how to rewire a chandelier
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How to Rewire a Chandelier Extremely Easy

how to rewire a chandelier
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Has your chandelier lost its original light or shines dimly? Want to restore it to its best working condition and want to know how to rewire a chandelier? Rewiring a flickering or defective chandelier is the best way to restore its original lighting 

Chandeliers add an element of grace, elegance, and class to your space. But chandeliers are costly as well. If your chandelier is failing or flickering, instead of buying a new one, rewire it to make it functional. 


The chandelier rewiring kit includes all the basic tools needed to rewire a chandelier. Things included in this kit are:

  • A voltage detector- for detecting current supply in the wires. To check neutral and live wires. 
  • Lamp cord/wire- single-insulated two-wire cord, ungrounded wires for chandelier lights 
  • Wire strippers- for removing insulation from the chandelier wires  
  • Wire connector caps- for insulating the exposed wires to avoid any harm
  • Chandelier sockets- for holding the bulbs and connecting wires 
  • Chandelier socket covers- for covering the wiring and junction box in the ceiling
  • Screwdrivers- for screwing and unscrewing the nuts and screws of the chandelier 

You can get all the above-mentioned tools easily from a local store or hardware store. 

How to rewire a chandelier?

It may seem a difficult task especially if you don’t know electrical work. But if you know electrical work, then rewiring a chandelier is quite an easy task. Even if you have little understanding of wiring or rewiring, here is a step by step guide on how to rewire a chandelier

Step One:Turn off the power supply to the chandelier

how to rewire a chandelier
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Turn off the power supply to the chandelier. Then confirm the current in the neutral and live wires by a voltage tester. To do this, turn on the voltage tester. It will glow green. 

Bring the tester close to the chandelier wires. If the voltage light remains green then it is safe to proceed. But if the tester light turns red, then call a professional for the task or check the breaker box again.

Step Two:Remove the chandelier from the ceiling.

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling how to rewire a chandelier
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Remove the chandelier from the ceiling. For this purpose, unscrew the retaining nuts and mounting screws of the canopy. After unscrewing nuts and screws, slide the canopy down the chandelier chain. 

After this remove the chandelier from the ceiling if it is heavy. Rewiring is done by putting it on a table or cloth. If the chandelier is light-weight, you can work on it while it’s still hanging from the ceiling. 

Never let a chandelier suspend by wires. 

Step Three:Separate different wires of chandeliers by sheath color.

how to rewire a chandelier
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Separate different wires of chandeliers by sheath color. Most probably, you will see three wires:

  • Ground wire- Copper color 
  • Neutral wire- White color. Also known as earth wire.  
  • Live wire- Yellow or any other color. Also known as a hot wire. 

Both the hot wires and neutral wires are separated and labeled for identification. 

Step Four:Remove the socket caps of all arms of chandeliers.

Remove the socket caps of all arms of chandeliers. As a result, sockets will be exposed. Unscrew the small nuts/screws, using a screwdriver, that is connecting a live wire to the chandelier socket. 

Take out this live wire from the chandelier arm. Measure a new piece of wire to add to the vacant position. Leave 1” wire on both sides of the new wire for stripping. 

Pass this new wire through the chandelier arm, insulate, twist the ends, and join it to the chandelier’s socket again. 

Step Five:Repeat the same process for all the arms of the chandeliers.

Repeat the same process for all the arms of the chandeliers. Remove old wires and replace them with new ones. Make sure that the neutral and live wires form separate groups. Later, these wires will be twisted together for making connections.  

Step Six:Grouping the wires

how to rewire a chandelier
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After rewiring, twisting, and stripping ends of wires of each arm, the next step is grouping the wires. Both the neutral and live wires should be grouped. 

At the center of the chandelier, all the neutral wires are twisted together. Similarly, other wires are grouped too. Insulate the ends of wires, in respective groups, with connector caps and seal with electrical tapes. 

After grouping of the wires and rewiring of each arm, take a piece of main wire for connecting the chandelier to the ceiling. The main wire is also separated into neutral and live wires groups. Wires of the main wire are also twisted into neutral and live wires groups, insulated with a connector cap, and electrical tape. 

Step Seven:Connect the chandelier to the ceiling

After binding all the wires at the center of the chandelier, connect the chandelier to the ceiling. For this purpose, make the connection of the main wire with the junction box in the ceiling. Screw the chandelier tightly to the ceiling. 

