how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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How To Clean Chandeliers On High Ceiling

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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Many people wonder how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling? These chandeliers are hard to reach to yet fragile. Therefore, people have to be extremely careful when cleaning them to ensure that the chandelier is cleaned properly yet no delicate piece gets damaged or breaks.

It can be rightfully stated that the right chandelier can change the look and make any boring space exquisite and stylish. Many people call chandeliers jewellery for their homes and one can agree to this claim a hundred percent. After a while, even the most exquisite jewellery pieces need cleaning and polishing to refresh their look. Similar is the case with chandeliers.

If you do not care for the chandelier properly and do not clean them well after a couple of months, the chandeliers will lose their shine. As a result, they will start appearing dull and will no longer be attractive and shiny like they originally were.

If you are also worried about how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling, worry no more! This is a step by step guide that will explain every step along the way and help you clean your chandelier so it looks good as new.

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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The chandeliers on high ceilings cannot be reached out to without a ladder or a stool. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to grab a stepping stool or a ladder. Make sure that the stool or ladder, whatever you choose, is stable so you don’t risk falling off of it.

If you are someone who is allergic to dust, it is recommended that you also grab a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Protective eye gear is also recommended as at times small glass pieces fall off from the chandelier during cleaning and can harm your eyes. Gloves are also recommended for a similar reason as they can protect your hands from cuts and bruises.

Gather Your Supplies:

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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As already mentioned, you will be cleaning the chandelier while standing on a stepping stool or a ladder. Therefore, it is better for you to gather all your supplies and have them at hand within reach before you start the cleaning process. This way you will not have to climb up and down over and over and can peacefully get started with the chandelier cleaning process. The supplies you should gather include:

  • A lint free piece of soft cloth
  • Duster
  • Can of compressed air
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • General all-purpose cleaning solution
  • Screwdriver
  • Bulbs (for replacement, if needed)

The Cleaning Process:

Now that you have gathered everything you need and the safety measures have also been checked off of the list, you can get started with the actual cleaning process to clean your high ceiling chandelier. Here is a stepwise breakdown of the entire process in detail:

1. Switch Off The Chandelier:

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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The most common mistake that people tend to make when cleaning a high ceiling chandelier is to leave it switched ON. Make sure that you switch OFF the fixture before beginning the cleaning process. This will cut down the risk of any electrical shock. Rather than only switching OFF the fixture using the plug, also turn OFF the circuit breaker to be a hundred percent safe.


2. Remove The Shades:

Almost all chandeliers have a fixed frame that is covered by removable shades. When cleaning a high ceiling chandelier, you need to carefully remove these shades. Some chandeliers have screwed shades whereas most of them have shades that fix on the chandelier without screws or nuts.

When removing the shades of the chandelier, also remove the bulbs of the chandelier. Before starting the cleaning process, mark the bulbs that are dim or fused. When removing the bulbs, remove these fixtures and keep them separate so you can replace them with new bulbs. Remove the shades one by one and place them on a towel or a mat.

Once all the shades are removed from the chandelier, you can clean them using a damp cloth and cleaning solution. If you find that the shades are too dirty or have tough stains on them, you can also gently scrub them with detergent and rinse them with some water.

After rinsing them, wipe them dry with a dry towel. Be certain that the shades are completely dry before it is time for them to be placed back on the chandelier.

3. Clean The Chandelier Frame:

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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Once you have removed the shades of the chandelier, you will be left with the frame of the chandelier. Using a duster, dust the frame so you can remove the dust from the surface of the frame.

After removing the dust from the surface of the frame, you should inspect the frame very carefully to see if there are stains on the surface. Based on the extent of the stains and the material of the chandelier, you will need to choose the right material to clean the high ceiling chandelier.

- Glass And Ceramic Chandeliers:

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The chandeliers made out of glass and ceramic are the easiest ones to clean. Most of these chandeliers can be cleaned by simply wiping them with a damp cloth. If there are some stains, you can use a diluted cleaning solution. However, make sure that you wipe the chandelier carefully.

It is very easy for glass and ceramic to get water stains. Wipe the chandelier properly and ensure that you pick up each and every drop of water from the chandelier. Even a single drop of water can lead to an ugly stain on the surface of the chandelier.

