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1600 LUMEN LED BULBS – Your Best Guide

A good light can make your day bright. To get the right amount of light, consider buying the right lumen LED bulbs for your place. If your place requires a bright tone light, then 1600 lumen LED bulbs will work best for you!

In that regard, today we bring to you a case study of 1600 lumen LED bulbs, there working, uses, safety measures, precautions, and lot more. Yes, this all in our today’s ultimate lighting guide!

So, let’s get started!


Lumen is the amount of light emitted from the lighting source (in the case LED bulbs).


Lumen is the light output or the total amount of visible light emitted from the light source.

Lumen, Brightness and the Light - Relationship:

Higher Lumen Ratings (check them on the bulb’s packaging) = Brighter/more amount of light

Lower Lumen Ratings = Dimmer/less amount of light


Light, lumens and watts, what’s the connection?

Watts = Power consumption

Lumens = Light output

Both the terms are inversely related to each other. More the light, lower the power consumption i.e. Wattage will be!

That’s is why it’s recommended to buy the LED bulbs with low wattage ranking in order to get more light.

Now, let’s see the lumens vs. watt relation in detail:

What’s the logic?

LED bulbs convert more of the energy to light instead of heat (the reverse case is observed in traditional bulbs, that is why LED bulbs are recommended). Because of this consuming less watts will produce more of the energy i.e. more lumens/watt.

Why Lumens not Watts?

When traditional bulbs were used commonly like incandescent and halogen bulbs, there was a common misunderstanding that more the watts, brighter the light will be. When LED bulbs came into action, the term lumens was introduced as a reference to the light output. That is why lumens are preferred, not watts when you make a purchase in LEDs.


Now, let’s have a detailed insight into a 1600 lumen LED bulb, its brightness, power usage, light, precautions, uses, and lot more!

There you go!

The Brightness and Energy-consumption Facts of a 1600 Lumens LED Bulb:

A 1600 Lumens LED bulb offers a light output of 1600 lumens with the power consumption of 20 watts. These lumens of light are relatively more for a room with smaller space but to light big hallways and areas you’ll find these lumens perfect for use.

Facts you should be Aware of!

You should be aware of the fact that too bright light with higher lumens is enough to blind you. Even a light more than 60 lumens may leads to blindness if it’s exposed to your eyes in dark for a relatively longer period.

Therefore, in the case of 1600 lumens LED bulbs, you should be cautious while using such high lumen LED bulbs. They shouldn’t be installed in areas with small room space, or shouldn’t be hung at a height near to average human height. As, lower the 1600 lumen LED bulb will be, more exposure to the eyes and harm it will cause.

LED Bulbs, Lumens, and your Space!

To avoid such conditions, here’s a table for you answering your query “how many lumens your space require?”

Well, in short, the lumens your space require entirely depends on the factors like your room’s space, size and shape, the ceiling’s height, color palette, other lighting sources, natural light usage, and above all your need for the light.

But, as a general basic guide, the below table “Lumens required per square meter in different room settings” will help you select the right lumens for your space!



~300-400 LM

Bedroom Task Areas

~700-800 LM


~500-600 LM

Bathroom Task Areas

~700-800 LM

Reading Area

~400 LM


~300-400 LM

Kitchen Task Areas

~700-800 LM

Living Room

~400-500 LM


~300 LM

Why choose 1600 lumens LED bulbs?

You should choose 1600 lumens LED bulbs because of the fact: Low energy consumption!

A 1600 lumens LED bulb gives out a light output of 1600 lumens with the power consumption of only 20 watts. Whereas, in case of conventional bulbs, a power around 100 watts is required to produce the equivalent amount of light.

That is why you should choose 1600 lumen LED bulbs to get a strong light with less energy consumption in comparison with traditional light bulbs.


To check whether your LED bulb is of 1600 lumens, the label on the bulb’s box/ packaging will help. To help you make a better purchase, The Federal Trade Commission with the help of manufacturers has developed a label that will help you in making the right purchase of energy-efficient LED bulbs.  The label is up with the detailed informational table with the more concise information about the bulb’s output, power consumption, and savings.

Here’s the label on the bulb’s box:

This label includes:

  • The Bulb’s Brightness in lumens
  • A Yearly Estimated Energy Cost
  • The Bulb’s Expected Lifespan
  • Light Color and Appearance in Color Temperature
  • Energy Consumption in Watts

The bulb’s label, and packaging are getting more and more advanced with time to offer a better user experience. The new bulb models are up with the information like: The bulb’s replacement figures and its alternatives, the energy consumption and your savings on it with its durability and lifespan, and the color their tones and ratings etc.

Therefore, now it’s no more a difficult task to get a bulb as per your requirements and choices.

How to compare bulbs in various aspects?

The best and the easiest to compare bulbs is by using the government labels. You’ll see that label on all the bulbs with models not older than 2012.


To help you make the right purchase from the world of lighting, here’ve the 2 best 1600 lumens LED bulbs that’ll help you illuminate your space in best of the ways. So, wait not and make a purchase right now from these highly energy-efficient, quality based, and budget friendly 1600 lumens LED lights!

1. CREE LIGHTING STORE – 1600 Lumens Dimmable LED Light


  • It’s a 1600 lumens dimmable LED light bulb with an Amazon choice label on it.
  • It offers an exceptional light quality with 90 + high CRI, making the colors rich, vibrant and natural.
  • It has an amazing lifespan, lasting for over 25,000 hours.
  • It’s a 1-pack white LED light with a daylight color temperature of 5000K; offering a rich bright cool color light.
  • It comes up with a shatter proof plastic bulb, lowering the damage cases.
  • It’s premium quality, and is durable.
  • It offers a 12 years, 100% guarantee.
  • It offers full brightness with zero flickers.
  • Its super clear light with no shadows makes it perfect for in-house uses and commercial spaces.