After this, connect the ground and the neutral wires of the main wire to the respective groups of the ceiling wires. Don’t forget to add connector caps and electrical tape for protection, as done with the wires of the main connection center of the chandelier. 

Step Eight:Choose a lamp cord according to the type of wires

After all the rewiring and grouping, choose a lamp cord according to the type of wires in chandeliers. Lamp cord will connect the chandelier to the power supply for turning on the chandelier. 

Pick a lamp cord as per the type of wires in your chandelier. In older chandeliers, only 2 wires- a hot and neutral wire are present. But in contemporary chandeliers, 3 types of wires- a hot wire, a neutral wire, and a ground wire. So, choose the lamp cord accordingly. Connect the lamp cord to the plug.

Step Nine:Pull the chandelier cover up to the chain and hang the chandelier

For finishing up, pull the chandelier cover up to the chain and hang the chandelier to the ceiling. Make sure that you cover the sockets with socket covers. Fix the lighting fixtures i.e. bulbs, as needed. 

Now your chandelier is ready to shine brighter with new wiring and lights. 


Why the rewiring of the chandelier is important?

Do you have an antique elegant chandelier that is not in working condition? It can greatly beautify the overall look of your place if you restore it to the working condition. Thus, rewiring an old chandelier is a better option than investing money to buy a new one. Here are some benefits of rewiring a faulty chandelier: 

Chandeliers-Epitome of elegance

Having a chandelier in your dining area, living room, bedroom, etc adds an element of grace. It is the best decorative item to make a statement on guests. A chandelier of the proper size and height is a thing that can enhance the overall look of your space. 

Make the desired change

By rewiring your chandelier, you can make a change that you want to make. You can replace the out-dated parts of your chandelier with up-to-date and modern parts. This is the best way to enhance the efficiency of your old chandelier. 


Rewiring a chandelier is important if you feel a risk of some trouble. The old wiring of the chandelier may not be in proper functioning condition. You may risk your life if you ignore such a thing. 

Therefore, before you install an old chandelier again make sure to rewire your chandelier. This is crucial for every home. If you are not confident that you can rewire the chandelier yourself, then it is best to call an electrician. 

Better lighting

After rewiring, you will have better lighting in your space. Because during rewiring you can use wires that can carry more voltage. This will make your chandelier shine brighter than before. 

You can also change the light fixtures of your chandelier if they are not properly working. As per a report, lighting has a great effect on your mood. So, if your chandelier gives dim light, consequently your energy level will go down. 

How much does it cost to rewire a chandelier?

Rewiring a chandelier is much better than buying a new one. A new chandelier will cost you much in comparison to the cost needed to rewire a chandelier. The wires and sockets are fairly cheap to purchase. 

If you know electrical work, you can easily do it yourself by following the above-mentioned guide. This will further reduce the cost that you will have to pay to the electrician otherwise. 

But if you don’t know to do it yourself, then don’t take a risk. Hire a professional to rewire your chandelier. Still, this won’t cost you more than buying and installing a new chandelier.

Precautionary tips while rewiring a chandelier

Although it is an easy task but you should always make your safety a priority. For rewiring your chandelier safely, follow the precautions stated below: 

  • Make sure that the power to the chandelier is turned off. This is important to avoid any harmful consequences. For making sure that there is no power in the wires, use a voltage detector.

Turn on the voltage tester. It will have a green light. Bring it near to the wires of the chandelier. If the light turns red, then the wires still have current. Don’t proceed further until you completely cut off the power supply. 

  • If you are using a stool to reach the chandelier height, then make sure it has a secure footing. Otherwise, use a ladder for your safety. 
  • Ask someone to assist you in the process. It is not a secure option to allow the chandelier to hang by the wires while you are working. Let a helper hold the chandelier to provide support to it.

This step will avoid any damage to your chandelier and you.

  • If you don’t like to use pliers you can use specifically designed chandelier pliers when needed. 
  • Tighten all the screws firmly to avoid any malfunction. Use a screwdriver for this purpose. 
  • Hire a professional if you sense danger in doing it yourself. A professional can rewire your chandelier at a reasonable price without any loss. 

With this step by step guide and precautions, you can do the rewiring of your chandelier by yourself quickly and safely. Rewiring a chandelier after a few years can significantly increase the life-span of your chandelier. 

In this rewiring process, all old wires and bulbs are replaced with better functioning wires and bulbs. Better lighting at your place not only uplifts your mood. But it also makes a good impression on your guests. So, follow this extremely easy step by step guide to rewiring your old or faulty chandelier. 

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