- Crystal Chandeliers:

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If you have a crystal chandelier, you should begin the cleaning by using compressed air. Crystals are very fragile therefore you will have to be extremely careful during the cleaning process. Dusters can be rough and may lead to the crystal breaking. Therefore, rather than taking that risk, it is better for you to use a compressed air can to remove the dust from the surface of the crystal chandelier.

If you still find some stains on the surface of the crystals, you should run to the market and grab the cleaners that are specifically made for crystal chandeliers. These cleaners get rid of the harsh stains without diminishing the shine of the crystals or leaving scratches on the surface of the crystal.

- Metallic And Antique Chandeliers:

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Metallic chandeliers are the hardest ones to clean. When cleaning the metallic frames, you have to be careful not to scrub too hard or make use of harsh cleaning agents. This can remove the polish from the surface of the chandelier. Rather than using common cleaner or detergent, buy the cleaners that are specifically formulated for metals.

They will get rid of the stains without damaging the polish of the chandelier. If the polish gets off from any part of the frame, apply a layer of polish to cover up the patch and let it dry completely before reassembling the shades and screwing in the bulbs.

- Cloth And Paper Chandeliers:

Cloth and paper chandeliers need to be cleaned regularly. First and debris can easily accumulate over their surface. If not cleaned properly, the dirt can start piling up and even weigh down the chandelier causing damage. The cleaning process too is a bit complex.

Remove the dust from the surface using compressed air. These chandeliers cannot be cleaned using a damp cloth. Make it a habit to clean the chandelier regularly to prevent the chandelier obtaining permanent stains as these can be hard to get rid of.

- Wooden Chandeliers:

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There is a diverse range of wooden chandeliers that are easily available in the market. The cleaning strategy for the wooden chandelier depends on the finish of the wood and the style of the wood. Using a duster and a blow of compressed air to remove the dust from the surface of the chandelier is a safe option.

Wooden chandeliers hardly retain stains therefore they are very easy to clean. However, if you do find a hard stain on the chandelier, rub it gently with a lint free cloth and it should leave the surface within no time.

- Acrylic And Plastic Chandeliers:

Acrylic and plastic chandeliers can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Slightly rub the surface to release any tough stain and dust the chandelier to remove the dust that may have accumulated over the surface of the chandelier.

As is the case with glass and crystal chandeliers, acrylic and plastic chandeliers are also prone to water spots. Therefore, make sure that the chandelier is dried completely and there is no moisture on the surface as it can lead to a nasty water spot.

4. Replacing And Cleaning Bulbs:

how to clean chandeliers on high ceiling
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At times the light of the chandelier appears dimmer than usual. It may be because of two reasons. Firstly, the bulb of the chandelier may have fused and would require changing. Secondly, dust has covered the surface of the bulb and is blocking the light.

Fused bulbs need to be replaced. You can either mark the fused bulbs before beginning the cleaning process. Or you can check whether the bulb is working or not by screwing it in a small lamp. Always keep some extra bulbs at hand while cleaning a high ceiling chandelier as some of the bulbs would surely need replacement.

But if you find that the bulb is fine otherwise, use a cloth to wipe the surface of the bulb to remove the dust layer that may have been sitting on top of the bulb. The bulbs that are clean yet appear dim should also be changed. This indicates that they are almost fused and would need a change in a couple of days. Rather than having to go through the entire process again, it is wise that you let them go and install fresh bulbs to prevent the hassle.

5. Reassemble The Shades:

After cleaning the frame of the chandelier and ensuring that it is completely dry, you can start reassembling the shades. Some chandeliers have a simple design and the shades can easily be reassembled.

However, if you own a chandelier that has a complex and intricate design, you can take a picture of the chandelier before disassembling the shades. This picture will later serve as a guide and help you put the shades back on the chandelier.

Conclusion: How to Clean Chandeliers on High Ceiling

A chandelier is an amazing addition to any space. It is a stylish and exquisite item that will not only light up any space but will also add to the aesthetics of a room or lobby. But at the same time, it is an expensive purchase.

If you want your chandelier to look good as new forever, you need to ensure that you clean your chandelier regularly. This will prevent stains from settling in and will also protect the surface of the chandelier. Cleaning of high ceiling chandeliers may seem like a tough task but in reality, you can easily clean a chandelier if you know the process and are aware of the steps involved.

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