2. ENERGETIC – A 19 1600 Lumens LED Light Bulb


  • It’s a 100 watt equivalent A 19 LED bulb with a premium quality.
  • It’s a universal bulb replacement that’s perfect for all kind of lighting fixtures.
  • It helps you save up to 85% of the energy cost.
  • It’s a dimmable warm white light with a color temperature 3000K color temperature.
  • It’s eco-friendly with no breakable part and toxic materials.
  • It’s a superior quality light bulb with no flickers and zero harsh glares.
  • Its warm light save your eyes from fatigue; offering a stress free, comfortable lighting zone.
  • Its UL certified, offering premium material and built-in quality that’s certified by the rigorous safety standards of UL.
  • It’s a pack of four with long life-span and 2-years warranty.


A 1600 lumens LED bulb is a perfect alternative to incandescent, halogens and all conventional bulbs. The LED bulb with 1600 lumens is a bright cool light that’s perfect for areas with large space.

How its usage will benefit you, let’s see!

More the Light, Less the Watts:

LED light bulbs are highly efficient in comparison with the conventional light bulbs. Check the case of 1600 lumen LED bulbs:

They produce a bright light of 1600 lumens with the power consumption around of 20-30 watts only as compared to the incandescent bulbs that require 100 watts to produce a light of 1600 lumens.

That is why you should consider having a 1600 LED light bulb as it’s the energy saver, efficient, with a strong bright light; taking the least amount of watts to perform better.

An All-Rounder!

You can use a 1600 lumen LED light bulb in any of the lighting fixtures at home, as it offers a universal bulb replacement fitting in to almost all the light fixtures.

With that said, we recommend you to replace all the conventional light bulbs at home with the LEDs, as these are going to be just perfect for any of the use, in addition ot the fact: you’re going to get the same light output as of other bulbs, but with both the money and energy savings!


There lies a common misconception about LED causing blindness. But, an overexposure to LED bulbs with bright light and higher color temperature will cause various eye problems like retinal defects, poor sight, etc.

You can avoid such health concerns by lowering the exposure to LEDs (a long-term exposure refers to 24-seven subjection that leads from months to years). But, how to overcome physical harms an LED light bulb might cause, is a concern here!

LED bulbs are relatively safer than conventional bulbs, but taking precautionary measures on time might save you from fire hazards, and breakages.  

While handling a 1600 lumen LED bulb, a few of the precautionary measures you should take note of are:

Never Touch the Bulb While it’s On:

Your common sense demands not to touch any of the bulbs especially LEDs while they are on. But, in most of the cases it’s taken for granted. Your hand will burn that might leads to the bulb’s breakage when you suddenly take your hand off from the bulb.

LED bulbs are extremely hot, therefore never touch them while they are on!

Let Cool the Bulb Before Taking It Out:

When you want to take the bulb out, never do it right after you turn off the light. It’s not recommended as still some of the heat is left. Therefore, it’s recommended to first cool the LED bulb, leave it for around five minutes, and then take it out!

Always Keep the Bulb Away from Flammable Objects:

Never ever put any of the flammable object near the LED bulbs. They get really hot and their strength can reach flammable objects really faster. Therefore, if placed near flammable objects, there are chances of electrical fire hazards.

Consider Using Lower Wattage for LED Bulbs:

If you have been using fluorescent bulbs but want to switch to LED bulbs, then you need to use lower wattage LED bulbs. This is because LED bulbs use more power per wattage.

Let’s say the recommended wattage for your light fixture is 100 watts. For fluorescent lamps, that would be just 1600 lumens of power. For LED lights though, 100 watts could give much more than just 1600 lumens.

If you use that kind of power for your light fixture, you might heat it up too much, which could pose a danger. In order to address this problem, simply determine the number of lumens your previous light emitted and convert that to LED bulb wattage.

The internet has a lot of good lumen to watt calculators for you to use.


Q. Is 1600 lumens too bright?

Yes, 1600 lumens are too bright to be used for smaller spaces. But, they are perfect to be used to lit large space and commercial areas. In the case, U.S. department for Energy suggests that for general lighting one should shop for light ranging from 450 – 1,600 lumens per light bulb.

Q. How many watts is 1600 lumens?

1600 lumens consume 20 watts in the case of LEDs, whereas a 100 watts is 1600 lumens in case of incandescent bulbs.

Q. How many lumens can blind a person?

 To temporary blind a person for a few minutes, 100 lumens will be enough. In case of night time, 150 lumens and for daytimes lumens of around 300 will be enough to temporary blind a person for few minutes.

Q. What is the highest lumen LED light bulb?

The highest lumen LED light bulb is a huge Philips 5000 lumens LED bulb with the dimensions of 5.28 x 5.28 x 12.13 inches. It’s the brightest warm light dimmable LED light bulb that’s ever made for general household consumption.

Q. How many lumens will hurt your eyes?

Lumens over 4000 will start hurting your eyes. Whereas, a color temperature above 3000K is also harmful for your eyes.


Thanks for making till the end of this blog. We hop you’ve got everything in this ultimate guide to 1600 Lumens LED bulbs their uses and safety.

Making a purchase of 1600 lumen LED light bulb is worth it. You’ll get brighter light with more lumens and less energy consumption i.e. more lumens/ watt.

So, this was it!

In case, anything is left that we accidentally skipped to mention in today’s’ guide, don’t hesitate. Just do let us know in the comment section down below and we’ll add that portion for you within next 24-hours.

We’ll see you with another lighting guide, till then Happy 1600 Lumens LED Lighting!

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