how to shorten chandelier chain
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How to Shorten Chandelier Chain in an Easy Way?

how to shorten chandelier chain
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Do you want to adjust a chandelier height that is hanging too high or low? Then here is an easy guide on how to shorten chandelier chain in an easy way

Chandeliers serve as the best light fixtures as well as decorative items. They are available in different sizes, styles, and shapes. You can easily pick a perfect chandelier for your dining room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. 

While choosing the best chandelier keep the size and interior of your space in front of you. They are available in different colors as well. So just choose the one that adds an element of elegance to your space. 

The height of the chandelier from the floor also matters. Suspend the chandelier low, and guests won’t notice it. Hang it too high, and it can colloid with visitors. Therefore, you should know the proper height and size of the chandelier. 


Before moving on to how to shorten chandelier chain. First, check if you have all the tools needed to shorten the chandelier chain length. You will need: 

  • Voltage detector 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Two chain pliers 
  • Two Ladders
  • Wire strippers 
  • Measuring tape 
  • A Helper 

How to shorten chandelier chain in an easy way

Do you have a chandelier that is hanging too low and drabbing the overall look of your space? No worries! 

Here is a step by step guide to how to shorten chandelier chain easily: 

Step 1 - Turn off the electrical supply to the chandelier

Turn off the electrical supply to the chandelier. Confirm that there is no current in the chandelier wire by turning on the switch that supplies power to it. You can do this by a voltage detector too. 

For this purpose, bring the chandelier close to chandelier wires. If the detector light turns red, then the wires still have current. Don’t proceed further. If the light remains green, then it is safe to proceed to the next steps. 

Step 2 - Measure the desired length of the chandelier from the floor

Measure the desired length of the chandelier from the floor. Use a measuring tape to determine the height to which you want to shorten the chandelier length. 

Step 3 - Place two ladders for removing the chandelier

Place two ladders for removing the chandelier. Ask your helper to hold the weight of the chandelier by stepping on one ladder. Climb the other ladder to uninstall the chandelier.

Remove the chandelier from the ceiling after disconnecting the hot, neutral, and ground wires. You can find step by step tutorials on how to remove a chandelier. Follow the guide by experienced to avoid any damage. 

Step 4 - Put the chandelier on a cloth or table to start working on it.

Put the chandelier on a cloth or table to start working on it. Determine the number of links in the chandelier chain that need to be removed to adjust the chandelier to the desired height. 

Step 5 - Locate the split in the link of the chain that you want to remove.

Locate the split in the link of the chain that you want to remove. Typically, the split is in the middle where the two ends of the joint or link are coming together. 

Use a pair of chain pliers to remove the link. For this, place one plier on one side of the link and the second on the other side. Twist the pliers in a counter-clockwise direction to open the link. Remove the opened link from the chandelier chain. 

Step 6 - Repeat the same process with other links.

Repeat the same process with other links. Suppose if you want to remove 3 links to shorten the chandelier chain then apply the same process. In this way, separate chain links from the chandelier chain. 

Step 7 - Keep the chandelier cord longer than the chain.

Keep the chandelier cord longer than the chain. So, the weight of the chandelier will be held by the chain, not the cord. Weave the cord through the links of the chandelier chain. 

Step 8 - Use a screwdriver to remove the canopy of the chandelier from the ceiling.

Use a screwdriver to remove the canopy of the chandelier from the ceiling. Make all the wiring connections by following the precautionary tips. Hide excess cord inside the canopy of the chandelier.

Step 9 - Fix the canopy to the ceiling.

Fix the canopy to the ceiling. The chandelier is now at an adjusted chain length. Now, you won’t have to worry to get hit by the chandelier. 


Why it is important to shorten a chandelier chain?

Chandelier chains come with a benefit over the rods for hanging to the ceiling. This benefit is that you can shorten the chain length as much you want. It is important to hang the chandelier in an ideal position. 

A chandelier hung at a proper height adds a style to space. Also, it is important for a soothing light effect. You can easily determine the ideal height of a chandelier as follows;

Chandelier chain length over the dining table and kitchen islands

The dining room is part of the home where a chandelier is most expected. The size of the chandelier according to the table size also matters. But the position of the chandelier over the table has a great effect on the overall look. 

A chandelier should hang around 30-36 inches over the dining table or kitchen islands. A single chandelier should be suspended in the middle of the table. While multiple chandeliers are hung 30 inches away from the other. 

