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How To Create Effective Mood Lighting In Your Bedroom

How To Create Effective Mood Lighting
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After working continuously for the whole day, all I want to have is a cozy place where I can unwind, relax, and shut away from the busy vibes of the fussy world.

Wondering what place that relaxing? It’s none other than my bedroom- the coziest place to relax!

But guess what makes me feel fresh, and cozy that I admire my bedroom that much? What is the thing that in actual creates a more relaxing atmosphere?


It’s none other than the mood lights lighting framework of my bedroom. Sounds amazing right!

The reason why I want Mood lights in my bedroom is the soft lighting they give off, making the living space cozier and comfier. Unlike practical task lighting that has a bright light, mood lights emit a gentle light reflection that’s not only soothing your senses but also refreshes ad stabilizes your mood effect- What else you want!  

Now, the next pop-up is:


There are so many options for mood lights for the bedroom, but I like to choose the decent one.

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I have LED lights in my room for the general-purpose, but I’ve transformed them into mood lights. Guess how?

With the aid of “dimmer switches”! Yes! By adding dimmer switches to the main light, you can convert LED lights to mood lights, very easily.

Sometimes I don’t want bright, harsh main light in my room, so at that moment, I use dimmer switches to make the light less intense. I have some additional mood lights as well that are discussed below.

2. The Blue-Free Light

I love to have a night-light combination of lights in my room that I easily gain through blue-free lights, instead of significant and more potent blue lights that destroy not only my mood but also my room’s relaxing effect.

These blue-free lights are cool bedroom ceiling lights that bring into play the six amber LEDs to display a pleasing night-light effect.

I lit them on before my sleep time and also when I am up for the bathroom in the night, because of the perfect background lighting glare they provide.

They never disturb my ongoing sleepy mood; hence, I drift back right into my dreams. Thanks to the inventor!

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I have two day-light lamps for my side tables. The fantastic thing about this lamp is that its light fades to darkness in the night and lights up brightly in the morning.

These lamps make me sleep with their fading darkness, and awakes me in the morning with their luminous light. I have paired them with separate clip-on reading light. It is attached to the top of my bedside table. I switch it on when I have a mood to read a book.

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I also have installed smart bulbs in my room. They are Bluetooth-connected bulbs. After connecting these bulbs with Bluetooth, I sync them with the sun. And guess what?

The bulb changes color with color temperature throughout the day accordingly. Brighter in the morning, softer in the night! – What else one could want, an automatic lighting system that’s well paired to your mood, Right?

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I am a person who wants perfect lighting at the dressing table. When I am doing my makeup, I need enough lights to see every single thing on my face clearly, and that is what my mirror lights do.

I also have some fairy lights that give my dressing table a fancy look.

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I wanted something exciting and mysterious in my room. What could be the better idea than colour-changing LED lights installed underneath the bed?

There are colors changing led strip lights installed under the bed. These lights give a floating feel to my bed, and the changing of colors well suit my all-time changing mood. That’s why I have a strong affiliation to them- See, changing when you change!

What’s more?

Switching these lights ON provides a lovely glowing effect that makes my bedroom look lavishly decorated and also yes, they promote my taste too!

If you are looking for cool lighting effects for your room, then go ahead for these colors changing bed lights- Will work perfectly for you!

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In the morning, I need a kind of practical light. Now, I what I mean by practical lights? I’m talking about pendant lights! I choose to have a pendant light in the middle of the room that not only adds elegance to my room but also provides me that practical light I’m looking for in morning time.

My pendant light is with colored shades and gives a spectacular feel to the room. The light emitted by the pendant looks beautiful and enchanting as the day went to the dark mode.

People have this perception that pendant lights are only for kitchen, lounge or dining table, and you often get confused that can you put a pendant light in the bedroom?

The answer is a big Yes!!

Yes! You definitely can put pendant light in the bedroom. Not just to make your bedroom look attractive but also make it a place cozier and more comfortable to work with!

How can I improve my bedroom lighting?

It is crucial to understand that interior color should be team up with the lighting scheme. And guess what! This thing was missing in my case. Even after setting mood lights in my room, I was unable to get the specific atmosphere that I desired for!

And then I got to know about a fact that teaming up of interior color and mood lights is equally important. So I went for some improvements that I thought might work, and came up with a magical transformation!

Color Coordination:

how to create effective mood lighting
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I change the orange color of my walls to cream color so that it goes with all the warm and bright shades of my mood lights. After implying this factor, I really achieved a perfect coziest place that I was looking for!

The Right Place:

Another thing I find essential was that the mood lights must be installed at the right place, where they can be utilized at the maximum level.

Suppose if you install a pendant light in one corner of your room. The light will be focused only at that one corner. But a pendant light is not just to illuminate a specific corner. It must be installed at the right place to get maximum utilization.

To improve my bedroom lighting, I have installed every single light at a proper place where I can make most out of it!

Hope these ideas will work for you too! Just let me know in the comment box, what you’ve done and what you achieved!

Now next is:


How do I choose a pendant light for my bedroom?

The choice is all yours when the room is yours. The thing is the personal selection!

Room Space and Height Factor:

  • If a room is large, then I believe that one pendant light in the middle is not enough. It requires two pendant lights but on the two sides of the bed.
  • If the room is small or in between, then one light pendant is enough.
  • As my room is not too large, not too small, so I have a single light pendant in the middle of the room.


  • Color compatibility is also a factor you have to look for! Choose pendants with colors that match or went into contrast to your bedroom’s color pattern.

I’m not too fond of a heavily decorated bedroom, stuffed with things, that’s the reason why I choose a decently styled single pendant. My room’s interior is embellished with the have a cream color tone, so I went for a golden-coloured pendant that compliments the scheme-style.


One should choose the bedroom lighting system based on their personal interest and preference. But what I recommend is that mood lights should be of warmer tone because of the special cozy touch they offer to the bedroom’s appearance.

Though mood lighting is a secondary element, it is essential to give extra flexibility to your space by choosing them wisely.

You can achieve mood lighting effect at home, even by yourself just by implying DIY mood lighting bedroom ideas. You can also look for some romantic lights for bedroom online. Also, there are numbers of ideas available on the internet, check them out before installing them in your room.

It’s not just about the room. There are also mood lighting for the home. A house can look classy only by adding mood lights to it. Hence, avail an unforgettable charm, a mood light adds- Don’t miss the chance!

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