what is rlm lighting
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What is RLM Lighting – Beginner Guide

what is rlm lighting
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RLM Lighting may make your inquisitive mind jump to the obvious question:

What does RLM stand for?

Here we are with RLM lighting beginner guide for you to let you know its acronym, uses, material and all that you should know before you purchase one!

Let’s jump in to the RLM lighting beginner’s guide!

In this guide you’ll come to know about RLM lighting definition.

“RLM stands for Reflector Luminaire Manufacturer.”

RLM lighting is basically a shade lighting that reflects the light downward- perfectly illuminating a specified area.

It is usually cone shaped with the wider end open for lighting and the smaller end holds the bulb. It is attached with a thin bent or straight metal fitting for fixture.

It is one of the most ever-green styles when it comes to lighting as it has been there for ages and it is still used in a lot of places to enhance the ambiance of the space.

The best part about RLM lighting is that it can be used in both, modern and vintage settings.

RLM- A handy lighting fixture:

RLM lighting fixtures can be mounted both on ceilings, and on walls.

  • They have many shapes.
  • They come in different color schemes.
  • They have extensions easily available for elongating or making the fixture more angular.
  • The parts are replaceable (unlike many fixtures in which, if a small part is broken the whole fixture goes to waste).

Where can I use RLM Lighting?

RLM lighting can be used on a lot of places. It has various usage spots and RLM lights can be easily matched with most interiors/exteriors.

  • They are used in kitchens, in bedrooms over bedsides/headboards to help with reading, or in dining room for that extra light over the delicious food.
  • They’re flexible in terms of indoor uses.
  • They can also be used outside as they’re usually made of metal so they are able to handle rough weathers and dust. It can look good in the garden, on the porch or over the window shade.

The versatility that comes with RLM lighting is matchless hence; many designers use this kind of lighting for bedroom and  in a lot of spaces.

Since they’re best used to illuminate a certain space or object, it is best that they be used over a place or object that needs highlighting like an art frame or over kitchen island.

Shapes of RLM Lighting

RLM lighting is unique and comes in many shapes. This is one of the wonderful features as different shapes allow it to be placed almost everywhere.

 For instance, if the space for fitting a lighting fixture is narrow then retro industrial shaped RLM lighting can be placed there as it is small and handy and does the job well.

 If you need to use it on an angular space let’s say, over the stairs then, angle reflector shape would suit best for it.

The shapes of RLM lighting are many. Some of these are:

  • Bell shaped
  • Dome shaped
  • Cone shaped
  • Globe shaped
  • Angle reflector
  • Bird cage shaped

There are many more shapes of this kind of lighting.

  • Troy lighting has many good options available when it comes to shape.

How many bulbs can RLM Lighting have?

A single RLM lighting fixture supports one light bulb only. If you need more light you can perhaps, use a high voltage bulb in the fixture.

  • You can also use multiple fixtures for more illumination.

What kinds of bulbs do RLM lighting support?

Mostly RLM lighting fixtures may come with included bulbs for your ease, but RLM can be compatible with LEDs, incandescent or CRL bulbs.

  • Millennium lighting has great variety for all kinds of lighting bulbs for RLM fixtures.

What Else About RLM Lighting?


RLM Lighting comes in various styles and is made of different materials. Most common among those materials are:

  • Percaline
  • Glass
  • Metal

Moreover, it comes with powder finish coat so that you can easily mount it in an outdoor space.

Color compatibility:

RLM lighting fixtures are easily available in wide variety of colors and can easily blend in with the color theme of your place.

 These lighting fixtures are easily available in wide variety of colors and can easily blend in with the color theme of your place. You can also opt for dual colored lighting fixtures to be able to match it with your theme.

  • You can choose from Kichler lighting as they have huge variety available in many colors. In fact, kichler lighting sale has many a great pieces for unbelievable prices.

Mounting options:

RLM lights have variety in mounting options too. Different fixtures support different mounting options.

Mounting options include the following:

  • Stem Mounting: The fixture hangs from ceiling through a straight metal line.
  • Arm mounting: The fixture is fixed on wall and has rounded metal arm.
  • Wall mounting: The fixture is mounted through straight metal on a wall rather than on ceiling.
  • Most of the time lighting fixtures can come along with extending mounting options like a rod or elbow extension if you need your lighting higher /lower/angular then the original design.

ANP lighting has all of these mounting options available and are definitely worthy of price!

Removable parts:

The RLM lighting fixtures have replaceable parts that can easily be replaced by contacting the dealer through which they were first bought.

They may also be available in local hardware store.

So you don’t have to worry at all if your RLM lighting parts have misplaced or broken. They have replaceable parts so your fixture won’t go to waste if just one small part is missing, unlike many fixtures which won’t work because their parts generally are not replaceable.

A bulb guard:

A few RLS lighting fixtures also sport a cute looking guard for bulbs. So that on the outdoor spaces the bulbs doesn’t get easily broken. This is one of the most practical features, which is not found in most lighting fixtures.

The Bottom Line

RLM Lighting is the most practical, easy to mount and perfect choice for any place. Whether you are trying to light up your garden with beautiful fixture or you need bit more brightness on your kitchen island, RLM lighting can be placed anywhere! With huge variety available, they can be fixed in contemporary, vintage and modern spaces.

Hopefully this buying guide would have helped you make a right decision to light your home with the perfect lighting fixture out there!

Let us know in the comment section down below, about any of the aspect from our guide that helped you in your decision making. We’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts-Peace out!

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