how to size chandelier for foyer
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How to size chandelier for foyer? The market is full of luxurious and elegant-looking chandeliers. When looking for a perfect chandelier for your living space, finding the one that fits your needs would take a lot of time and research.

Many features matter the most than the design and price of a chandelier. A small chandelier would illuminate a dining table or Kitchen Island rather than a large room.

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 If you are looking for a perfect chandelier for spaces like the foyer and outdoors, you have to check out its size first.

People say hanging a chandelier in the foyer is of no use because these are large spaces, making a chandelier look small.

If you also have similar thinking, I recommend changing the way you purchase things for your house.

The foyer is the area that welcomes your guests when they enter your house. Installing an elegant chandelier fixture with bright output would give them warm greetings.

 If you feel no one is noticing your chandelier, or it is not creating a brilliant illumination, you have to replace it.

Today, this guide will help you know how to size chandelier for foyer? It’ll also cover a few common features that people must consider when buying a chandelier for the foyer or entryways.

So let’s jump into the details!


Decorating your bedroom, living room, or kitchen with chandelier lighting has been in trend for a long time. These are the places in your house where you spend most of your time.

Hanging a chandelier with elegant illumination in such rooms adds ease and comfort to your life.

The same goes for hanging a chandelier in the foyer. Your friends or guests won’t jump directly into the guest room from the outside. Upon entering your house, the first thing they’ll enter to it the foyer.

If you want to leave a never-ending positive impression on your guests, you have to hang a chandelier to give a charming feel to the foyer.



The chandelier’s compatibility to be installed in the foyer depends upon the size of the chandelier.


Keep reading to get the answer!

1. Calculate the Area of your Foyer:

For buying a perfect chandelier and making it compatible to the foyer, the first thing you need is to calculate the area.

  • Having precise measurements of the area of your foyer will help you purchase a chandelier that will give the best lighting experience to everyone who enters your house.
  • There is a general rule you can use to find which chandelier fixture will fulfil the requirements of your foyer.

2. A General Rule to Size Chandelier for Foyer

  • Measure the length and width of your foyer in feet.
  • Take the measurements and add them together.
  • Convert the obtained result into inches.
  • It would be the ideal chandelier size that will generate a perfect illumination in your foyer or entryways.

Here is how the formula will look like:

Diameter of Chandelier (inches) = Length of the area (feet) + Width of the area (feet)


Suppose after adding the length and width of the area, you get 16 feet. A chandelier having a diameter of 16 inches will create the best illumination in the foyer with these dimensions.

3. Height of the Chandelier:

Finding a chandelier of suitable size and diameter doesn’t guarantee 100% performance and compatibility if you don’t hang it at a certain height.

How high or low you mount the chandelier also affects its performance in your foyer.

“As a general rule of hanging a chandelier, you have to make sure that it is at least 7 feet high above the floor.”

  • Foyers usually have versatile ceiling heights from 8 to 12 feet.
  • You have to purchase a chandelier with adjustable height to keep it 7 feet high above the floor.
  • It is a key point when considering the size of the chandelier for the foyer.
  • You can’t go for ceiling-mounted chandeliers that don’t offer an adjustable height feature.

4. The Wattage of the Chandelier:

The wattage of the chandelier also plays a crucial role same like the size and height in deciding the compatibility of the chandelier to the foyer.

Hanging a small-sized chandelier in the foyer or entryways won’t look as impressive as a large one.

However, you also can’t compromise on the illumination of the chandelier. A large-sized chandelier will be of no use if it doesn’t create noticeable lighting.

  • The chandelier that works between 200 to 400 watts is considered an ideal choice for hanging in the foyer.
  • Nowadays, modern chandeliers are compatible with almost every bulb type.
  • It makes it easy for you to buy a chandelier with bright output.
  • You can also prefer using chandeliers that are compatible with LED bulbs.

It will produce the light you want, without putting an extra burden on our budget.


When looking for the best chandelier for the foyer or entryways, take care of all the above-mentioned facts.

 Consider all these steps when buying a chandelier for the foyer, and you’ll end up choosing the best item for yourself.

However, there are few more things you can consider for buying the best chandelier today.

Here are a few suggestions that you can consider when buying the chandelier to hang in the foyer:

1. Types of Lighting:

Different types of lighting match the needs of every house. Also, you can go for any of these lighting types, depending on which one you prefer.

 Let’s discuss only two types of chandelier lighting you can hang in the foyer!

Ambient Lighting:

It is a commonly used type of chandelier lighting that people prefer using in their households. You’ll find many chandeliers that offer ambient lighting.

  • You can convert these chandeliers into dimmable lighting sources by adding dimmable bulbs and a dimmer switch.
  • Support this chandelier with bright lights and mount it with the ceiling of your entryways to give a warm welcome to your guests.

Accent Lighting:

Accent lighting chandeliers also draw people’s attention who are looking for an attractive chandelier for their household.

  • Accent lighting is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • If you are someone who wants to give his foyer a decorative touch, you can go for a chandelier with accent lighting compatibility.
  • These chandeliers don’t create a bright output, so you have to install a separate lighting source.

2. Number of Bulbs:

You’ll find chandeliers that use six and more bulbs to create a beautiful illumination. Such chandeliers usually act as the perfect lighting source for attracting everyone who enters your house.

However, the condition isn’t compulsory because some chandeliers hook everyone’s attention using a single bulb.

I prefer a chandelier with more than one bulb; if one bulb damages, the other bulbs will keep up with the illumination.

3. Finishing Material:

Not all chandeliers have the same finishing material.

  • Crystal chandeliers come with a clear glass finish, giving the chandelier a luxurious look.
  • On the other hand, you’ll see oil-rubbed chandeliers with opaque shades.

These chandeliers become the focal point of the area where they are mounted.

  • When buying a chandelier for your foyer, you have to consider its size, type of lighting, and finishing material.
  • Don’t go for a chandelier that doesn’t suit your household interior.

These were the few recommendations from my experience. You may or may not follow these when buying a chandelier for the foyer.



Q. How do you measure a foyer chandelier?

Measure a foyer chandelier by adding the length and width of the foyer area. Now, convert the result into inches. The answer should be the required diameter of your chandelier. Example: Let the length and width of the chandelier be 20 and 16 feet. Sum= 36 feet. Convert it into inches. The answer should be your chandelier’s diameter for the foyer.

Q. How do you hang a foyer chandelier?

For a two story large foyer, hang the chandelier at least 5feet down from the ceiling. Ensure the installation of the chandelier in the middle of the foyer. Whereas, for a small single story foyer, the chandelier should be hung no lower than 7feet from the floor.

Q. How high should an entry chandelier be?

If the entrance, hallway or the foyer measures app. 10 feet, then consider hanging a chandelier 7 feet off the floor. But, for small ceilings less than 10 feet high, a small chandelier will work measuring less than 27 inches.


Thanks for making it this far till the end of the blog. How to size chandelier for foyer isn’t a difficult task. All you need is to consider a few things.

Today, I shared steps you need to consider when buying a chandelier for the foyer.

Most people focus on installing the best chandelier in their bedrooms and kitchen. Note that the foyer is the first area that your guests will notice after entering your house. So provide them a warm welcome with an elegant-looking chandelier.

Do let me know if you have more ideas about chandelier lighting for the foyer. I’ll appreciate the participation of everyone.

That’s all I got for you today. I’ll see you with a new topic. Till then, Be Sound!

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