The distance of the chandelier from the end or edge of the table should be about 30 inches. 

Chandelier chain length in Living room or Hallway

In a standard 9-foot high ceiling, hang the chandeliers 7 feet above the floor in hallways and living rooms. A very low hanging chandelier can dull the overall interior of the living room. 

Try to hang the chandelier over the focal point of the living room. For example, you can hang it over the seating area of the living room at a proper height. 

Chandelier chain length in Bedroom

A chandelier for the bedroom is chosen by considering the room size. The position of the chandelier in a bedroom depends upon both the size of the room and ceiling height.

In a 9-foot high ceiling, the chandelier should hang 7 feet from the ground. So, you can shorten the chandelier chain length to hang at a proper height. 

How to determine a proper height to hang a chandelier?

Before you shorten the chandelier chain length, determine the desired height. At desired or proper height, it will both beautify and lighten your place in the best way. But a wrong position and height can make a chandelier a bad decision. 

So, while choosing a chandelier wisely and place it appropriately. Here follows a guide on how to find the proper length of chandelier over the dining table

Measure the size of the table

Note the depth of the dining table with a measuring tape. Most of the dining tables 28-30 inches in height. 

Measure the gap between the table and the chandelier

For this purpose, again use a measuring tape. Measure the distance from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier. The ideal distance should be 30 to 34 inches. 

Decide the chandelier chain length

Calculate the gap between the chain of the chandelier and the ceiling. In a standard 8-foot ceiling, the chandelier chain length will be 3 feet. If the chain is longer than this, remove the excess chain links to shorten the chandelier chain

Hang the chandelier

After detailed measurements, hang the chandelier even higher than the measured values. This will avoid any kind of damage that you may face by accidentally hitting the chandelier. 

Similarly, you can find out a proper height to hang your chandelier.

Types of chandelier chains

Chandelier metal chains come in a variety of types. Different metals have different aesthetic appeal and quality. The durability of a chandelier chain depends upon the quality of the metal used. 

Different designs of chains are available to complement the chandelier style. The most common metals used are brass, steel, or nickel. Following are some of the common types of metal chandelier chains: 

Nickel-plated metal chandelier chains

Nickel-plated chains give a lighter and shiny look. These chains are perfect for clear and light-weight chandelier styles. 

Steel chandelier chains

These are tough and strong metal chains. Have a shine that is long-lasting and strength to hold a heavy fixture smoothly. 

Brass chandelier chains

Traditional antique brass chains add more color to the chandelier. As they are a great reflector of light, they can significantly enhance the grace of the chandelier.

Bronze chandelier chains

Bronze chains also provide the same properties as brass chains. These are more resistant and are perfect for antique chandelier chains

These metals come with both black and white finish. So, you can choose the one that goes the best with the style of your chandelier. 

Metal chandelier chains designs

Metal chandelier chains come in the following link styles: 

  • Ladder
  • Oval 
  • Gothic 
  • Round 
  • Key 
  • And much more 

You can choose the one that perfectly matches the style of your chandelier.

Tip for choosing the best metal chandelier chain

While choosing the metal chain for the chandelier, keep in mind the weight of your light fixture. While brass chains look aesthetic but they have less strength than steel chains. For the heavy and large chandelier, choosing a steel chain is a better option. This will save you from any kind of damage.

If you have a brass chain as chandelier support, then add a steel cable to support the weight. Make sure that you make protection a priority as well while choosing a beautiful chandelier. 

Precautionary tips while shortening a chandelier chain length

You can easily shorten a chandelier chain to the desired height yourself. But you should not forget to follow some precautions for your safety. 

  • Make sure that there is no power in the chandelier wires. You can face some horrible consequences if you proceed further without confirmation. 
  • Always ask your family or friend to assist you in this process. A helper can hold the chandelier while you are removing the wiring connections. This can save you from any damage to your chandelier and yourself. 
  • Don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Chandeliers are costly; any wrong step and you will have to regret later. So, to avoid any damage be sure what you are doing. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable using the chain pliers then don’t use them. You can harm yourself if you try to exert more force for opening links. Instead, you can use chandelier pliers.

These are specially designed pliers for opening chandeliers chain links. You can easily open or close a link with these pliers while shortening the chandelier chain length. 

By following the above-mentioned guide, you can easily shorten your chandelier chain.

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