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Are chandeliers going out of fashion? or What to do with old chandelier? It is a frequently asked question that I hear most of the time.

Today, I’ll give a detailed answer to this question to help you develop a keen understanding of chandelier lighting, styles, and designs.

Chandeliers are still the most demanding lighting fixtures that people prefer for decorating their household interiors. So, it is clear that chandeliers aren’t going out of fashion.

There are many chandelier lights that you can mount in your living space to give it an elegant touch. All you need is to find a chandelier that is compatible with your household design.


Chandelier manufacturing companies have been keeping up with the changing decorative trends in the market.

 I see people preferring modern household interiors instead of the traditional or classical ones. It has made chandelier manufacturers focus on launching chandeliers that match the needs of modern interiors.

With the arrival of a new chandelier in the market, the old one loses its importance. People purchase the newly launched chandelier and mount it in the place of the old one.

The question here arises, what to do with that old chandelier?

Don’t you worry, as this article will sought out your query!

 In this guide, I’ll guide you on how to utilize your old chandelier?

There is more you can get from the old chandelier than throwing it as garbage. I’ll show you a few innovative ideas that will make you use old chandeliers for other purposes than illumination.

So let’s jump into the details!



Many reasons are there that make a chandelier old. A chandelier doesn’t become old only over time. There are chances you feel your chandelier is old after using it for one or two months.


How to check if the chandelier you are using is old or not?

  • If you haven’t changed the chandelier for one or two years, your chandelier is old. If you want to keep up with the changing fashion trends, replace it with new chandelier light.
  • Your chandelier is old if the company has launched multiple up-models of that item.

For example,

If you own a chandelier named ABC1 and the company has launched new models up to ABC4, your chandelier is three models older than the new one.

  • There is a high chance that the chandelier you are using may not hook the viewer’s attention.
  • Other reasons that make a chandelier old are losing the chain, again and again, fusing of the bulb, not generating a bright light, and more!

With that said, let’s jump on and see:

What to do with the Old Chandelier?

Most people replace it with the new one and throw the old chandelier in the garbage.

Sit back and think that you didn’t buy that chandelier for free. Throwing the chandelier as garbage isn’t a wise act.

Then what should you do?

 Keep on reading innovative ideas related to utilizing old chandeliers.


Who says chandeliers are only for illuminating your living space? Many ways are there that you can utilize an old chandelier to add a decorative touch to your household.

 Here are the 5 best old chandelier uses ideas for you.

1. Chandelier Flower Planter:

Hanging a chandelier in your garden has been a famous use of chandelier.

But you probably don’t know that you can use an old chandelier for decorating your garden.

Yes, it doesn’t matter if your chandelier is working or not; you can use it to decorate your garden.

  • Take your old chandelier and convert it into a chandelier flower planter.

The chain of my chandelier broke, so I decided to use this creative idea. Now, my old chandelier is there with other planters, having beautiful flowers in it.

You’ll be surprised to know that I bought it one year ago at a discounted price of only $35!

2. Outdoor Plant Chandelier:

If you have a large-sized old chandelier with more than one bulb socket, you can use this idea.

  • Take the chandelier and spray it with green colour, so it matches the colour of the plants.
  • Put some soil in the bulb sockets and place it with other plants in your garden or lawn.
  • The process is easy as you only need your old chandelier and spray paint.

Point to Ponder:

However, the chandelier won’t last for long because the paint won’t resist rainfalls. You can again paint it if the colour fades to maintain its elegance in your garden.

3. Teacup Chandelier Planter:

Have you ever thought you can combine your teacups with an old chandelier?

 If you have a metallic chandelier with multiple arms, this chandelier styling idea will give you a beautiful decorative item for your living space.

  • Grab the chandelier and the teacups.
  • If the chandelier has bulbs, remove them and make space to attach the teacups.
  • Now colour the cups and the chandelier with the same-coloured paint spray.
  • Place the chandelier and put the cups at the tip of the chandelier arms.
  • Fill the cups with flowers, beads, or whatever you want.

There you have it, a beautiful teacup chandelier planter!

4. Ceiling Fan Shades Chandelier:

You can utilize your old chandelier as a beautiful chandelier at your entryways to welcome your guests. It is an easy to craft idea that you can easily follow without putting in any extra effort.

  • All you need is a few ceiling fan shades.

You might have a few in your home, but if not, you can purchase some. I had two shades of broken ceiling fans, so I had to buy one more to merge them with my old outdoor chandelier.

  • I coloured the chandelier and the shades using white spray paint.
  • Then, I planted flowers in all three fan shades and attached them with the chandelier.

 Today, this chandelier gives a warm welcome to my guests in the daytime.

5. Colourful Painted Chandeliers:

Painting the old chandeliers is the easiest way of utilizing them. You might think how painting a chandelier can help you out.

 Of course, you can’t make the chandelier work, but you can use it as a decoration piece inside or outside your house.

  • Take the old chandelier and paint it with a bright colour.
  • If you have more than one chandelier, you can paint them in different colours.
  • Install them in your house where you think they are suitable.

These were the 5 best old chandelier uses that you must try. All of these will allow you to utilize your old chandelier instead of throwing it as garbage.


You have to make sure you have a suitable chandelier that fits the old chandelier using the idea you want to implement.



You’ll be sad to hear that all old chandeliers are not reusable.

There are only a certain type of chandeliers that you can reuse for decoration and other purposes.

✔️ Large and metal-built chandeliers are the best products that are reusable.

❌ However, if you have an old crystal chandelier, you might not find an idea to reuse them.

❌ You can use the crystals, but you can’t use the chandelier if it doesn’t have a sturdy frame or fixture.

❌ Similarly, you can’t reuse globe chandeliers for planting or other purposes because of their design.


Q. How do you modernize an old chandelier?

You can modernize an old chandelier by upgrading it with distinctive looks via painting the chandelier body, or decorating candle selves, or by an antique paint finish, or by spray painting the chandelier giving it a classic look. Furthermore, you can add hanging crystals with styles, and colours compatible to the chandelier.

Q. What do you do with old light fixtures?

Things you can do with old light fixtures: Recycle old light fixtures, dispose fluorescent lamps and tubes, or reuse them via decorative DIY’s, or send the old light fixtures to a household hazardous waste collection center.

Q. Are chandeliers old fashioned?

Although chandeliers are the elements from the mid-century, still they are the symbol of modernism in the 21st century. Offering the lighting required, and style to contemporary homes; chandeliers are now consider as a fashion symbol and an important luxury element in today’s modernized world.


Thanks for making it this far till the end of the blog!

Chandeliers are the best way of adding beautiful illumination to your living space. But people have always been creative in every aspect of life.

They have created many chandeliers using ideas to help you utilize your old chandelier.

Throwing a chandelier that you bought for $200-$300 after using a year isn’t a worthy decision. Yes, you can do it if you can afford so!

Today, I shared multiple ideas on how to use old chandeliers.  You can adopt any of them to convert your old chandelier into an eye-catchy product.

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