to ‎8.08 pounds
  • Product Dimensions is            36.5 x 3.35 x 1.78 inches

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Xprite Upgraded 36" Rear LED Chase Light Bars

  • Item Weight is equal to ‎4 pounds.
  • Package Dimensions is ‎43 x 4 x 3 inches.


At this moment, we guide you with the best 36 inches LED light bars. The next thing to keep in mind is that to choose the best one out of three. Sounds difficult? Don’t you worry!

We are on your side. It confused you that it provided you with everything. The products have similar functioning, pros, and cons, but you still cannot figure it out. Therefore, we will give you the best criteria that will effectively help you in your selection.

Let’s begin with the criteria!


The most important thing to consider before purchasing the LED light bar is comparing Watts. The level of watts determines the powerful speed. That is why compare the watts of the above three led light bars. You will surely gain the best one.


To make your purchase worthwhile, always select the LED light that has a warranty of lifespan. With the satisfaction of long-lasting terms, you can drive your car with no hesitation. Always choose the LEED light bar having a duration from 30,000 to 50,000 hours.


The material is a crucial part of the LED light. Want to know how? Its material will decide its duration. Therefore, you need to select the material with water-resistant qualities.


If you want to go for a night drive, select a suitable color temperature. Because the more you choose a stable temperature, the higher the white light will illuminate. Therefore, we will prefer the temperature range from 6000k to 6500k.


Q: How far are the mounting holes?

You will provide one hole to mount. You can easily slide the light back and forth on the given bracket.

Q: What preferred size does the light use?

You need to buy a switch kit to connect your wires. The size varies from 12-14 g.

Q: Do the bar need any adapter?

No, it does not require any adapter. You just need to professionally wire your LED light bar.

Q: For how long a warranty is required?

The warranty of LED light bars lasts for a year.

Q: Are these LED light bars legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to use whenever you need it.


Thank you for making it to the end of our review blog. We have anticipated the top three LED light bars. They are on the top of the selling list on Amazon. Additionally, we have provided the answers to the most asked questions in the FAQs section.

Do check it out! If you are experiencing any other questions, we would love to answer you as soon as possible.  That is all from our side today.

As per our ritual, let us know your choices in the comment section.

To install your LED light bars on your car!

Closing it by wishing you a wonderful day!

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